How To Get More Sales In My Lead Gen Secret

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About a week ago I got an email asking questions about My Lead Gen Secret. And this hit me. A lot of the questions this gentleman was asking were exactly the same questions I was asking before I joined.

I can’t even remember how exactly I did join. But I do remember seeing My Lead Gen Secret at least 10 to 20 times and ignoring it for awhile and not really thinking anything of it.

Until I finally one day decided to actually read the long sales page. It got me excited.

Talked about it with my girlfriend and thought about it before joining. Because I like many people that see this are going to definitely be intrigued, but also extremely skeptical. I’m going to share how to get more sales with My Lead Gen Secret and end any skepticism a potential buyer might have.

Ditch The My Lead Gen Secret Sales Page

If you’re linking directly to the My Lead Gen Secret Page. I would advise you to stop doing this and I will explain why in detail. The problem with the My Lead Gen Secret Sales page to begin with its pretty long.

It almost reads like a blog post. It’s well written, but there’s really nothing that jumps out at you when looking at it by glance. It’s why I saw it I don’t know, maybe 10 to 20 times before actually reading it. Nothing really jumps out at me.

I’m sure that’s the same with others. So imagine how many people see it, then just don’t even give it a thought. You got to get some interest before someone takes that time to actually read what you’re promoting.

Another problem when you actually sit through and read the My Lead Gen Secret Sales page. Again, its very well written, but it still leaves lots of questions asked that aren’t answered.

One of the first questions that’s going to pop into the mind of a potential buyer. “Are these leads real?”..

Yes, of course, but many aren’t going to just take the word of the sales man they don’t know, right?

Chances are they’re going to eventually leave that page, and do a google search on “My Lead Gen Secret Review” and start reading more posts and watch videos. And collect various opinions from others before acting.

My Lead Gen Secret isn’t expensive. $60 dollars to get started and just $30 a month. Still, people don’t want to just fork over $60 dollars and then $30 monthly going forward (naturally they can cancel anytime they want) on something that doesn’t work, right?

I don’t blame them. I didn’t want to just do that either. For me it wasn’t even the money, I wanted to know if this is worth my time. I hate investing time into something that just doesn’t work. But obviously spending $60 on something that’s no good. No one is willing to just throw away money, especially in this economy.

It’s not like its just $5 dollars and someone goes “Okay, its dirt cheap its worth a shot”. Or comes with a trial offer where you can test drive it first and then commit if you like it.

There’s no 30 day guarantee with this platform. So people aren’t just going to dive in, head first likely, without thinking about it or doing more research on this program.

What I like to do, and I should have done this before. Who knows how many sales I’ve lost because I didn’t do this. I want to save you from my own mistake.

I like to get inside the head of a potential buyer. Which is pretty easy, because likely the same questions they have; is what I had at first.

I’m sure that’s the same for you. Heck, you still might have those questions if you haven’t join yet.

I think about the doubts I might have and try to answer that for them. Right on that page of mine.

The three biggest questions a MLGS potential client is going to have.

1.) Are the leads real? (they won’t just take our word)

2.) Can I actually make money off these leads? (again they won’t just take our word)

3.) What exactly is MLGS and what does it come with?

These are the three biggest questions that they’re likely going to have. I like to cover all three of those so they don’t even bother leaving my page and looking elsewhere to find out more about My Lead Gen Secret.

I want them to have as much as possible to answer them right there on my page. Because let’s think about it.

Say they come to your My Lead Gen Secret affiliate page. And they are interested, right? But they’re skeptical too. Which is normal. They’re going to go watch videos, read other blog posts, find more reviews on My Lead Gen Secret.

Then they’re ready to buy it. But they buy it off a review somewhere else after finding out enough info to answer their questions and make them feel comfortable enough to join.

Instead of where they first saw My Lead Gen Secret. Us!

Like that we’ve just lost a sale. I myself was guilty of not buying off the person that first showed me My Lead Gen Secret.

I always try my best to buy off someone that first introduces me to a program. That’s only fair. But if I’m not subscribed to them already, or forget to save their link. I don’t always remember who introduced me to it first.

So, this is a problem right? That’s a lot of sales you can potentially lose.

And the answers someone is looking for is just not likely going to be answered on the My Lead Gen Secret’s sales page.

Let’s face it, not everyone is going to take the time to actually read it either.

Sure, they got some testimonial videos on the sales page recommending My Lead Gen Secret and random people claiming they’ve made money with it I think? I don’t really even remember to be honest. Because they didn’t stand out to me.

They don’t really look like real genuine reviews. I’m not saying they’re not legit reviews. It just could appear to a viewer they’re not real reviews though.

I know I was very skeptical of those testimonial videos when I first saw them.

You can go to fiverr and pay for testimonials like this. So those alone shouldn’t make you think people will just act. People aren’t stupid and they’re going to be very skeptical when it comes to ANY make money online programs.

Because there are lots of scams out there. So what we do is remove all doubt and show PROOF they can’t deny. More on how we do that below.

How To Solve The Problem: Getting More My Lead Gen Secret Sales!

Simple. We create our own sales page! I want to show you something cool that you can do with My Lead Gen Secret.

You can get sales, without EVER linking to their sales page but directly to the payment page! With our affiliate link already implemented so we get credit for every sale. Link below demonstrates this.

