Spectroads Review – Earn Up to 154% On Ad Packs!

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This is a revenue share ad website where you can earn up to 154% on ad packs. This is the highest revenue share site I’ve found thus far yet!

If you’ve been following me in My Lead Gen Secret. I’ve gone over plenty of different ad revenue sites to earn extra money and drive traffic. But you’re going to see why I’m the most excited about spectroads. Not just because of the generous 154% revenue you can earn.

Spectroads Review

As of right now, writing this… I believe this website has only been open to the public from right around September. I was looking at the analytics of the site on alexa ranking. And it looks like it launched sometime around September. And has sky rocket up since then in members, very fast. The trend its on is impressive, so I don’t have any doubt its going to be a huge player.

I usually DON’T like jumping in this early on a site. Because I want to see if its stable.

I usually like to wait and see if a website doesn’t collapse. I’ve had many that do unfortunately.

But this site already has over 11,000 members.

Because usually that’s the number where we can start getting the type of traffic we want with My Lead Gen Secret.

I’ve made a rare exception to jump on this right away and share it with you. Since, I believe this site will be around for awhile.

Already within a month’s time it has over 11,000 members. That is awesome. I take its because of the generous revenue share (which is awesome).

As the image shows above, within just a month’s time. Already $11,579 dollars have been paid out. That’s good. We want to know these sites actually payout. Because if they aren’t, then that’s a problem. And sites that stop or delay often fold.

Let’s discuss how to works.

The upgrade is incredibly cheap. Here’s a snapshot of it below. And I think its well worth it. As you’re getting an 12% increase on ad packs (big deal)..


How To Get Cheap Targeted Traffic

I’ve mention this before ad nauseam I’m sure. But I use sites like this for traffic, not for earnings. The earnings are a nice bonus and help, because we can then funnel more of it into more traffic. S0 we’re not spending out of pocket over and over again.

The reason I focus more on traffic than the earnings. One, we will make PLENTY with My Lead Gen Secret long-term than on these websites.

Two, there’s no guarantee these sites stay for the long-term. So your earnings can be gone for good. This is why I always recommend, don’t invest more than $50-$100 on these sites. Any money you can afford to lose. Just be warned. I can’t guarantee the stability of these sites long-term. I hope a site like this is awhile for many years.

Okay, now to the cheap and targeted traffic.

The 728 x 90 Banner Ads

The 125 x 125 Banner Ads

The prices are insanely cheap. But the good news is, we’re going to be using our earnings to buy these banner impressions. As already mention, within a month’s time this site already has 11,000 members!

By a year’s time, it should be over 100,000. That’s a lot of eyeballs. All internet marketers. All spenders. This is insane traffic.

Game Plan

You can start with as much money/bitcoin as you like. Only $1 dollar required for an adpack (really cheap). I’d at least spend $10-$15 to start. That’s just my recommendation, but you can start lower or higher if you want. I’m going to invest $50 (that’s me, you can too if you like).

I want to start earning $4 dollars a day, then I’m going to start buying the banner impressions. Basically I can have banner ads on full display non-stop. That’s powerful advertising, guys. From a site that’s going to have tons of members. Looking for traffic (sites like My Lead Gen Secret).

This could be a gold mine site to get more My Lead Gen Secret signups.

That’s it. Pretty straight forward.

In case you’ve somehow missed this, or forgot about it already. Remember, there’s plenty of more Ad Revenue Share sites here. And numbers of other ways to drive traffic to My Lead Gen Secret.

Update: I’m really, really loving this site thus far. It’s going strong. When I made this post, they had 11,000. Today updating it. December, 9th, 2020… They’ve nearly DOUBLED that number… Now above 21,000 and climbing daily…

If you join. I would at LEAST deposit $21 dollars (in crypto). Buy the upgrade version for $3.66, then buy ad packs. You instantly earn 154% back, and start earning $1.31 a day, and can quickly scale it up.

Spectorads is also going to be adding more advertising, too! It should be coming any day now. I’ll update when available.. This site is without question worth dipping your toes in. They continue to pay members. No waiting for withdrawals. Withdrawals come within 20-30 minutes most of the time. Everything checks out as legit and good thus far.

>> Join Spectro Ads Here <<

New Update: My Spetroads Appears to be a SCAM site. For over a month they’ve delayed withdrawals, and the last two weeks have stopped giving paying ads. So at this moment, I do not recommend it anymore. This isn’t surprising. Sites like this come and go. I still got a lot out of my advertising. From now on, I will not recommend anymore sites like this – until they last for at least 6 months.

Nothing is a guarantee with PTC sites like these, regardless how long they’ve been around. I only use them for traffic, not to earn… This is just a reminder, always invest wisely. Some members lost thousands of dollars on this site. Which is a shame, but also asinine to invest that much into sites like these.

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