Adviev Review – Earn 122% Back On Revenue Shares

FTC Disclosure: The website owner may earn revenue with purchases from clicked links displayed on this post.

Adview is a site that allows you to earn on revenue shares, while also participating in purchasing advertisement for low prices (optional and not required).

The goal of using a site like this really shouldn’t be aimed at generated making a lot of income. You can make some nice revenue back, but what I love about it is their advertising offers. That’s how I am going to use it.

The way the site is built, its built to stay; which is a good thing. It’s not a quick pump and dump PTC site.

It works a little difference when you purchase BAPs, you’re not getting any ads credit/hits back. You’re participating in their revenue sharing stream. So all the advertising that is purchased on the site, you’re getting a cut, depending on how much you’ve spent. Every $1 you spend earns you back $1.22. Which is pretty good.

This works great because the site is able to be sustainable, so they don’t lose. And you don’t lose.

Below you can see the membership of the site. 6 months old, over 60,000 members and counting.

There are actually two ways to earn on this site. I’ll go over the first one. You can actually earn back 125% with their PR package… I am not going to really focus on this part, because I personally don’t have any interest in these packages. But screen shot below in case you are.

I personally am going to focus on the BAPs, because I find it better. Where you can spend as low as $1 on their revenue shares.. I’ll show you how that works.

The group you really WANT to be in is group 7. To get in group 7 would cost about $100. 100 times 2440 BAPs, would get you 244,000.. Obviously, you can spend a little less if you like to get in that group.

The reason I say $100, because it puts you in the middle tier of that group. Where you’ll start earning $1.22 a day AND you can start buying advertisement instantly!

And you can buy advertisement pretty frequently when in this group. Your goal is stay in group 7 though.

Everyday you don’t necessarily buy advertisement. If you want to buy every day, you’ll want to get in the higher groups and deposit more. Group 8 to Group 9 would allow you to do so.

I find this to be a safe investment. They’re still paying members 6 months plus in. That’s a great sign. I usually have a threshold (this is just mine), of no more than $50-$100. It might be worth investing more (completely up to you). As I don’t see this site going anywhere anytime soon.

You can always buy more revenue shares through earnings to maintain your position.

Take a look at this.

This website already has an Alexa ranking under 10,000, and a lot of it is tier 1 traffic.

Now, lets talk about the traffic packages they offer..

There are two kinds of advertisements you can buy. Paid Ads vs BAP Ads.

Paid Ads

You’re targeting the people that bought ad packages, and those that are just clicking on ads to earn daily (there are free ads that allow members to do this. So you could be also targeting freebie seekers, too.)

Where a member never bought a revenue share and they’re in the lower tiers, but still able to earn (not a lot).. But if you want buyers only, you can get it but it costs 20% more.

So, if you want just buyers, you can target just them for a very reasonable price. It’s still UNDER a dollar if you want just buyers traffic for 5 seconds…

GEO targeting not needed in my opinion. As I pointed out on the Alexa Ranking, the site mostly has tier 1 traffic.

GAP Traffic

This means these are the ads where members need to click each day to get their GAP points that’s provided. It’s a tad cheaper. Personally, I’m not quite sure what the dramatic difference would be in traffic.

But experiment if you like and see which ones convert better. The prices aren’t night and day different. 15 cents cheaper.

Banner Advertisement

As you can see, very reasonable prices. 10,000 views for around a $1 is very generous. Banner ads are very powerful.

Login Advertisement

I usually love login ads, but this is not my favorite feature on Adviev. They only offer a number of hits, instead of a full day’ login advertisement. I don’t really see the upside of getting it personally.

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This is a very active site to get some high quality traffic for a ridiculously low price. Oh, I almost forgot to mention. If you join (link below), make sure you login every day to click your advertisements so you earn.. You don’t get paid if you don’t click your ads daily.. And have fun. This site is pretty killer and should be around for awhile. You can get some high quality traffic here for an awesome price, while earning a return over investment.

It’s not the highest paid per click site out there, but it’s one of the more safer and steadier one’s I’ve found yet. If you want a safe bet, a site that should be around for years and continue to pay its members. This site would be it. Obviously, nothing is guaranteed. So just using that as a disclaimer. But 6 months in, still paying members is usually a great indication it will be around for awhile.

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