Boom! Linked directly to the checkout page with our affiliate link. All you do is replace 6892 (my affiliate code link) with your own affiliate code link and the tracking code of “custom” to whatever code you want to use to track with. How cool is that?

We can create our very own sales page. That will convert more buyers and prevent our sales from being hijacked.

I already brought up the three biggest questions a member is likely going to have. Let’s go over how we answer those questions.

Question Number 1: Are the leads real?

Answer: We show real proof they are like this below!

Question Number 2: Can I actually make money off these leads?

Answer: Proof you can shown below!

Question Number 3: What exactly is MLGS and what does it come with?

Answer: Capture shot explains what it is and everything that comes with it.

See how much more powerful this is? We’re showing REAL PROOF! That answers the questions they’re going to have all on one page. Real reviews from members on Facebook. Plenty of real people that are giving their genuine review that’s authentic. And not just giving their review, but giving screen shots with proof!

And we just briefly explain what My Lead Gen Secret is. Answer all the questions they have on one page. Very short and to the point.

So there’s no need for someone to go search elsewhere and investigate more on deciding whether to join My Lead Gen Secret. Maybe they still will, nothing is 100% guarantee. But the chances are less likely. They will feel much more comfortable buying My Lead Gen Secret.

This is more powerful than just showing your own earnings reports. Because honestly, people don’t really care about that. They don’t want to know if you are making money. You’re the one promoting the program, so yeah, they figure you’ll say whatever you can to get a sale.

They want to know if THEY can make money. And the best way to show they can is share the results of others, too. Not just your own. It’s much more powerful. When they see multiple people are earning they can then become a believer they will too.

Use These Done for You Pages!!!

Don’t want to create your own? No problemo… I’m offering you to copy and paste my exact sales page. The images, content, everything right onto your blog, squeeze page or funnel sales page. Just click the link below. Copy it and just paste it to your own sales page or blog as you wish.

The images and everything will load right onto your site from copy and pasting it. Just remember to change the affiliate link to your own.

My Sales Page for My Lead Gen Secret

Notice the big difference between mine and the original? It’s very brief. I use Steve’s video because I personally like to have a video on my sales pages. I don’t do video marketing myself. If you like to make your own videos, you can always film one yourself and add it to your page.

I’m too fast of a talker — I’m no good on video, so I don’t even bother. I prefer blogging.

Oh, speaking of the Steve video. You can use that on your sales page if like too. But I would download the video off my channel. And upload it on yours. Just because if someone happens to click on the video embedded link from my channel and decide to buy it off the youtube link in the description.

I would get credit for the sale instead of you.

Personally, I don’t even think having the Steve video is that big of a deal to use. But if you want to use it. Just download mine and upload it on your youtube channel. I don’t want to steal any sales from your hard work.

The screen shots come from the My Lead Gen Secret group of ours on Facebook. I’m not really using Facebook as much these days because its getting a little crazy.

I have two pages like this. One where I’m promoting that exact link shown to you with the My Lead Gen Secret leads within the mailer. Then my very own sales funnel where I’m collecting leads outside the system and pointing them to my funnel. Then redirecting to my own custom sales page that’s basically identical. I do this so I can track my sales using different methods.

If you’ve opted onto my list from that funnel, then I’m sure you’ve seen it already for yourself.

Lots of members are doing exactly what I’m showing. They’re using screen shots from the Facebook group of members reporting their success and using it as their own funnel and sales page to get more sales.

Because it works much better! It shows the proof. It answers their question or concerns.

If you’re already following my cheap traffic course to generate sign ups for My Lead Gen Secret. I’ve mention Reed offers free funnels for all MLGS members to use with their own affiliate links coded into the funnel.

You can use Reed’s funnel listed below to promote your MLGS links. As you want to use a funnel for that kind of traffic, or create your very own if you haven’t already.

His funnel has a video and Facebook screen shots of proof it works. Very similar to mine.

Reed’s Testimonial Funnel That Converts

If haven’t joined the Facebook group yet. Search My Lead Gen Secret Success – Admin Reed Floren.
You’ll be granted access when requesting to join.

If you want, you can join the Facebook group and collect screen shots of your own and put them on your blog, funnel, or squeeze page as you like. It’s a good group because you can also pick up more useful tips on generating even more sales from MLGS.

This is powerful! This will convert at least 7 times to 10 times more sales for us!

So that will do it. I hope this was helpful. If you want to get more sales. Whether using the mailer or promoting outside the system. Or both (which you should be doing for more success 😉

I would directly link to your very own custom sales page instead of the MLGS one.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope this helps you do even better with My Lead Gen Secret.

UPDATE: My Lead Gen Secret now has new pages you can use to promote MLGS. If you’ve already joined, you can find them in your back office in affiliate tools. No need to create your own! This page is a thousand times better than the old one (you may still use it as well if you like).. It has many testimonials on the page that MLGS works!

Here’s where it gets even better. When a member puts in their email to seek more information, they’re opting in to My Lead Gen Secret’s email list. And what does that mean? Jim Harmon will continue following up potential prospects with high converting emails. And our affiliate link is included in those emails! This means much more sales!

I would have never even created my own sales page like I recommended at the time writing this. But now they have this new page. I’d just start using it. Because this is much more powerful. Link is below.

New My Lead Gen Secret Page

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