Ads Earn BTC Review – 135% On Ad Packs

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I can never find enough places to advertise on. No matter how many places I’ve found thus far, no matter how good they are. I always want more.

I say go big, or go home. I’m going to go over Ads Earn BTC, a site I recently discovered.

More ways we can continue advertising our My Lead Gen Secret Links on, if you’re already on my team, the better. And I believe this site is going to quickly become one of my favorites.

I think you’ll like it too if you decide to jump on board. So let’s go over their advertising, and other cool little features that are bit different compared to some of the other sites I’ve talked about.

Ads Earn BTC Review

First let’s take a look at the home page and some of what they offer. There seems to be no limit of advertising.

Banner ads, text ads, login ads, traffic exchange traffic, youtive views, and PTC ads.

As you can see up to 135% can be earned on packages. Here is something new, where you can build your Facebook page. Facebook is becoming a very powerful way to utilize for marketers. If you have a Facebook Page, and you’re doing any promotion on it. This could very extremely powerful.

If you got a youtube channel. They offer Youtube views. Not something I’m going to use, but if you have a Youtube channel and want it to grow. You could try it if you like.

Revenue Share Packs

If you end up joining, obviously the first thing you’ll want to do is buy the revenue share packs. It’s bit confusing at first finding it on the site (at least it was for me – maybe not enough coffee yet). But here it is shown in the screen shot below.

Let’s look at the ad pack prices and what comes with it.

As you can see, they cost just $1 dollar. As a free member you earn 120% back. Which is very good. Obviously, if you want more traffic and to earn revenue back faster you’ll want to invest at least 50 dollars.

You don’t have to, but that’s what I recommend. You’ll get 500 traffic hits, 750 impressions for 728×90 banner ads, and 2,000 impressions for 125×125 banner ads. That’s really good traffic to start generating while earning decent profits back.

Now, if you want to earn more you’ll have to become a paid member.

Here’s how much you earn on the pro level accounts. To earn 135% back, you need to be a Pro Ex member.

Banner Ads

The banners are different in that we’re not purchasing actual impressions or clicks. We’re paying for days instead. Here’s the prices below.

The prices are the same for both the 728×90 and 125×125 banner sizes. These prices are really low. For a site that’s pretty active with over 14,000 members.

Text Ads

I don’t think I’m going to get the text ads. They’re a little expensive, and in my experience, they don’t convert that well. Here’s a look at their text ads.


PTC Advertising Packs

This is where members get paid to click on ads. You can earn for free, not a lot, but if you’re interested in this advertising pack. It looks interesting and might be worth it, but something I’m not planning on getting at the moment. I think the prices are reasonable, but rather spend on the revenue share packages as it also comes with free banner impressions.

As you can see if you want you can use geoloaction, starred ad, and description if you like. It costs a little extra.

Here’s how much the PTC ads cost. Cheap.

Traffic Exchange

Again, like mention above, I don’t plan on using this traffic. But if you’re interested here’s what comes with the traffic exchange packages.

Login Ads

Last, but definitely not least login ads. These are my favorite, because you can generate quick leads and sales. I definitely plan on using the login ads. On this site, its a little different than others. Because they allow you 3 ads per day for just $4 dollars. That’s a great bargain.

If you end up getting login ads, here’s what I’d recommend doing. Using a MLGS lead page, along with two affiliate links to the other paid ad packages already talked about in my traffic training article. One Ad Pack, My Bitcoin Tube, etc… Whatever one’s you’re using and love using the most for generating traffic.

Because we can get some referrals and signups in these programs, too. This is a really awesome feature they have that I’m definitely going to make use of after buying ad packs and start earning good revenue on those ad packs.

Testimonials By Other Users

Here’s what other members say. Love reading reviews from others that are utilizing a site like this and getting good results.


I really think this could be a gem guys, especially for advertising My Lead Gen Secret. Here’s how I’m going to use it. I’m going to first buy the revenue share packs. That’s what I’m going to focus on first, then start generating enough on the ad packs (where I continue buying more – which is always recommended with these sites).

Then start experimenting with the login ads. I have my eye on them, as the price is ridiculously cheap. And the offer is way too good to pass up on. 3 sites for just $4 dollars is the best bargain I’ve ever seen for login ads. And the site has over 14,000 members, so its active. Potentially over 10,000 people can see your ad, that’s a really big deal.

As the site grows I think it will start getting more and more members. These sites catch on like wild fire, because of the earning back revenue offered on ad packs. It’s been around over a year, so its proven to be stable thus far.

I would definitely take advantage of this site if you’re planning to siphon 100 targeted free clicks, from the previous article I mention. The link to join is below.

>> Join Ads Earn BTC Here <<