How To Get Cheap Traffic And 100 Daily Leads

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I’m going to show you how to get 100 daily biz opp leads, and drive cheap traffic to this product known as My Lead Gen Secret. My Lead Gen Secret has become a red hot product. I’m going to discuss it, and explain exactly how to use it. Because some people use this program wrongly and end up dropping out.

If you use this program the right way, you almost can’t fail. Especially if you follow how I lay it out in this article. This entire system and my strategies I lay out here will make it almost impossible to not succeed and make a nice chunk of money. How much? I won’t make any promises or quote figures. But its completely up to you and how much effort you want to put into this.

What is My Lead Gen Secret?

Let me just briefly explain what this program is. In case you’re coming to this page and don’t have any idea what My Lead Gen Secret is. If you already do, or you’re already a member then go ahead and scroll down.

My Lead Gen Secret is a leads platform. Where you’re given 100 top tier make money online leads every single day for just $1 dollar a day.

If you bring in just one referral. Paid through MLGS or outside the system. You then get 200 leads a day. As long as they stay a member, you’ll continue to get 200 a day. My Lead Gen Secret comes with its own mailer. So you don’t have to worry about where to mail these leads. Everything literally can be done in the back office. Even the email swipes are included.

And it also has a kick ass affiliate system. This is the REAL bread and butter of My Lead Gen Secret. I’ll copy and paste it from MLGS’ back office.

You receive $5/month on personal membership sales to customers who purchase directly from your affiliate link

(Level 1)

You receive $4/month on your personally sponsored Affiliate’s membership sales (Level 2), $3/month on the
membership sales of the people they personally sponsor (Level 3), $2/month on levels 4 and $1/month on level  
Level 1: $5/month
Level 2: $4/month
Level 3: $3/month
Level 4: $2/month
Level 5: $1/month

One time commissions are paid out on master swipe purchases at $5, $4, $3, $2, $1 (5 levels deep) on $29.95
pricing and $10, $8, $6, $4 & $2 (5 levels deep) on $59.95 pricing.
NOTE: Commission will be accumulated until they reach a gross amount of $30, at which time they will be paid on upon request. Commissions will be paid out via PayPal, Check or Bitcoin.

Win an UNLIMITED Number of $100 Bonuses Each Week By Simply Referring FIVE New Confirmed Membership Sales in a 7-day Contest Period.
You read that correctly! For every 5 paid new customers you refer in a one week period, you’ll earn a $100 cash bonus. There is no limit! Refer 25 new paid customers in one week and you’ll earn $500!

Your new customer referrals will be counted for one calendar week. A “week” is defined as 12:00am Monday through 11:59pm Sunday, Pacific Time.

Some people don’t truly understand the power of this. You’re given an AWESOME affiliate program that comes with traffic. But one thing to take note. These are COLD LEADS. Meaning? They don’t have any idea WHO YOU are. They don’t behave exactly like warm optin leads. That said, these leads are buyers. They are high quality leads, but how you treat them matters.

Like most people, they need to get used to you first. And you must offer quality services to them.

Later I’ll mention the cheap traffic sources to use to promote My Lead Gen Secret for its full benefits. You really need to join My Lead Gen Secret if you haven’t yet.

Join Here

My Lead Gen Secret – How To Promote It

I want to take the time to help people make the most of My Lead Gen Secret. So please read this first its important. There are some people that join, sadly, that end up quitting within a month. I’ve had some in my own downline. I’ve read a lot of people claiming they’re not making sales and its just a scam. Then there are others absolutely killing it with My Lead Gen Secret.

I’m going to show you how to do it right! And if you follow my guide, to the T, then you’re almost guaranteed to be successful. I say almost, because nothing is 100% a guarantee, but this is pretty much close to it.

Please close Facebook, instagram, keep your phone away. Give me a few minutes of your close attention (it will be worth it). So you can let this all sink in and understand the power of this platform.

Why People Fail With My Lead Gen Secret

Okay, now lets get into why people fail at it. And its very simple. Almost everyone that joins My Lead Gen Secret. That only uses the mailer primarily to just promote the My Lead Gen Secret program itself, often fails.

I’d guess about 75 percent of them people quit within a month. I’ll tell you why, before you start frowning and exit the page – thinking this program must be no good.

First off, lets look at how silly that is. If you’re emailing someone the exact same product every single day. Especially people that don’t know you. How is that going to look? Pretty stupid, right?

Who in the world is going to buy off a stranger, emailing them every day, promoting the same thing every day. They have a word for that. And its called SPAM! So don’t fall into the same trap as that.

How To Promote Within The My Lead Gen Secret Mailer

Okay, here’s what you should do. Definitely email these leads every single day, but don’t promote your leads the My Lead Gen Secret program every single day. As mention before, the ones that fail, just email them promoting one product every single day and it doesn’t work out.

So its simple, mix it up, and don’t beat them over the head with the same things.

Okay, I get it, you want those 200 leads a day when you first join. At first its definitely a good idea to start emailing your leads your MLGS affiliate link with the free email swipes they provide you. But just don’t over do it over the long haul.

Promote it sparingly as you progress into the program. First few week promoting just the MLGS program is more than fine, or any product/business offer..  That’s okay… As you start getting more MLGS leads, maybe then just a few times a week. Or once a week. Definitely not every single day over the long haul.

We will get more into how to generate MLGS affiliate sign ups outside the system later in this article. That won’t be a problem if you follow my strategy. Even if you never use the MLGS mailer to promote the program, you’ll still be fine.

I personally have begun to focus a lot more on other business opportunities using the MLGS mailer than promoting the program to the leads itself now of days. Since, I’m generating My Lead Gen Secret sales with what I’m going to show you later in the article. But first read this, so you can make money with the My Lead Gen Secret Mailer. Because obviously, this part is very important. You want to make money with these leads itself, I’m sure.

The My Lead Gen Secret Mailer is dynamite. Every day you’re getting 100 leads, always, guaranteed. Once you generate just one affiliate sign up to the MLGS program, then its a 200 day. Yah!

Within just 30 days, that’s 6,000 leads you have. Would emailing 6,000 people different marketing products a day make a big difference? Yeah!!! Sooner or later, some might be interested in some of these different products you have to offer. Would emailing 6,000 people the same product, all the time make a difference? No, not really… Some people just might not be interested in that particular product you have to offer.

