How To Get 100 Free Targeted Clicks Regularly

FTC Disclosure: The website owner may earn revenue with purchases from clicked links displayed on this post.

There’s a method to this madness I’m spewing. So bare with me. You might even clicked more out of curiosity than thinking I’m serious. I’m sure the first reaction might be “yay, right, 100 free targeted clicks on a regular basis, come on”. It does sound crazy and this method is crazy. Crazy awesome!

I will show you a loophole on how to eventually get 100 targeted clicks pretty frequently. Clicks that actually won’t cost you money out of your pocket.

This isn’t something that can happen INSTANTLY. There’s a loophole that needs to be done to get these free clicks. And yes, there is money you must invest for this to happen. It’s what I call an awesome loophole. It is free, in that we don’t lose a dime. NOTHING.

Don’t worry, its legal. We’re not stealing from anyone doing this loophole.

But, once you follow this guide. Very simple, safe, and guaranteed to work. You can start getting FREE targeted clicks. You can get more than that if you want. Imagine all the money one spends on PPC ads, or 100 click solo ads regularly. A lot, right? If one spent that money on solo ads that’s 40-50 dollars. With Facebook and Google maybe even more than that. Those ads are ridiculously expensive. That’s LOTS of money and outside of most people’s budget. Wouldn’t free be better?

Update: Warning, a lot of this stuff here is now outdated including some of the PTC sites originally used to siphon 100 clicks free.. Scroll down all the way to the bottom and first read my update.. You can still use the actual site itself for cheap clicks though. Even for siphoning free clicks. But the strategy has changed a lot… Thanks..

My Method To 100 Free Targeted Clicks Regularly

If you’re already a student of mine from My Lead Gen Secret. You probably have already read the article I talk about generating targeted traffic to our My Lead Gen Secret links. Well, we’re going to siphon off some of those websites to get 100 free targeted clicks.

We do invest money on these sites. And sometimes people think since they’re investing funds, they are stuck in this mindset they’re spending/losing money for some reason. No, we’re actually investing and profiting.

I once had a subscriber email me about my cheap traffic course. Saying “Tom, I got to pay $50 dollars for One Ad Pack (a site replaced by Money Making Ads), then $50 on PTCshare (two sites he was interested in using that I mention in the training course). That’s 100 dollars! I thought you said this was cheap traffic. That’s a lot of money”.

First off, I never say you have to spend $50 dollars on any site. I only recommend starting with $50 dollars because its a good enough number to start earning revenue back and generating traffic you’d want for My Lead Gen Secret. What you want to invest is completely up to you.

Second, we are not actually spending money and losing it. We get that money back, and profit. We can take $50 dollars and blow it up into hundreds in revenue. Do you really look at that as spending money? No. That’s making money!

The paid per click advertising sites in that article, I have five of them listed I recommend using the most. If you end up clicking on the link above to that article, and there happens to be more or less suddenly listed there. Realize I’m constantly updating that page. So if one happens to go south, or I discover a new one. It gets updated. Just in case you click on the article and the number has changed.

We can use each of these websites to not just make money back that we invested, but profit. This is where its gets fun. And how we can siphon those earnings and turn it into FREE advertising.

Stay with me so I can explain this.

If you’re investing money on these sites. I recommend always going with at least with $50 dollars on each site you are using. You don’t have to start that high. You can spend less, or more. That’s just what I do personally. Let’s look at a few examples of these sites. Let’s take a look at two of them. My Bitcoin Tube (No LONGER Recommended) and PTC Share. Let’s say we invest $50 on each site. Below are screen shots how much ad packs earn us.

My Bitcoin Tube Ad Pack Earnings

PTC Ad Pack Earnings

If we spend $50 dollars on each website. We will earn that 50 dollars back, with interest. Let’s calculate how much that would be. This would net us a $10 dollar profit off My Bitcoin Tube and $9 dollars off PTC Share. So that’s $19 dollars we’ve generated. That $19 dollars in net profit that can be used to get us over 300 targeted clicks.

