Login Ads with Safelists (Recommended)

I recommend using this traffic source. This does not involve surfing for credits. Login ads are on the first page, where other members see when logging into their safelist account. If you’re wondering why this works.

Well, first off, this is super targeted traffic. The people that go to these sites are looking for traffic, and to build leads. This is exactly the kind of people we want.

You can just use this with your My Lead Gen Secret affiliate link, but its not recommended. It’s better to use a capture page that grabs their attentions, gets them curious, and generates them as a lead so we can continue following up with them.

Only Use These Sites Below for Best Results

Herculist Plus – Highly recommended using this one the most… They are the biggest safelist online. I don’t particularly love using their safelists, but they have a lot of people that login every day. Meaning lots of traffic.

Herculist Plus has two different options. One of them is called PRIME ADs, which means every time someone logs in, before they login, they’re taken to a Prime Ad. Meaning you’re guaranteed a certain amount of people to see your add. These are guaranteed hits.

For example, 100 hits costs just $10 dollars.  You can buy up to 50,000 which would cost $500.

Also, they have a login ads which is really awesome. After someone logins into their account, they’re redirected to your page.

They have different packages. Herculist has one of the best login ads packages. They get TONS of traffic.

For example, you can have your ad be the first thing every member sees that logins for 12 straight hours, for just $40 dollars. That doesn’t include 3 mega-mails to over 81,000 members, and 1 submission to 22,000 proven buyers. That can generate tons of optins.

State of The Art Mailer – Another Highly recommended safelist mailer that gives you tons of traffic. They’re one of the biggest safelists out there that has tons of members. They have some very reasonable login ads for decent prices. Definitely recommended to try.

Lists Surfing – You get logins ads for pretty cheap here, and they generate a lot of traffic. A good site to use as well, as they have some very active members.

Free Advertising for You – If you don’t want to pay for any ads, this site you can get free login ads, but you must become a gold member (its free), but does take some time.

You can’t purchase login ads here, but they generate lots of traffic. So still worth it, if you don’t mind clicking on ads to earn credits for 30 minutes a day till you become a gold member.

100listbuilders – Want to mail to 100 safelists with a push of a button? I know some people hate safelists, but lot of them don’t really know how to use them. If you can mail to 100 safelists every few days. You can generate lots of quality leads, that will lead to sales. This site is really awesome.

In My Experience: You might get more optins at times using solo ads. Which will cost more money too. Quality of a lead means more than quantity.

I’ve always found safelists and even traffic exchange sites to generate much higher quality leads that tend to open, click, and even buy (if you have the right offer) than solo ads. Traffic offers are hot for these types.