So start using affiliate programs like clickbank and warrior plus. They’re free to join, where you can become an affiliate for make money online products on these websites. And make some nice money. There’s hundreds of them that sell really well. These type of products do very well with My Lead Gen Secret.

Also promote any other programs you’re in, too… If you’re an internet marketer, you must be in a few programs. Promote whatever you’re into. As long as its the make money online niche. Because that’s what these leads are interested in. They’re marketers looking to make money themselves. Be different, stand out with what you have to offer. Promote very interesting and good stuff too!

When you start mixing it up, you become more interesting. You want to keep them curious. That goes a long way.  Not complicated, just simple things to abide by to make the system work better for you.

And don’t always promote. Sometimes just send free offers, or a link to your blog that informs them with helpful stuff. You want to get these leads to like you. And not just see you as a serial marketer.

Don’t be boring. Be different. Standout. They’ll start being receptive to you. Trust me, you just got to keep at it. These are REAL LEADS. Real people that will BUY STUFF. I’ve made plenty of sales verified coming from them promoting numerous different offers. They are looking to buy, but you must be genuine with them. If you stick with it, mix up your offers, you WILL start generating plenty of sales with these leads.

Second day joining I made my first sale. So its exciting that these leads are hungry buyers. Just treat them right with quality. That’s the key.

How To Get Cheap Traffic To My Lead Gen Secret

I’ll be honest. I like My Lead Gen Secret itself for the mailer and leads. Yeah, I’d say that alone is pretty cool. But their affiliate program by far and away is the killer for me and most people out there. That’s what makes me LOVE My Lead Gen Secret. And it should make you love it too.

Make no mistake. We DEFINITELY want to promote the program as an affiliate. Just not so much inside the mailing system. In case you missed it above, take another look and see why the affiliate program is so awesome. Let that sink in and get excited.

Have you watched any videos on My Lead Gen Secret? Or seen case testimonials? The really big money likely doesn’t just come from using the mailing. Can money be made through the mailer? Oh yeah… Definitely. I’ve seen the results for myself. But the big money will take more effort than just that. It will come from a combination of emailing the leads inside the mailer and promoting it outside of My Lead Gen Secret.

My Lead Gen Secret is VERY EASY to convert into sales. The program sells.

But don’t worry, I’m going to show you exactly how to get traffic to your MLGS affiliate links that can help you explode your downline. If you follow these strategies, and they’re very cheap. It’d be impossible to not get sales.

Bitcoin is Need!

Most of these sites do require Bitcoin. If you don’t have Bitcoin you can buy some here.. If you don’t want to pay that much then you can use coin payments. I believe they will sell bitcoin for as low as $25 dollars and you can set up a wallet inside with them.

If you don’t use coin payments – I use Bitpay. I like it. Very easy to store my bitcoin on.

Also, you can buy bitcoin with Paxful where members will sell you bitcoin. You can buy bitcoin for as low as $10 dollars. This site is great, because you can buy bitcoin with paypal, and other merchant accounts. ID verification isn’t required necessarily either (update: Paxful now requires ID verification). You automatically get a free wallet when you create your account, so you can store your bitcoin there when buying it.

If you really don’t want to use bitcoin, you’ll be missing out but I still have very good traffic methods to use dirt cheap. But I highly recommend using the bitcoin ones I have to offer.

Wait: Use These Links!

It’s very important you follow this part. Do NOT post your affiliate link itself. Why? Well, first off some of these sites are paid per click sites. These are targeted and the right people we want, make no mistake. But you only have a certain amount of time to get their attention. The My Lead Gen Secret page doesn’t work.

I personally recommend setting up a capture page yourself. If you know how and/or can afford the tools.

If not, I got two free solutions.

Use This Link Here

All you need to do is replace the number 6892 with your My Lead Gen Secret affiliate number and the traffic code of blog, to whatever traffic source you’re using so you can see what sources are converting. This is a high converting page where one of the members of My Lead Gen Secret has a video going over his earnings.

Two Free Funnels (Highly recommended to use these)

First Free Funnel

Second Free Funnel (preferable to use this one)

One of the highest earning members of My Lead Gen Secret has created a few custom capture pages for all MLGS members to use. He’ll promote your affiliate link for you! He has videos, case studies of the money he’s made with My Lead Gen Secret – making subscribers more likely to act.

I’d recommend using his funnels, if you’re not going to create your own. Because here’s why. One, it attracts curiosity and is very easy to see what it is. Two, he’ll follow up with these people on his emails to increase the chance they buy MLGS. All the sales get credited to us. He keeps the leads, promotes for us, and we keep the sales generated.

Not everyone will buy instantly, although they might be interested. In a series of follow up emails he’ll continue promoting My Lead Gen Secret for us.

If you want to create your own funnel, I wrote an article talking about how you can get a cheap funnel here.

If you don’t know how to make a funnel at all. But want one. You can go to, and search create a funnel. Hire someone, give them your MLGS link and they’ll create you a nice funnel.

All you’ll need is an auto responder if don’t already have one to follow up your leads with a serious of emails. If you’re not very good at writing follow up emails. No worries, just use the free 26 done for you email swipes provided for you as your free gift. I recommend using Get Response (30 day free trial) as an auto responder… It’s my favorite. Just don’t use Aweber. They don’t allow promoting MLGS for some reason.

The Fast Traffic Sources

Below is what I categorize as generating traffic fast. I would recommend eventually using all of them.. But I realize it might be costly to start with all right away, since there are a lot I have listed. I’ll post briefly which ones I’d recommend to start with at the end of this article.

Definitely start with the targeted traffic sources then work your way up to the fast traffic sources. Because the targeted traffic comes with ad revenue on ad packs. So you’ll earn revenue on the ad packs, that can then be spent for targeted traffic on these sites. Or you can withdrawal, and use it for the fast traffic sources.

Key take away, the more places you advertise the more money you’ll make.

These are paid to click ads. So the traffic isn’t targeted clicks we’re generating. So the visitors interest when clicking/viewing the same. That said, its quality traffic.

We can get tons of views and clicks for a low price. And you can generate TONS of signups from traffic like this fast!

So don’t scoff, thinking this is traffic exchange type of junk traffic. Its not even close.

This is much higher quality of traffic. These are quality marketers we’re targeting. It’s all about WHO you target.

These people are on these sites because they need traffic. My Lead Gen Secret is a traffic platform. So it does work, and yes, the results are pretty impressive on these platforms.