That’s free. We siphon $19 dollars off just two sites. And it didn’t cost us anything. We made the 100 dollars back invested on both sites.

Well, obviously if we want to generate to the point where we can get 100 clicks on a regular basis. We can’t just spend the money on those two ad packs, and don’t re-spend on the earnings made to buy even more ad packs on those two sites. Not to mention, its best to spread it out to more than just two sites for this to work best.

I like to try to use as many sites as I can. You don’t have to.. If you’re happy using just two to three, and spending more on ad packs on those sites you can. The process is to generate enough money off ad packs to get a lot more 100 clicks in the future without extra costs. I’ll list the site below recommended to use

Money Making Ads

Crypto Surf

PTC Share

Optimal Bux

Passive Expert

EDIT: I’ve recently replaced two sites. My Bitcoin Tube (just in case you see the screen shot above and you’re confused why its not listed anymore; they stopped paying members. Owner is not reliable and can’t be trusted. And One Ad Pack. Which closed its site but refunded members. Basically, its now Making Money Ads (same owner). Owner overall does seems legit and is a safe investment.

All five come with profits BACK on buying advertisement.

For my method to getting 100 free clicks on a regular basis to work..

You want to eventually start earning between $15-17 dollars a day between all these sites combined. To clarify, that doesn’t mean $15-$17 dollars off each site alone. You’ll need to keep track of what your earnings are on each site, and add them up to see where you’re at on your daily earnings.

The more sites you’re using, the faster that will happen. If you’re using all 5 and actually spent $50 on each. You’re going to blow up in earnings fast, while continuing to buy ad packs to extend your daily earnings.

Not suggesting you start that high. Start any way you want, but the goal is to eventually earn $15-17 dollars day with these websites for this to work.

This is possible to do at a smaller entry level. If you really want to just start with $10-15 a site, you can. But it will take longer to get there. But it can still work as long as you continue buying more ad packs on these sites through earnings accumulated. That part is the key and most important. It won’t work otherwise.

You must do this until you reach $15-17.

Before we get into the actual traffic site we will use to get the clicks. The reason we want to use all five. Is because when we eventually start depositing some of the funds on a particular site.

Minimum withdrawal is $10 on most. And we only want to withdrawal the minimum. But, if we start withdrawaling a lot from just one or two sites. It will take away too much funds off on a particular site where we won’t be able to earn enough off the ad packs. Or it will just take much longer.

There’s another reason too I recommend using all five listed above. I’ll explain in more detail at the end of this article.

Keep tabs on each site you withdrawal from when you finally start hitting $15-$17 a day.


Withdrawal ‘Money Making Ads’ first

Withdrawal ‘Optimal Bux’ second.

Withdrawal ‘Passive Expert’ third.

Withdrawal ‘PTC Shares’ fourth.

Withdrawal ‘Cryptosurf’ fifth.

We only need to siphon about $5-$7 dollars. If you want 100 clicks on a regular basis. Some sites require a minimum of 10 to withdrawal. Point being is withdrawal off the sites in order. Don’t withdrawal off for example My Bitcoin Tube first, then two days later again on My Bitcoin Tube. Because we want to keep funding ad packs on all five for this to work going forward.

Once you withdrawal, obviously your daily earnings will go lower than $15-17 dollars a day. So just keep buying add packs on all the sites through your earnings, and wait till you hit that threshold again. Then withdrawal on the next site you have listed once you reach back up to $15-$17 dollars a day.

Every time you hit the $15-$17, withdrawal from the next site. Remember to continue buying ad packs through your earnings on these sites. Like mention before, it doesn’t work if you stop buying ad packs. Now, lets get to the traffic site. This I think will blow your mind.

A-Ads Traffic

All the ways of generating traffic I’ve laid out in my article are really good ways to generate quality traffic. I use them, they work. I like them a lot. Here’s the problem though. On some of the sites, the targeted traffic that is, it doesn’t always come in super fast. That’s why I recommend in general using all of them to help speed up the process of getting targeted traffic as fast as possible.

