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Thank You for signing up! Here are all your bonuses for being a paid member. Why promote Click Engine? Well, you don’t have to if you don’t want to. But I believe you’ll want to. Click Engine converts REALLY well. It’s buyers traffic and it costs less than $5 dollars a month.

Anytime someone mentions traffic, the first thing they want to know how much it costs. Because if you’re spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars, and not converting. Well, that’s a loss. We do this to make money, not spend money. But, spending less than $5 dollars isn’t going to hurt anyone. We’re getting buyers traffic for an insane deal. I think over time as Jeff Aman builds this up even more, it will do even better for all of us. Why not sell this and make more money though, right?

50% of $4.90 is not a lot, and may not get you jumping up and down, but it adds up fast when you’re selling it like hot cakes. And that’s reoccurring commissions. I always love reoccurring commissions best. But they’re often hard to sell, if its a membership of $30-$50 a month. That just really turns a lot of people off.

But $4.90 a month is a different story. Because everyone can afford that. And if you can’t, well, you probably aren’t going to have access to the internet. You’re going to convert a lot more buyers selling something both GOOD and cheap. Compared to something both GOOD and expensive.

Cheap And Even Free Traffic Sources

Obviously, some of you probably have come to this page from these traffic sources already. And you obviously like them, much like myself. If you’ve not used the others mention. Then by all means, give them a shot. Because they are all my personal favorite traffic sources for promoting Click Engine.

Hash Ad Space

I love this site, because you can get some very good traffic here dirt cheap. If you want quick results for a low price, this is it.

You don’t have to pay. You can join free, and click ads until you have enough. However, this does take awhile to do. You’ll need 10 asimi to purchase an ad pack as seen above.

I’d recommend buying ad packs, and they’re ridiculously cheap. 10 asimi costs about just 20 cents.

And just 20 cents can get you lots of traffic. We’re talking about anywhere near 800-1,400 views per package. I like to buy anywhere between 100 to 300 asimi at a time.

Below, I snapped a picture talking about asimi years back using another program I was involved in.

Sometimes bidding changes and it might require altering your campaign. At one point, having a click value of just 0.0071 would get you on the first page. Most the time you can still get on the first page with only that much, but it really depends on the bidding that day. Either way, this is not a lot.

When members watch your ad, they’re rewarded with asimi from us.

You want your ads on the front page, to get fast traffic.  This is my personal favorite traffic source. You’re generating more leads, easily, compared to solo ads. And they cost much less.

When signing up, be sure to watch the tutorials. You can even earn using this site in multitude of different ways. I really don’t focus on that aspect of this site, I just use it for advertising. The owner discusses how you can buy asimi in the back office. Super easy. You can also purchase asimi ad packages using crypto though. No need to buy asimi if you don’t want to.


You must at least join Leadsleap if you want my free funnel. Don’t worry, you don’t have to actually pay to get the funnel. However, if you want to use their autoresponder, you must be a pro member.

Being a pro member is worth it, because you get access to the autoresponder and get automated traffic daily without clicking on any ads. And for the first 24 hours I believe its $10 dollars a month cheaper.

However, you can still use the traffic here free. But it requires at least 30-50 minutes daily clicking ads.

You want to use this traffic. Some people are turned off by traffic exchanges. This is where you click on an ad, earn credit, then can use those credits for traffic. Years back, I didn’t understand the power of this site and barely used it (my mistake).

This is not your typical traffic exchange. They advertise our ads on thousands of different sites. You are actually getting really high quality traffic. But even the traffic from Leads Leap itself is good. Traffic exchanges  sites suck, its freebee traffic. A lot of the members  here are PAID members. They’re pro members. We know they’ll spend money and they WANT and NEED traffic.

Here’s the sharing code to my funnel: DVGZGVGWwU

European Safelist

There’s a lot of good safelists out there, but this is my personal favorite. You can get some quality traffic here. It’s pretty engaging traffic compared to other safelists out there. You can join free, but I think its most recommended to join at the $7 dollar a month level. That’s where you can get quality traffic daily, without much work at all. The monthly credits lasts awhile. And you’re targeting higher quality traffic (paid members). But you can use it free too if you like and still get some solid results.

Here’s the different membership levels.

Join Free and you can:

  • Send your message to all free members
  • Put your banner and/or text link
  • Earn $ commissions for referring Silver and Pro members
  • Earn credits for referring any members

Join or upgrade to Silver, for $3 monthly only, and you can:

  • Send your message in HTML code to all Free and Silver members
  • Promote your banner and/or text link
  • 140.000 start credits and 40.000 monthly credits
  • Earn $ commissions for referring Silver and Pro members
  • Earn credits for referring any members
  • Have your personal AUTORESPONDER
  • Have your Personal page (necessary for build a mailing list or downlines)

Join or upgrade to Pro, for $7 monthly only, and you can:

  • Send your message in HTML code to all members
  • Promote your banner and/or text link
  • 140.000 start credits and 80.000 monthly credits
  • Earn $ commissions for referring Free, Silver and Pro members
  • Earn credits for referring any members
  • Have your personal AUTORESPONDER
  • 500 mlm LEADS every month* (the import is not allowed)
  • One SOLO AD every month*
  • Have your Personal page (necessary for build a mailing list or downlines)

 *After 15/20 days from your last payment we will send, to your contact email, 500 leads and the instruction for send your SOLO for free.