I got great recommendation how to use this traffic sources later in this article. Be sure to read that too.

Hash Ad Space

I love this site, because you can get some very good traffic here dirt cheap. But you do need an asimi account if you want to earn and withdrawal funds. But you don’t need asimi if you just want to purchase advertising. You just need bitcoin. If you want to buy ads, go to advertising products, then click on V2E Advertising Purchase.

You don’t have to pay. You can join free, and click ads until you have enough. You’ll need 10 asimi to purchase an ad pack as seen above. You only get 25 ads a day to watch. But eventually you’ll generate 10 asimi that affords you an ad. That’s about 50 cents. It can vary depending on the price of bitcoin, but its very cheap.

That will get you between 1,200-1,400 views. You get to set how much asimi per view. But you want to put enough that gets you onto the front page to generate these views. I’d recommend setting up a campaign similar to down below, because  you want to get on the front page so members click on your ad.

If you’re not generating enough traffic, you can always go back and change the apply views. Sometimes bidding changes and it might require altering your  campaign. But anywhere between 1,200-1,400 usually is good enough.

Let me explain why a site like this is powerful. People on here are looking to promote their offers and generate traffic. What does My Lead Gen Secret offer? Traffic! So we’re targeting a specific niche of people. And members have to watch the ad. Meaning they can’t just click on it, go to another tab, then come back when the timer runs out. They have to see the offer. This makes a tremendous difference.

This is not the only traffic they offer. In case you’re interested in more targeted traffic. The only reason I don’t categorized it as a ‘great traffic source’ because the other traffic packages are little more expensive (maybe you don’t want too spend much), but if you don’t mind – this is much higher quality traffic.

You can purchase banner traffic if you like, and get targeted traffic.

Then they have login ads. These ads are expensive, but extremely powerful.

As you can see above how much it’d cost. That will be about $95.00 dollars. But this is powerful, because everyone that logs in has to see your ad. I saw one guy on youtube generate over 700 leads from just one login purchase. That’s actually very little money if you generate that kind of leads.

Hash Ad Space has an alexa ranking of 17,000 and over 300,000 members. Very active site!

>> Click Here To Join <<

BTC Clicks

This site is very under the radar and very dirt cheap. You can get clicks for as low 0.00018 mBTC… That’s about $0.0015 a click (this varies depending on how much bitcoin is worth that current day)! Let that sink in how cheap of traffic that is. Members MUST watch the ad too. This makes a tremendous difference when it comes to getting much more active viewers.

Even though it targets real bitcoin users. This works for me so well with My Lead Gen Secret. Because bitcoin users need traffic. And that’s something every online marketer needs. This type of audience is very receptive to anything related to traffic for the make money online niche.

Here’s one thing I love about BTC Clicks, they’ll allow you to rent referrals even. For 7, 15, to even 30 days. So you can earn more off these referrals for a cheap price to continue buying more advertising for your MLGS links.

>> Click Here To Join <<


Another great crypto site to get dirt cheap traffic. You can get ads per visit for 8 satoshi per 8 second visits. This is dirt cheap traffic that’s high quality and converts extremely well with an offer like My Lead Gen Secret. 8 satoshi equals about $0.006..

You can surf for satoshi if you like, but I must admit it will take quite some time to get enough satoshi where you can purchase an advertising campaign. I wouldn’t recommend wasting your valuable time doing that. But if you don’t mind spending 10 minutes a day then by all means.

>> Click Here To Join <<

The Targeted Traffic Sources Plus Earn A Profit Back!

These are all the targeted traffic sites. Targeted as in you can purchase traffic where members click on your ad without any incentive. All of the sites listed, outside Crypto Pros, you can earn a profit on when you buy their ad packs. 

The strategy we are going to be utilizing in the Ad Pack sites. Buy their ad packs, then use earnings to either A.) Buy targeted traffic on their site like banner ads or B.) withdrawal and use it to buy advertising on the other sites mention here. That’s kind of the mindset we want to use. 

Crypto Pros

Again, there’s no profit earned with Crypto Pros buying their ads. But its primarily targeted traffic only on this site. Crypto Pros is a great way to advertise to get the most targeted clicks that primarily come from buyers only. Since, everyone that’s a member has paid money. This is the best type of traffic to get.

You can start for just two dollars and you get an advertising pack. Before we get to that. You can not only advertise on Crypto Pros but you can also make some really good money off it. Take a look below at the screen shot. As you get placed into a force matrix.

Now, for the advertising which is what I use it for mostly. For just two dollars you get a banner ad and a text ad that is displayed on the crypto site for 14 days! Just for just $2 dollars! I’d personally recommend starting with at least $14 dollars which places you in a higher matrix and gets you more advertising packs.

But, if you want to start low you can for just $2 dollars. Below you can take a look at their advertising pack costs, and the text ads on the side that are placed on the website. These aren’t paid to click ads. Every click is super targeted. The kind of traffic we really want.

Crypto Pros also comes with a monthly subscription for $50 a month known as their platinum package. This is only optional.

I personally think its well worth it because you get unlimited login ads, which have a higher click through rate and gets much, much more traffic. Here’s a screen shot below of what you get if you choose their platinum package below.

Crypto Pros has an Alexa Ranking of 22,000. So it gets tons of traffic! I HIGHLY recommend using it, because all the traffic you get is highly targeted, paid members.

>> Click Here To Join <<

One Ad Pack

One Ad Pack is a website that’s relatively new. It launched in 2019 and has become a big site very fast, and its one of my favorites.

Below is what you get. You can start for just $1 dollar. But the traffic you generate is pay per credit/earnings traffic (not highest of quality), so those packages are nice to make some extra cash – while promoting MLGS on the side.

One Ad Pack

Which I still recommend using. Who wouldn’t want to receive 130% back, right? And you get 100 views for just $1 dollar. You spend enough you can get a pretty nice return after 30 days.

But I recommend using their banner ads to promote MLGS for quality traffic, as that’s where you’ll be getting your targeted traffic from. As seen below, here’s how cheap the banner ads are. The prices are very good.

Here’s where it gets really exciting when it comes to using One Ad Packs. And that’s their login ads, which they call startup ads. These are POWERFUL. They costs just $6 dollars. Let me show you an example of one below. As you can see this startup page has received over 6,000 hits! All from targeted paid marketers. That’s massive traffic!


Here’s one thing I really love too. If you order a startup ad, and there’s no one booked for the next day. Guess what? Your startup ad gets placed again the next day! And it stays until someone buys one. Let me show you example below.