This here is like nothing I’ve discussed so far. This website is quality traffic on steroids, and blows them all away. Targeted traffic that comes in fast. Whenever we want to go BIG, we can use this! And we’re not losing money.

Let’s first talk about A-Ads.

This has become known as the Google Adsense for crypto. The site has been around for awhile. Publishers are making money using these ads on their websites. Look how much traffic they’re capable of delivering…

They’re capable of delivering tons of unique clicks a day. Here comes the fun part.

See this? Look at what we can get for one ad package.

Just to be clear, this doesn’t mean we’ll be getting EXACTLY 106 per ad package.


Its an accumulation of that. It could be a little more, or less. But look how much traffic that is! For under $5 dollars. The pricing WON’T be exactly the same every single day. I believe this depends how much bitcoin is at the moment. Not quite sure.

Usually its between $5 to $7 dollars though. If you want a bit more targeted traffic…

Let’s check the pricing on how much it’d cost if we target ‘earning online’.

This is a bit more targeted. As you can see, it does cost a tad more. But still under $5 dollars will net us around 100 clicks!

Here’s what to keep in mine. Depending on how much the ad pack costs on A-Ads. You want to be earning at least $10 extra dollars that day (minus the ad purchase on A-Ads).

That’s why I specified $15-$17 dollars as the minimum range to start doing this. But to do this at a more consistent level. The more the better – earning between $2o-$30 a day can make this go even higher. Where you can do this much more frequently… Obviously if you’re at the $15-$17 mark. And when you spend $5 dollars on an A-Ads campaign, you lose revenue on the ad packs.

But this can be made up again pretty fast by continuing to buy advertising packs through earnings on the click to get paid sites.

And ad costs do fluctuates on A-Ads. They spike up all the time, too. Yesterday I saw it was around $6 dollars, today its under $5.. But this is cheap traffic. Earnings on some of the click to get paid websites fluctuates, too. So its not an exact mathematical equation.

Although $5 dollars is cheap. But if you spend it regularly, a lot, it still does add up.

With my method, you’re getting it FREE. Let’s continue discussing setting up a campaign. It’s very easy.

I’d set up your My Lead Gen Secret campaign similar to mine. Keep it traffic oriented in the text so its super targeted clicks. Also, add my banner adds too!

Here’s what it looks like when they’re added.

After it looks good, then just click create campaign.

Then just send the bitcoin funds to the wallet address listed from your own wallet. Once they receive the funds, and approve your campaign. Then you can start receiving traffic!

One more important thing. Copy and save the access code given.

This is so you can login and track your campaigns. DON’T FORGET THIS PART. Because you won’t be able to login and check if you hadn’t already created an account.

If you’re not ready yet to start a campaign at this point. If you haven’t started using my traffic strategies, or you’re not quite that far yet in your earnings per day to start siphoning this awesome traffic.

Be sure to at least sign up for now. Bookmark this page and the link to A-Ads after signing up. And when you’re finally ready, come back to this page.

Keep Track Of Spending So You Stay in Profit

It’s very important to keep track of your spending on the paid to advertise sites and on the ad campaigns spent on A-Ads.  That’s only from the money you invested, not from buying ad packs through earnings. For example, let’s say you invested $300 dollars in all 5 paid to click advertising sites. Then eventually spend $5 dollars on A-Ads. Add the 300 plus 5.

305 divided it by 30. That’s $10.16. So your a threshold is $10.16 a day. When your earnings start dipping below of $10.16 a day, that means you’re not in profit of what you’ve invested in.

But, remember, you can always buy more ad packs with current earnings on these sites to start increasing your daily earnings. So it won’t be a lost, unless you start depositing too much funds from the click to earn sites, and spend too much on A-Ads. Try not to dip 2-3 dollars below your threshold though.

That’s why you want to track this so you don’t start losing money.