Easy Hits 4 U

I’m not a big fan of traffic exchange sites. Like mention before, that doesn’t mean I don’t use them from time to time.

This is by far my favorite one online. It’s got over a million members. There’s reason why this is so popular and why many individuals use it successfully. They have upgrade member options, but honestly, the free membership is just so awesome. It’s very rare a site offers so many perks for being a free member.

If you download the extension (worth it trust me).. When you search every 25 ads, you win prizes. You win them even if you don’t download the extension, but the rewards are bigger if you do. And the more you search, the more rewards you can win. Some of the rewards include, raffle tickets, credits, banner impressions, and text impressions. And best yet, every week they have new rewards. This can be money, or a lot extra credits.

I’ve been using this site a lot lately, and I love it. I’m going to explain a strategy how you can use this site, and generate high quality targeted traffic for free!

This does require some work, if you search 500-600 ads every day on the 1:1… You can take those credits and convert them into banner impressions. At default, you must assign 30 percent of the credits to your website, but the rest can be converted into banner impressions.

Take a look, I got just over 1,000 credits in my account. That can be converted into 25,116 banner impressions! These are great banner advertisements on a very active site, full of online marketers.

Every day you can have 10,00-12,500 banner impressions if you just spend a little time clicking 500-600 ads.

Free Advertising For You

I don’t spend much time on traffic exchange sites, but this site is not your typical traffic exchange site. Like Leads Leap, this is some quality traffic. They offer a lot of different advertising packages and its a very active website. It’s one of the few sites where you can get in for free, and have a lot of advertising right off the bat without clicking anything.

Here is some of what you get just for joining free.

This is a pretty awesome amount of advertising. You also get access to 50k credits.

But there’s even more…. If you signup for the newsletter, you get even more advertising.

When you join, click on get your free ads to claim these bonuses’.

This is just for joining free, but there’s perks if you join and upgrade. This site can feel very overwhelming when you join. There just seems to be so much stuff on it.

Here are the advantages of upgrading. You earn more credits, but this is the real reason.

The solo ads are by far the best reason to use this site. Members get more credits clicking on the links, hence, you’ll get the best traffic using solo ads.

But that’s not the only traffic that’s good on the site. Banner and text ads are really good quality traffic as well. If you end up joining, make sure you take 5 to 10 minutes going over the back office. And clicking on each tab to kind of get the feel of it. Some very good advertising here though. You can become a Pro member by free, by just clicking ads, if you don’t want to pay to upgrade.

Cash Travel

This is a click per paid advertising site. Where members can earn money clicking and viewing ads. But the advertising they offer for a low price is insane. And I was surprised by the quality of this traffic.

When you advertise with my cash travel here’s a hint. Click on the “special offer” tab and see how cheap of advertising you get for their package deals. This is insane!

The paid to read credits and paid to click credits are great. But look at the banner and featured ad credits (where your banner is placed on the front page).

Just from the $3 dollar package I’m usually able to get anywhere from 50-100 clicks on the banner advertisement alone. And that generates me leads. That’s a ridiculously amount of targeted traffic for just $3 dollars.

10 Million Banner Impressions and 10 Million Text Impressions

This only costs 10 dollars, a ridiculously generous offer. That’s A LOT of eye balls on your offers. It’s all about volume. They have a generous affiliate program too. 50% for each sale you generate.

A tip to setting up banners. Set up as MANY as you can, and add at least 10,000 impressions each. This helps to get traffic much faster.

My Free Email Follow Up

Sign Up to Aweber if you don’t already have an account. It’s free, Aweber now allows you to use it free, for the first 500 followers. You don’t have to use Aweber. I just want everyone to have access to the follow up emails. You can copy and paste them. Add them to your own autoresponder, or add them to Leadsleap (if you’re a pro member). The share code is: a56eb784-d5aa-44f8-b532-a96165119a4d

Good luck, and again thanks for joining. If you have any problems or questions, shoot me an email, here’s my personal email: I should get back to you within 24 hours, usually much faster, since I check it pretty often.

Extra Bonus: How would you like to give away this page to your list as a free bonus? This means converting more sales and getting more affiliate signs up. Just make sure to add all the links to the page so you get credit/sales.

You can leave the ad codes as they are. Remember, to add your bonus page link to your warrior plus affiliate link, so your buyers can get access, and they too can use it. This will help everyone do well. My extra Thank You for your purchase.

You need to be a leads leap member to claim this page for your own. Share Code: rsQvYVU

Here’s also my bridge page for Click Engine. Highly recommended to use it as it converts to more sales. Remember to SWITCH the link to your Warrior Plus Affiliate Link. Share Code: DVGwKZnU

PS: If you decide to use the free bonus give away along with the bridge page. Add these instructions to the first email followup so your subscribers know how to claim their bonus.

To qualify for my bonuses, you must purchase Click Engine.
You’ll get my best traffic sources.
A few can be used free.
My free funnel, free high converting email follow ups.
When you purchase and you’re redirected to the warrior plus
Click access bonuses in the blue tab.