Almost an entire month is available at the moment. I wouldn’t expect to get a startup page for an entire month, because others will start booking dates. But you might get a few days.

If no one buys a startup package the next day, then yours would be available as the startup page until someone books a date. That’s a pretty cool feature on One Ad Pack.

As the site becomes bigger, this might not become the normal though. They’ve not been around for a full year yet since updating this article, but still have a lot of active members.

I expect those numbers to grow much more in the coming months. So definitely worth utilizing for getting more My Lead Gen Secret Sales. It’s worked very well for me.

Update: One Ad Pack has changed things since the breakout of Covid-19. For months the site has been closed due to the pandemic. May 31st it re-opens. I’ll update once it re-opens. Still good to use, slight changes from before on the earnings campaigns. Banner advertisement far as I know remains the same. New Update: Currently One Ad Pack has re-opened as a test phase to current members. I’ll keep you updated when the site is back completely and open to the public.

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PTC Share

This is one of the biggest traffic sites. Where you can get dirt cheap traffic just for dollars. Literally. You can get up 1,000 pay per click visits for $1 dollar. And you get paid to view ads. They don’t pay quite as high as the sites I mention above do.

But, they have more advertising packages to offer for dirt cheap. Here are some of the different advertising packages they have. Look at all the different traffic packages.

Here’s what their pure ads start with. Showing a capture image from the back office. I mean, look how dirt cheap this is.

And then banner ads, the targeted traffic. That’s just unheard of how many impressions you can get for dollars if you buy just extra banner impressions. And this is where you’ll get your targeted traffic.

It’s better to buy their bulk ads, because you earn BAP, where you’ll be given paid ads (where you can earn revenue back.) Instead of $1 dollar getting you 1,000 hits like seen above on their pure ads. The bulk ads get you just 50 hits per ad pack, for just $1 dollar. But, you’re receiving 2,360 BAP. You’ll earn back 118%!

You do get free banner impressions too, just like the pure ads. The add on banner impressions are the same price as seen above.

The reason I prefer this package, because I don’t really think focusing on the paid per view ads is that big of a deal. You can take those earnings and continue spending it on more bulk ad packs, and or pure ads if you like, and spend more on the banner impressions. As the banner impressions are cheap.

PTC Share has an Alexa Ranking of under 5,000… That’s a lot of traffic it gets on a daily basis.

>> Click Here To Join <<


This is the sister site to ptcshare. It’s older, but a little similar. Although there are slight differences between the sites. Paidverts actually pays a little better. You earn 120% back on ad packs compared to 118%.

These sites are separate from one another. So the traffic is fresh. Here’s a screen shot of the advertising you get.

Then here’s the prices for the targeted traffic with their banner ads.

As you can see the banner prices are a little higher than PTCshare’s. Still not bad, but a little high. But here’s what I find really amazing. Screenshot below. They don’t have this option at PTCshare.

When you set up a campaign, you can target country for more targeted traffic. But the cost per clicks go up. I would leave it at complete default. Because it will generate TONS of traffic to our offers. Here’s how many hits just $10 dollars will get you.

That’s a lot of traffic for a very low price! That’s impressive. This site is very active.

You want to start off buying the ‘bulk ads’ to earn revenue back on the ad packs. That’s the how the paid to earn traffic works, just like on PTCshare. Make sure you’re logging in each day to click the paid ads so you earn.

As you start earning good revenue on those ad packs, then start buying more banner, targeted ads, or any of the other traffic plans they have that peak your interest. They got quite a few of them on this site.

Here’s more advertising options they offer – like login ads (always one of my favorites)…

There’s over 3 million members on the site. Lots of internet marketers.

> Click Here To Join <<

Update: I’ve been using Paidverts for awhile. And thus far, the earn revenue back part is still a head scratch to me. At the very least, earning revenue back, compared to what we spend – takes much longer to accumulate. A lot longer compared to the other sites mention.

They claim you’ll earn 120% back. But how long, I have no idea. They don’t really specify much. According to the BAPs (which is how earnings are determine). I’m supposed to get 120%+ back. But when, who the hell knows.

The traffic itself is HIGH QUALITY though. Its great for traffic. I would not use it primarily to earn revenue back. If you’re looking to earn revenue back fast, use the other sites mention on this article instead. Because the earnings accumulation is slow on Paidverts.. But for quality and fast traffic. It’s a grand slam. The traffic packages earn you traffic extremely fast. Just food for thought.

Crypto Surf

Crypto Surf has quickly become my favorite traffic source to use. It’s different than the ones I’ve already mention.. They offer some different types of advertising. They claim you can pay via credit card with Stripe. But for now that seems disabled. So, you need either a coin payments account to use crypto, or a Solid Trust Pay account (they’ve now been discontinued).

In 90 days, you’ll get back nearly 128% on ad packages. These are paid to click/earn ads. But the strategies remain the same. Where we use the ad packs to earn revenue on, and continue to buy the targeted traffic packages. They offer quite a few different options.

Here are the banner packages, which are a little more expensive than the other traffic sites.

The square banner ad impressions are cheaper and give you more. If you use the banners ads I’d choose these preferably.

I’ll be honest, I really don’t know use the banner ads on this site myself very much. I just think the prices are higher compared to the other sites previously mention. There is something they do have that I do love. I’ll talk about that in a second.

But first here’s what you do get if you join just for free. And this is pretty generous.

They also have other advertising options, like solo ads. But I’m not going to go over them. You can check it out if you join. I want to focus on the advertising that has gotten me really exciting using this traffic source.

Here’s what I really love, and something you should focus on using this site for your advertising.

Bingo! Just for $9 dollars, what they offer is a bargain of a deal. That can generate a lot of sign ups and sales. And that’s the advertising I WOULD go for on this site.

Here’s what I recommend doing if you decide to use crypto surf. You’ll want to invest at least $50 dollars. Each ad pack costs $5 dollars a day, and it will take 90 days to earn a full profit. But you can continue buying more ad packs, which means more money.

You want to start out with some money on this website to build up profits faster.  The more you spend and re-invest – eventually you can start averaging about 5 dollars a day with your ad packs. Then you can start focusing on buying more of the targeted advertising on crypto surf. Like the login ads packs. Or the banner ads if you like.

I’ve never seen such a bargain of a deal for login ads, which comes with a free banner advertisement along with a free solo ad.