It’s a good idea to have a document folder, or text edit if you’re on Mac like me. And save your deposit payments made. And calculate what you’ve invested with your own funds, with any funds spent on A-Ads.

Also, remember to calculate the fees for withdrawal on these websites. They do charge withdrawal fees.

Conclusion: Act And Enjoy Quality Traffic

Guys, this is huge. This is traffic we can get almost anytime we want in the long-run. Will we literally be able to get 100 leads free on a regular basic.

Can this be done every single day, throughout the entire year? No … One, we’re using some funds also to spend on the 100 clicks.

So eventually you will dip below the $15-$17 with spending per day and have to recuperate buying more ad packs through remaining earnings to get back to that number. And ad packs also do expire. But you can rinse, wash, and repeat without any added expenses. As long as you buy ad packs with earnings.

The higher your daily earnings start to accumulate, the more substantial it can be for you. So if you want to go to $20 a day or even higher you can.

Point though, NO COSTS out of pocket if you follow the module. And you can go higher – and start leveraging it even more as you start earning even more money off the ad packs.

Join A-Ads To Get Awesome Targeted Traffic

Please Read: Recommendation To Spending on Ad Packs Per Site

This is just my recommendation, obviously you’re free to spend however you choose. Depending on the minimum starter fee per pack/maximum allowed. But, I personally would not spend more than $50-$100 per site. If you’re completely okay spending more, can afford that, then its up to you.

Reason I say this. One site I originally had as a traffic source on my How to Get Cheap Traffic, did evaporate. They invested in some stupid coin that didn’t generate income. And long story short, the site crashed, everyone lost their invested ad packs on that website. It was a disaster. The site been around for awhile.

That is the risk. Sometimes these sites can crash and burn. Most of the ones I’ve mention have been around for awhile, they’re trusted. But nothing is ever guaranteed. I want to be completely transparent and not mislead anyone.

So I really would NOT recommend investing like $900 dollar on one site. Some people do that. Thinking its safe, no matter what. And just want to make so much money without realizing that if they invest that much, without ever withdrawaling, and just keep buying more ad packs over and over till they’re making an incredible income.

Which without a doubt, you definitely can. That’s great, but if the site one day goes bye-bye. And those funds are still on that site. You’re screwed. So its silly to invest like that. Especially if you can’t afford it.

That’s a lot of money, unless you’re Warren Buffet or Bill Gates, or a millionaire already. If you’re one of those people. I don’t think you’d be reading this. 😉 If you are, I want to know what YOU’RE doing, forget me. 🙂 haha.

Being serious, I don’t want this to stress you out. I’m pretty confident the sites listed should be around. If something happens, as always, I’ll keep it updated.

This is supposed to be fun. And it is fun. So have some fun and take advantage of what I’m showing you here. This is so powerful. It’s for people that are dead serious and want to make a serious income stream.

We get to earn revenue, and siphon free traffic. It doesn’t get better than that. So I recommend spreading the money around. $50 per site, to be safe. That’s a safe investment. Where eventually you can start earning some nice money and start siphoning this awesome traffic to build more leads and sales.

Create Your Own Funnel for This Traffic (I Urge and Beg of You)

If you’re wondering why I’m going over this. I get all kinds of people subscribed to me. Experienced marketers, novice, and complete newbies. Some people are new to online marketing that are subscribed to me. And some don’t even really know what a funnel is, or understand they should be building their own email list.

I even had one ask if they could pay me to create a funnel for him and show him exactly how to use an auto responder (I’ll demonstrate how to set one up with My Lead Gen Secret).

I really don’t have time to create funnels for others. I wish I had some share codes I could offer, but I don’t. If you’re completely bewildered on making funnels and sales pages. Or don’t want to spend a lot of money on funnel tools –  I can go over some options for you.

I wanted to finally take the time, especially for this traffic method, to go over having your own funnel on My Lead Gen Secret or any product you want to promote for this type of traffic to work. I’ve mention/hinted you should do this before. But I really urge you to do it for this.

Because this kind of traffic should only be used sending to a capture page that we own. It’d be a crime if it wasn’t.

Email marketing is the lifeline of online marketing. You really, really, want to be having your own optin in leads on your list. You’re just going to be missing out on a lot of money down the road if you don’t have your own email list.

If you’re new to online marketing, and haven’t done this yet, you really need to do this eventually.

So, if you’re one of the people that has yet to create their own capture page, followed up with a sales, please read this… I pledge and plead to use your own funnel. Not the one Reed has created for all MLGS members for free. Or using this for directly linking to the MLGS affiliate link.

There’s no way in hell I’d ever, ever, use this traffic for anything but my own funnel. Reed doesn’t need that many more leads. He’ll be okay.

You can if you really want, use Reed’s or the MLGS affiliate links, but you’d be crazy.

Option 1: Hire Someone To Create One for You

This can be outsourced for a cheap price. Head over to fiverr. You can hire someone to create a optin page for some reasonable prices. Type in the search bar “create a squeeze page”. You’ll need a wordpress website for this.

Go over what looks best. Here’s a vendor that would work listed below, I’m not affiliated with him in any way or know how good of work he does. Some of the other prices listed seem a little too steep for this. But the price this guy offers seems about right. You can check some others out though if you find something that suits you better.

Basic landing page is just $20 dollars. Very reasonable.

Here’s his description and what he offers. Right side is how much a standard gig costs and what comes with it.

Personally, would go for package 1. We really don’t know need someone to create a thank you page. I’ll show you something you can do to get a redirect to either your MLGS affiliate link, or your own sales page redirect later with Get Response.

Always PM the seller, and give them your MLGS affiliate link and explain what you’re looking for. Ask for samples too, before buying.

Option 2: How To Get a Funnel Cheap

This option does require you making a funnel yourself. These tools aren’t cheap, either. But, I wrote an article on how to get one for about $12 bucks. It’s a bargain. We can pay someone to install Instabuilder 2.0 on our site. It’s what I use to create my funnels.

I should make mention of this. The person that created Instabuilder 2.0, sadly passed away. So there’s no longer any updates and the site is sometimes very buggy. Here’s the link.

Just go to youtube, and watch some tutorials how to use Instabuilder if use go this route. It can be a bit of a pain at first to use this tool. Still, pretty easy though to create nice looking funnels. It still works for me. This is my preferred method. But if you don’t want the hassle of setting it up, option 1 can be done.

Autoresponder Setup Tutorial For Beginners

You’ll need an autoresponder. I’d recommend using Get Response. You can use any autoresponder you want, but we just can’t use Aweber for MLGS. They will ban accounts promoting it. I don’t know exactly why. I think Get Response is just better anyways.

I’m going to demonstrate how to setup this all up on Get Response, how to setup your list, form codes, and setting up your autoresponder emails. If you’re completely new to autoresponders and don’t have any idea how to set one up. This will help you.. It can be confusing at first, but very simple once you get a nice walk through explaining how.

Once you’ve signed up for Get Response (if you choose this autoresponder), it comes with a 30 day free trial. No credit card required to test drive it.

So here’s the tutorial. Very simple and easy to follow.

You’ll want to click on lists. It’s on the top of Get Response

Then click create a list.

Then give it a name. I’m just using this as an example. So I created example_mlgs

Next we need to create a form for our list. So whenever someone opts in, it gets directed to that list. It’s very simple and I’ll show you how to do this.

Click on the menu bar and select forms and surveys.



Select create forum.

Click on plain HTML.

Okay, then select list on the right hand corner. Make sure you select the list name you created. Mine was example_mlgs.

Now, here comes the cool part. We can automatically create a redirect in Get Response to our own custom page. Click ‘Custom Thank-you Page Url’. We can redirect them to our MLGS affiliate link, or our own sales pages. I put in My Lead Gen Secret affiliate link to demonstrate. Make sure your link shows up in the form code. As you can see mine is listed right there next to value=.