And you can make some good money on the site to use for more advertising for the other traffic sites mention or to just pocket on the side as you wish.

>> Click To Join Here <<

My Bitcoin Tube

My bitcoin tube is finally back! The site had gone under numerous changes over the last 8 months. Even previous earnings had to be wiped out and start over because of technical errors that happen. Long story short, the owner himself lost money because of this. And the money members invested was at first stuck in limbo. Obviously, that made people upset and some started suspecting its an exit scam.

I was guilty at the time of being frustrated when this happen, like others. Wondering if this was just some kind of exit scam at the time. But I was wrong.

The owner stood by his word, and has started refunding members their money. So no one that invested loses a dime. He is personally paying members back from his own pocket.

The owner was honest and true to his word, and not here to exit scam anyone. Glad My Bitcoin Tube is back, because I was making good money off this site while also promoting My Lead Gen Secret links.

As you can see above its a way to generate more views for your youtube videos, while getting paid up to 135% per ad pack. DON’T WORRY, you don’t need a youtube channel for this to work. I don’t really use it for Youtube myself. Although I got plenty of video channels.

Before My Bitcoin Tube shut down for a bit, I was just using it to make money and drive signups to My Lead Gen Secret. I’m going to show you what each ad pack gets you on My Bitcoin Tube..

Below is what you get for an ad package. They start at $5 dollars. Very cheap.

Each day you watch the videos assign in the back office after buying your ad packs, and you earn! It’s very fast. Not much time required.

Notice under banner credits. We’re getting 100 CLICKS! Not impressions, for just $5 dollars. This is why I loved My Bitcoin Tube so much. The bargain is incredible. Now, I won’t say these clicks come in super fast. Because your banners are being rotated with thousands of others.

But they’re super targeted traffic. And it gets better. My Bitcoin Tube has improved its site from before. First, let me mention their premium membership. Something I found really powerful.

One of the things that made My Bitcoin Tube stand out over some of the other paid to click crypto traffic websites is the Premium Accounts. Because not only do you earn more money on your ad packs, you’re given super videos to watch that earn you extra money! Sometimes these super videos can pay as much as $30 for watching one video!

That’s not typical or something to expect regularly, but I would usually make at least a few dollars a day off the super videos alone. So I was earning a ROI. I’ve not yet tried the Premium Account just yet on the new platform. So I can’t yet speak to the kind of money the super videos pay. But the 15% bonus alone on ad packs is worth it, especially as you buy more packs. That’s a lot more revenue. The premium membership is a reasonable amount.

Here is a powerful new feature My Bitcoin Tube has added to their site. And that’s login ads. I always find login ads are one of the most powerful ways to generate quality traffic. A lot of people sometimes tend to ignore purchasing these advertisements. Big mistake. Especially if they’re cheap and the site is very active like My Bitcoin Tube. This is a big site and that gets lot of traffic.

These ads are very, very, useful! Everyone that logins has to see your ad.

And everyone on My Bitcoin Tube is an internet marketer. Not just an internet marketer, they’re buyers! There’s no freebie members! This is the type of traffic we want seeing our My Lead Gen Secret links. And people on this platform are there because they want traffic.

Here’s the incredible low price they offer for login ads. They guarantee visitors per login ad package. Prices are below..


That’s an insane deal! How expensive is solo ads compared to this? 1,000 clicks from internet marketers, that are buyers. That we already know are on this website because they’re trying to generate traffic. That’s insane value for getting targeted traffic from an audience that’s proven to buy.

Important: When you join My Bitcoin Tube and buy your first ad packs. You want to activate your account by watching a bonus faucet video.

This is a new added feature on My Bitcoin Tube. Every hour you’re given a bonus faucet video to watch. Where you earn bonus money, banner clicks, or video views.

How awesome is that? As you can see My Bitcoin Tube is pretty awesome.

Strategy to Using My Bitcoin Tube

Here’s the strategy I recommend following with My Bitcoin Tube. Buy the ad packs. I’d start off at least between $25-$50 dollars. Remember to login every single day to watch the videos so you get paid. As you continue earning on the ad packs, keep buying more. Each new $5 dollar ad pack gets you 100 targeted banner clicks included!

Important tip that makes My Bitcoin Tube extremely powerful… Start adding banner ads from all the traffic platforms mention in this article on My Bitcoin Tube. As mention before, the clicks don’t always come in really fast. When I say super fast, don’t expect 100 clicks to happen within days. But the more banners you add, the faster you’ll start receiving clicks and signups into these programs as well.

All of the traffic sites mention in the article, outside Adhitz has an affiliate program. Everyone on My Bitcoin Tube is looking for traffic and to earn bitcoin. So its super targeted traffic.

When those people join and spend money/earn, that’s more earnings for you!

Keep buying My Bitcoin Tube Ad packs until you’re starting to accumulate good earnings.

And then start spending your earnings on the login ads. That’s the advertising I’d try to focus on the most with this website. Because this is how you can start getting fast sign ups to My Lead Gen Secret all automated, without spending extra money. 

All being done while you continue to earn money too! It doesn’t get better than that. Obviously, I recommend sending the traffic to a lead page. Either one you’ve create, or the free one provided already in this article when using login ads.

My Bitcoin Tube is one of the best sites mention. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND USING IT. I put it in bold because its obviously one of, if not my favorite site mention. My Bitcoin Tube has over 100,000 thousand members! It’s a HUGE site.

>> Click Here to Join <<


Big update. Today’s Ad Click (the website I originally had placed here) has now become Tubeverts. Today’s Ad Clicks was the sister site to My Bitcoin Tube, but they’ve changed to Tubeverts. The setup is different. I’m going to be honest, I’m a little disappointed by this change, but I still think Tubeverts can be used. It’s a bit different and a little limited right now for the advertising we want to do.

However, I still think its worth using. I’ll explain why and leave it up to you. For those that have joined me already under Today’s Ad Clicks, your login is still the same. No need to sign up. Just login with the same username and password as Today’s Clicks.

The same people that run My Bitcoin Tube run Tubeverts. If you’re debating between joining this site and My Bitcoin Tube. For your advertising. I without a doubt would join My Bitcoin Tube first.

Let’s talk about Tubeverts. Below is the screen shot.

As you can see you get paid a fixed percentage watching videos. This differs from My Bitcoin Tube’s fixed rate.

Below is what their advertising offers. It’s different than My Bitcoin Tube, as you can see below. $10 dollars only gets us 5 clicks! At first I said to myself, what! That’s it? I’m going to explain a little below why its good and bad.

Okay, here’s the key and best part about this website. Below is their premium upgrade membership.

At first glance, I was pissed. Because on Today’s Ad Clicks and My Bitcoin Tube. There’s no limit to adding banner ads. Not to mention we get way more credits per spending.

$10 dollars gets us just 5 banner click credits on here. So, as you can see, this is a problem. Because we really are wanting to use this for traffic.

But then it caught me. This is both good and bad. The bad, obviously, it costs more money. 50 cents a click. That’s not cheap.

But here is the GOOD. See, on My Bitcoin Tube the banner clicks don’t always come in fast. That’s the one hang up, because its a HUGE site and so many people are using banner ads. There are literally hundreds of thousand different banner ads. That’s a lot of competition, and that will take time to generate a lot of clicks fast.

The way this is setup, the clicks will come in much faster. Free version, only 1 banner add can be used. Even in the premium has limits. But still, obviously this isn’t that ideal given I think the banner credits are bit expensive. And we can’t get thousands of them like we could on My Bitcoin Tube. I literally have over 10,000 click credits on My Bitcoin Tube. We can’t get that here, unless you spend a ridiculous amount of money.

Here comes with important part. And maybe the best reason to use a site like this. MONEY!!!

Of all the earn revenue back ad pack sites, this pays the BEST. 160% back is absurd. That’s if you get the premium account. This time its a ONE TIME purchase, and I think its without question worth it. If you’re going to use this site.

For My Bitcoin Tube its 40 dollars for 30 days. This is a better bargain. Because not only are you getting a ridiculous return on ad packs, but you’re getting super videos. Which means more money! These super videos pay!

Also, they have new little feature which is bonus videos. I believe these are credits that can be used for banners. If so, that’s looking more like better news to me.

I’m not sure, I’ve not jumped into the new site yet to get the premium account. This change just happen a few days ago since updating this, and at first I was pretty sour over it.

Obviously, I had to update this page for people coming here. Where I had Today’s Ad Clicks up here before, and its no longer available.

But as I looked at Tubeverts a little deeper and realize there are some better perks, especially for earnings. Some people might just like that better.

I don’t usually focus on the earnings aspect of these sites. Only to use the earnings to funnel it more targeted traffic. But for the earnings itself, its not my focus.

One, I’m focusing on helping everyone get more traffic and signups to their MLGS. Me personally, I don’t need the earnings on these sites that badly. I’m doing well enough in MLGS and other programs I’m in.

I understand others might really want to make more money on these sites, and that’s fine. Nothing wrong with it. You can use these sites anyway you choose, obviously.

I liked Today’s Ad Clicks better. Because it was much better for traffic. Instead of video views, we got website hits. Which is much preferable for My Lead Gen Secret.

Without question its only worth joining if you get the premium account. 

Because what else can we use it for? Unless you’re into Youtube. If you just used the free version and buy Ad Packs. You’re not going to generate that much traffic, and its going take longer to earn revenue back. Not to mention you won’t get enough traffic.

If you join on the premium version. $50 dollars (what I recommend starting with on these sites) that’s 80 cents a day, not including super videos. Depending on super videos, you can buy another ad pack in about 5-7 days. Which is pretty good. This will start getting you more MLGS hits too as you can then start buying more ad packages.

Regular account its 120%. 60 cents a day. It’d take 16 days just to buy another ad pack. See? It’d just not be worth it on a regular account. Premium account is where you can start making more money. Where if you like you can start withdrawaling profits made to be spent on some of the better advertising platforms mention in this article. So that alone, doesn’t make it a lost to use.

> Click Here to Join <<

BIG UPDATE AND ALERT: I’m putting this is red caps so you don’t miss this. My Bitcoin Tube once again has become unreliable. I’ve talked to other members. And Kara BErat the owner has stopped refunds for some time. And for months members can’t withdrawal their earnings. At first he claimed it was an error and it will be fixed, but no update and everyone still can’t access their funds.

Nor can they deposit. One member told me he deposit money, it didn’t appear and hasn’t heard back from him since. NOT GOOD.

He has also stop answering tickets and doesn’t respond on facebook. I definitely would avoid using this site at the moment. If not for good. 

This is very disappointing as I was a fan of this site, but the owner appears unreliable. And maybe dishonest after all.

Apologies for adding this site back as I assumed he was an honest guy as he started refunding members their money and fixed the site up again.

For now I’m still going to leave it up by some chance he has a good reason for why this has happen, reimburses everyone, and fixes the withdrawal/deposit issue. If something changes I’ll update.

He’s also the owner of Tubverts. Members are able to withdrawal on that site. If you already have joined and spent money. I would advise you to stop purchasing ad packs and withdrawal the funds you’ve invested back once you reach the threshold. That site appears fine. I’m cashing out on the site and avoiding it at the moment. Same owner, but his integrity is definitely at question.

Again, I apologize guys. There are still plenty of good advertising options listed. And below are new sites I’m adding that are working that are paying members without any problems – so please keep checking back.

Update: New Traffic Sites

As this article is getting a bit long in the tooth. For now on, I will post new traffic sources I’ve discovered here, and link to them to separate pages where I give in depth reviews, and training on how to use them.

Ads Earn BTC – Earn Up to 135% Back on Ad Packs

Cheap and Highly Recommended Tip To Using This Traffic

You can and should use the fast traffic sources I’ve laid out for My Lead Gen Secret to drive referrals to the targeted traffic sources where you can earn revenue on ad packs.

This is a great way to earn extra crypto, that can be used for more spending on advertising going forward.

Eventually you REALLY want to use all of the traffic I’ve laid out in this article, to make the most money with My Lead Gen Secret. I realize maybe not everyone is going to feel like spending money on all of them at first. 

Don’t just rely on one or two. Use them all eventually.

Driving  more referrals to those sites will make this much easier in the future if you don’t want to spend a lot up front.

More sign ups to those sites = more advertising money.

All these sites use crypto, so they already have bitcoin.. So they’re targeted and easy to get signups when advertising revenue earn on ad packs. That’s a pretty easy sell, right?

Spend a little bit of advertising money on the fast traffic sources. Then just start driving traffic to your affiliate links on the earn revenue ad pack sites to get referral signups.