I personally, would use a sales page. But don’t worry, you don’t have to create it yourself. I wrote this article explaining how to use your own custom sales page. You don’t got to read the entire article. I know I tend to get wordy. Scroll down to How To Solve The Problem: Getting More My Lead Gen Secret Sales.

Read that section, then click the My Sales Page for My Lead Gen Secret link when you’re finished.. You can copy and paste it directly onto your website. Then just go back and change the affiliate link to yours. It converts much better.

Also, if you want to collect their name and email. You can just click it below

When you’re done. Make sure you copy and paste your copy code. Above. And save that code, don’t lose it. Make sure you copy all of it.

If you decide to go ahead and hire someone else to create your funnel. Give them that integration code for your landing page. Or if you create your own landing page. You’ll want to copy that code into the autoresponder integration section.

So what will happen. When someone subscribes, they’ll automatically be redirected to your affiliate link/or sales page. While the subscriber gets put on the list we’ve created.

We’re not done yet. Because we need to set up our email autoresponder. When someone opts in to our list, we’re sending out a series of followup emails.

This is the power of email marketing. Because we can continue promoting to that lead, increasing the chance they eventually buy from us. It usually takes someone seven times to see something they’re interested in, before buying.

We always want to send out a welcome email, or a thank you for subscribing type of email. Something very brief. I’ll walk you through that part.

Go back to your lists. The click the icon next to your list, then show autoresponders.

Obviously there will be no autoresponders shown since we’ve yet to create them.

Let’s setup our first autoresponder campaign. I like to name it email 1 then the list name – so I can keep track of the email and what list its in. Make sure you choose the list name associated to your MLGS one you’ve created. Also, set the day to 0.

So it will be sent immediately after they subscribe. We want them to understand they’re on our email list, and to introduce ourselves a bit. Example below is how to set it up.

Then we set up the autoresponder settings. Just put in your subject, message name, similar to the autoresponder name. From your email.

Click create new email.

Just select 1 column-3.

Just delete the choose image, we don’t need that.

Delete this text, we obviously don’t need that.

Here’s an example of an introduction email. I always like to then link either to the product, or a free giveaway. This case, we’re just again linking to the MLGS affiliate link of ours. This is just an example. You don’t have to do it like this.

If you want to personalize the email with their name. And you did set it up on your autoresponder form code. Click the person icon in the lower right hand corner.

Below is how it will look. It will code in their name they opted into your squeeze page with. You don’t have to do this, but putting a personal touch sometimes helps get more engagement.

Then click save and publish.

When you go back to lists, select your list to see if the autoresponder email is listed like it is below. See the left hand right corner – example_mlgs. So you know it was created on your correct list.

Then just continue the steps above to keep creating more autoresponder emails for that list for MLGS. You want to setup at least 7 email follow ups. You can do more than that if you want.

If you don’t know how to write emails. Use these email swipes. They’re great engaging and high quality email swipes written specifically for My Lead Gen Secret. They’re great relationship building emails perfect for this.

If you want to use their name like on some of the swipes. Just remember to replace the name code from: {!firstname_fix}, to your Get Response name code, like [[firstname]]  shown above. {!firstname_fix} is the code name used on the My Lead Gen Secret mailer.

The name codes only work, if you opted to use it on the form code for the optin. If you don’t remember if you did, or didn’t. Check your squeeze page. If there’s no ‘name’ on the optin form, then it won’t work.

Last Point. When following up the next emails. I’m not going to walk through how to do that, as it works just like I explained setting up the first email except one minor tweak. And that’s the time cycle.

We need to change them so we send the emails each day (if we want) in the correct order. So you’re not sending out like 10 emails all at once (that would look really bad).

Below is how it should look if you want to send a follow up email each day.

If you want to send a new email out once each day. The first email is cycle is always 0, then 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and so on.. However many email followups you have.

See the blue calendar. We can always go back and change it without editing the email. If you end up making a mistake, or want to change the cycle. I like to go every other day. So I’m not beating the leads over the head. I prefer doing that. But its up to you. Here’s how that would look.