Non Bitcoin Traffic

Cash Travel

This is a click per paid advertising site. Where members can earn money clicking and viewing ads. But the advertising they offer for a low price is insane. And I was surprised by the quality of this traffic. I never heard of the site until I stumbled upon it myself. First, look how many members they have!

When you advertise with my cash travel here’s a hint. Click on the “special offer” tab and see how cheap of advertising you get for their package deals. This is insane!

The paid to read credits and paid to click credits are great. But look at the banner and featured ad credits (where your banner is placed on the front page).

This is targeted traffic! I’ll show you a screen shot of just a $3 dollar package I bought with to test this traffic out. It wasn’t with MLGS, but I plan to start testing that very soon.

I got 71 targeted clicks for just $3 dollars. Is that insane, or what? Let’s put that into perspective how great of value that is. If I go over to Udimi and buy a solo ad. Maybe I get lucky and pay 40 dollars for 100 clicks.

A normal solo ad will cost about $0.40 $.70 per click. I paid just $0.04 per click! Tell me which one sounds better to you? And yes, these were active clicks that converted into sign ups! Image how much clicks we could generate if we spend $30-$40 dollars?

Cash Travel is a very active site. It has an Alexa Ranking of 17,000! And over 100,000 members! So having your banner displayed on the front page is going to get TONS of eyeballs for a very low price! And most people that come to this site want to earn some money, and or, want traffic!!!!!

>> Click Here To Join <<


Adhitz is a really great site where you can get super cheap and targeted traffic with your banner ads. You only pay for clicks, not banner impressions. Which I love, because banner impressions can sound like a lot but often don’t convert into tons of clicks. You can see here your advertising options.

Say you want to advertise on just a specific website. Let’s take a look below how cheap some of them will cost. This method will take much longer to generate clicks, but will cost very little per click.

I’d definitely recommend setting up a campaign across all advertising sites. That way you’ll get traffic much faster. It’s still extremely cheap.

Here’s an example of how you’ll want to set up a campaign.

Make sure you click “Show My Ads In These Countries”, yes it will cost more but we only want tier 1 traffic. Meaning English speaking. United States, United Kingdom. Canada, New Zealand, and Australia are ones you’ll want to add.

I’d start with at least $10 dollars, and just put daily budget at $5 a day.

Here’s how you set up your ad. Very simple, remember in the back office of My Lead Gen Secret. All the advertising tools is available for you. Recommend to send to a LEAD PAGE. Like this here

Just change the number with your own affiliate number to get credit for all sales. Or create your own lead page if you like.

Here’s how low click per cost is for United States clicks. You’ll end up paying 0.16 per click. $10 dollars will get you 60 clicks! Much cheaper than a solo ad.

>> Click Here To Join <<


Well that pretty much wraps it up. I put this together to help EVERYONE and ANYONE to succeed. You don’t have to be a guru. Nothing complicated about succeeding with this program. Anyone can make money if they follow what I’ve laid out in this article.

I have put together a Q/A to help wrap your mind over any potential questions you might have. I hope I covered everything for you.

Can I Use This Traffic for Other Programs Instead of My Lead Gen Secret?

Of course. If its in the internet marketing niche, I don’t see why not. If you don’t want to join My Lead Gen Secret, I’m not going to twist your arm.

But here’s why it will work almost better with MLGS than anything else. One, its a traffic platform. And most marketers need traffic. So that itself is a pretty easy sell. Not everyone necessarily wants to join another MLM program, or a make money online program/product.

They’re usually on these platforms because they are already in one, but do need traffic.

That’s what My Lead Gen Secret primarily sells. Traffic.

Two, the affiliate compensation plan is as good as anything I’ve seen. Generating 5 sales in one week alone earns you $125 dollars! And they offer reoccurring commissions with a matrix 5 levels deep. So when your affiliates bring in members you also earn off their efforts! And when those members bring in MLGS members, again, you earn. The power of that alone is massive.

Three, you really should be using a capture page – to increase sales. You don’t have to, but highly recommended. Some people don’t know how to create one. Or don’t want to spend money on the capture page tools and auto responder that’s needed.

One is already made for you here to use free of charge. No outside tools or money required.

Will The Traffic Get Saturated If Too Many Use It?

Not at all. These platforms have thousands and thousands of members. One of them has over a million members alone. They get thousands of hits a day. Even if 400 of us decide to use all these sources promoting My Lead Gen Secret. Not a chance it gets over saturated. Not to mention its doubtful that everyone that comes to this page, joins My Lead Gen Secret, will use all these traffic sources.

Some might use just one, or two. Some might not use any at all and just join My Lead Gen Secret.

The more people that promote it on these platforms the better though. It often takes a person many times to see an offer before they decide to act. The more My Lead Gen Secret is promoted, others are going to say to themselves – “it must be a pretty good product. I’m seeing it everywhere. Maybe I should try it.”

Which Traffic Sources Should I Start With?

I personally recommend starting with all the sites that come with revenue earned back.. They’re all listed in the targeted traffic section. All but Crypto Pros, you earn revenue back! If you can’t afford spending money on all of them, I understand. I realize not everyone can or will act on all of them right away.

No big deal. If not, then you should start with at least two of Paidverts, One Ad Pack, Crypto Pros, PTC Share, My Bitcoin Tube, and Crypto Surf.

But eventually use all of them. This will become traffic on steroids if you take advantage of all of them.

It’s best to at least use two of them to see some results fast. If you choose just one, it might take more time to generate the kind of money you’d like to make. But start any way you like.

Important Update: How To Use The Traffic On Ad Revenue Sites

Using One Ad Pack, Paidverts, PTCshare, and Cryto Surf.  Remember, you want to buy their ad packs. This is important. Buying website ad packs earns you revenue back, and you want to continue buying their ad packs, too. Which can be done through accumulation of your earnings.

The traffic from the ad packs might be slow on some of these sites, and not the highest quality. But so what, we’re not really using the ad packs for the traffic per se.

We want to use the  earnings to buy targeted banner ads, then continue buying more website ad packs too – then funnel more of your earnings into banner ads, over, and over, without having to spend money out of pocket each time.

Eventually, you want to withdrawal some earnings, so you can start using them for Crypto Pros, BTC Clicks, Hashing Ad Space, etc.

Crypto Pros might be the best traffic method, but your earnings are required on referring others. You’re targeting just buyers only. I love that!

And do NOT ignore BTC Clicks and Hashing Ad Space. They generate me a quantity of leads and signups fast.

On My Bitcoin Tube and Tubeverts. Just continue buying ad packs too, but no extra spending required for the targeted traffic with banner ads. Its included per ad pack. Which is why these two sites are so awesome.

With the other paid per click websites, you’ll basically have targeted traffic on display full time without spending extra. See the power of this? Every time you buy another ad pack, you continue to earn off it. Your earnings per day will start to increase making it easier to buy more targeted traffic on a regular basis.

So you should start with the ad pack revenue sites. Since, you won’t have to continue investing more money into these traffic platforms. I would highly recommend starting with at least $50 on these platforms. So your earnings per day will be higher to start, and you can continue buying more ad packs.

You do want to invest as much as you can afford on these platforms. Remember, you’ll be getting your money back with a profit! So its no loss. Just be sure to login to the paid per click sites every day and watch your daily ads so you get paid. Don’t forget that part.

These sites are proven to pay, they have yet to stiff anyone. As you continue buying more ad packs (accumulated through your earnings on the ad packs), your earnings will start to increase on these sites. You’ll be making a nice little profit on the side. 🙂

Also, like I mention before. If you want, you can spend money on each of the fast traffic sources and drive referrals to the great ones. This will cost you very little money.

Obviously if you don’t have bitcoin and don’t plan on buying any at the moment. You should start with Cash Travel and Adhitz. These two traffic sources are just as good, and everyone should eventually use these too. But these sites don’t earn you revenue back on ad packs. They’re just for driving cheap and high quality traffic.

You can get started for just $13 dollars right away if you start with just Cash Travel and Adhitz, and get a good chunk of high quality traffic to your MLGS links.

The cool thing is MLGS does accept bitcoin as a payment option. So, when you finally receive payment. Setup a free coin payments or bitpay wallet. And get paid with bitcoin. I know some people are intimidated buying bitcoin because they don’t know anything about it. Don’t let that stop you. It’s very easy to buy and use as currency on these sites. I still don’t really know much about it myself. You don’t have to understand the bitcoin currency to buy it, or how much its worth.

(Update) Make Use Of Login Ads

If you want faster results, long-term, take advantage of login ads on the sites that offer them above. I experience the best and FASTEST results with login ads. The bigger the site, THE BETTER! But they all have worked very well for me thus far.

So really keep that in mind. As you continue earning more revenue on the paid to click sites, and make more money. Use the login ads to start generating tons more sign ups. It’s my favorite way to get fast signups.

Update (Please Read): Recommendation for Spending on Paid To Click Sites

One of the sites I originally had up here, was pulled down. I took it off this list. Because they DID an exit scam on all of its members. Luckily, I invested very little money so it was not a big deal for myself. Because that’s my strategy for all these sites. Don’t invest too much.

So far though, all the sites I have listed here have been around for awhile. I’ve not pulled one down yet except this one website. I had to delay adding My Bitcoin Tube for awhile, because they went under some changes, but the owner is very honest and I view as a safe investment to make.

Some are rather newer than others listed, but so far are proven to pay and thus far have a good reputation from reputable owners.

I do spend time vetting, researching, and experimenting with these sites.

That being said. There’s NEVER a guarantee, or can we ever predict what may happen. So I urge everyone to not spend more than $50-$100 dollars per site. I believe $50 is enough to get started to generating the traffic you’ll need without a big risk involved. Of course, you can always spend lower if you want to be more cautious.

I think $50 dollars though is a safe enough investment. That’s my rule of thumb. Where you can start earning revenue back fast. I don’t want anyone investing more money than they can afford on one site.  And by some unfortunate chance one of these sites do a 180 on everyone and close their site and earnings/spending is lost.

Remember, we are using these platforms for traffic. Earnings are a bonus, and used to funnel in more traffic on that particular site, or elsewhere. Our focus should be primarily using these sites to get sign ups to My Lead Gen Secret. So please spend what you can afford. Not what you can’t afford. Especially during this Covid-19 pandemic. I realize more than ever money needs to be spent wisely.

MLGS Banner Ads for Promotion

I love My Lead Gen Secret, but I find their banner ads a little too vague. To be fair, they are made to be linked directly to the My Lead Gen Secret page. But, we don’t want to do that. Whether you choose to make your own funnel, or use the free one from Reed.

I made some banners that are more targeted. Reed made some as well. I really think you should use ours, to get better conversion.

Get Banner Ads Here

Take Action and Enjoy The Revenue!

If you’re wondering why do all this even after joining My Lead Gen Secret. This is for BIG ACTION TAKERS! People that want to make a SERIOUS INCOME ONLINE! I don’t want to just send you to My Lead Gen Secret, and go “okay, you’re on your own now. Bye.”

I started using this method myself, and saw the results and wanted to share it will all my members that joined under me. I want them to be more successful. The ones that are taking action are seeing much better results.

Because if you join under me, and you’re successful. Then I’m going to be more successful too. So we both benefit. It does myself a lot of good to see you do well too! I really want you to succeed. Not just because I’m a nice guy (I like to think so). There is incentive for me to see you do well.

Yes, you can make money by just using My Lead Gen Secret by itself if you’re wondering though. When you first join, obviously you should watch the videos and get familiar with using My Lead Gen Secret.

And send out your first email. I know that’s one of the most exciting things to do when you first join. Seeing those leads and sending that first email to them in the back office.

I got a sale just the second day using My Lead Gen Secret just from the mailer. So, its pretty cool just using the leads and mailer itself.

But if you want to be really successful and make even more sales. And make a SERIOUS INCOME I strongly encourage you to also take action with what I’ve outlined here. You don’t have to jump on everything right away. But when you start implementing more of the strategies laid out here, I’m pretty sure you’ll see this is very powerful. And anyone can do this.

And you can make real money online. I can’t make you any guarantees how much. Because that can vary. That depends on you. Nothing I’m doing is complicated. I’m pretty confident if you take action you’ll find this pretty damn awesome.

I hope this was helpful to you.  Be sure to bookmark this page if you liked it, so you can always come back to it and sign up for more sites listed here and start driving more traffic to your My Lead Gen Secret links.

I will continue to update it as I find more quality and cheap traffic sources, too. So you’ll want to check back at this page so you don’t miss out.

If you haven’t join My Lead Gen Secret and want to join. You can get access by clicking on the link below. Thank you for stopping by. And best wishes to your success!

>> Join My Lead Gen Secret Here <<