Ever other day would be 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, etc…

That’s it. You’re done. If you set this up and want to check if it works right. Just go to your optin page. Put in your name (if you added one) and email. Check to see it redirects to the page you want, and you get an email delivered.

You can bookmark this if you get lost, and want to come back. Just follow all the steps. You can join Get Response here if you’re interested. 30 day free trial.

If you followed me through all of this. And you’ve been a subscriber of mine. I really appreciate you, and this entire guide is my way of saying thank you for sticking with me.

I want to provide as much value and help everyone that subscribes to me have everything at their disposal to do well if they decide to join our My Lead Gen Secret Team. I’ve spent many, many hours putting training like this together. Because I really want you to do well.

I provide all this tips, training, and traffic hacks for free, and leave the decision up to YOU what you want to do with it. Some MLGS members require others to join their My Lead Gen Secret team first, then they share them some training and extra free bonuses after they’ve bought it. And chances are, they’re not nearly in depth, or as valuable. I’m not trying to brag, but I wish I had value like this when I first started out in online marketing.

Someone that would share it to me, and not just force me to buy something first just to see if I find it valuable.

I’ve spent many hours putting pages like this together.. Because I believe in quality and taking the time to really help others, and not pressuring them to buy something. I believe if you provide enough high quality value and give people endless ways to succeed. That eventually, with all the information and in depth ways to make it work. Most will end up wanting to take all this information and put it to work.

I hope you’re as stoked as I am about this lil gem.

2021 UPDATE – Please Read Here

The information above is OUTDATED. First off, the price of bitcoin has SKYROCKETED since I made this post. Miners fees are really high now. So there’s no way to deposit just $5 dollars into your account – as the miners fees at the moment is $10 (crazy!)… You can definitely STILL can use A-Ads to buy advertisement though and they still give you great prices…

My recommendation would be to invest at least $50-$100 dollars worth. Let me show you how many clicks that can get you if you deposit $100 at the moment (the price of the screen shot below can vary – and these aren’t guaranteed clicks – but just an estimate…)

You can use still use the PTC sites for ROI and withdrawal your earnings, but please check back here, on the PTC sites I do recommend or no longer use at the moment. I update ones I’ve added, or no longer use on that page.  And when I first added this post, there were different PTC sites that made this work better than some of the current ones. And the lower miners fees made it more feasible to siphon 100 clicks for around $5…. My apologies, but things change and so does the market.

The main sites I was using included: My Bitcoin Tube along with One Ads Packs. Those two particular sites (along with lower miners fees) made this work much better. Since they paid so generous, but neither of those two sites are available any longer. And a lot of the PTC sites have completely changed, or no longer available.

I’m not using PTCshare or Money Making Nets on that page… Optimbux no longer offers revenue shares. You can still siphon off FREE clicks though, but the game-plan is much different. You must calculate the miners fees, and the ROI on the PTC sites you’re using (not to mention the fees for withdrawal); plus your deposits must be larger to neglect the high miners fees now on BTC. So it doesn’t quite work like it once did. But can still siphon free clicks/high quality traffic, however.

These days, you almost want to deposit at least $100 since fees are currently $10. I can’t calculate it going forward – since miner fees are changing every day. Heck, it could be $20 in a few months (yikes, I hope not).

My advice would be to focus on just a few PTC sites that pay the highest daily at the moment. If you can make $120 on net profit a month on these type of sites. $100 that generates 1,000 targeted clicks a month would be HUGE. That’s a lot of traffic, and a lot of leads to anything you’re promoting.

I already have and will continue to update MORE PTC sites on this page. Or ROI sites, whatever you like to call it. There’s one site in particular where you can easily make $150-$200 a month pretty, or more in net revenue a month very easily.. And still make this method work, just using ONE site.

I’ve not added it to that page yet: because I want to see if this site is sustainable long-term. But it might be already added by the time you’ve landed here. If this site is substainable, this would be HUGE. So bookmark this page if you still want to use this method..

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