“SMS Phone Leads Crazy Traffic Generation”

Use this system to generate tons of free quality advertising views to your SMS Phone Leads or any other program you choose.

I highly recommend using this for a lead capture page. But its only optional.

What you will be doing is using “junk” traffic from auto surf sites to get “quality” advertising across thousands of good sites. This will take a day or two to set up but the results you’ll get from it make it TOTALLY worth it. Once you get it done it requires only 5-10 minutes a day to maintain and will generate traffic and sign-ups with practically no work!

So, let’s get started setting this thing up then, shall we?

Step 1: You will need your own domain and hosting for this. If you already have a domain and hosting, great! Go ahead and use it. If you don’t then grab a domain here for just $1 dollar at ionos and get a hosting account at bluehost (affiliate link) for just $2.97 and reap my cheap domain and recommended hosting options. I recommend bluehost, but hostgator is also a good option.

Step 2: Now you need to create an enticing splash/capture page. You don’t have to collect them as email leads if you don’t want to (like I do) with a link directing to a squeeze page, but need to create a capture page. If you don’t know exactly what to make. You can copy mine here, and use it as your template.

Make sure you have a picture of yourself (optional but helps) adds more trust. Regardless if you copy mine, or make your own, make sure to put (Get 200 SMS Phone Leads Daily). It’s highly recommend and I’ll explain why later.

I recommend linking your capture page to at least a warm up page first (SMS Phone Leads Offers a Free One), or create your own (I recommend this method). You can use mine here as a template if you want.

Then redirect to your SMS Phone Leads affiliate link on the warm up page. You can just redirect to SMS Phone Leads itself  from your capture page if you like. It’s up to you.

One more thing. If you want to offer this traffic method to your SMS phone lead buyers you can. I recommend it to increase your sales.

Remember to add your email address in the capture page or (use in the warm up page if you make one link this) so customers can contact you after they purchase SMS phone leads. You may copy my capture page, warm up page, and this traffic page yourself. Edit some the text to make it fit your own voice if you like.

Step 3: You will need to be a member at each of the following sites. Each one has some sort of exchange that you will use on your webpage.

Traffic Ad Bar

Leads Leap


Bucket of Banners

State of the Art Mailer

Viral Banner Ad Co-op



Viral Nugget


The Downliner

Step 4: You will now need a 468×60 banner and a 125×125 banner for your site. If you need to make them you can use a free service such as AdKreator (recommended). Save the banner images to your computer, and URL image locations so you can load them to each site.

Very important tip: When you create your banner ads. You can basically put what you like. Like get paid 100 percent commissions on an SMS phone. As an example. Let them know they get paid. And always make mention of SMS, texting, mobile phone, etc… But make sure you mention “Get 200 SMS Phone Leads Daily”. This is the bread and butter. These people are on these sites to get traffic. They want traffic, that’s why they’re there. You’re going to get more sign ups/sales when mentioning 200 daily phone leads.

Step 5: Add your site to TrafficAdBar and get the special link that they provide you with for your site.

Step 6: Now, with that TrafficAdBar link for your site you will head over to LeadsLeap. Find the section that says “Link Tracker”. Just below you’ll see “My Links”. Click it and add your link. Make sure you have “Yes” checked on “Monetize”. Now they will give you a link that you will use in the next step(and anywhere else you decide to promote your page later on).

Step 7: Now that you have this tracked link from LeadsLeap, go ahead and add your banner to each of the banner exchanges that you joined in step 3 and use the tracking link from LeadsLeap for the target URL of your banner. You will also want to add your text ad with your LeadsLeap tracked link to 1TAE.


Step 8: Now you’ll need to join the following autosurf sites and add your LeadsLeap tracked link to each.



Big Hits 4u

24/7 Auto Hits

Link Collider

Now Just let the autosurfs run. Check on them every couple hours to make sure they are still running(sometimes they stop if there is a site in rotation that breaks the frame and stops the surfing). Log in daily to each of the sites to assign the credits and go about your day!

Here’s the magic…

  • Every hit generated from each autosurf earns you about 5 ad views at the “good” sites.
  • So, let’s say you have 5 autosurfs running and they each generate you 200 views an hour at each autosurf. That gives you 1000 autosurf views an hour in total.
  • Those 1000 autosurf views are getting you 5000 ad views an hour in total for the “good” sites.

Pretty awesome considering you’re not really doing any work to get them.

Plus keep in mind that the “good” sites
are showing your ads across 1000’s of sites!

Now THAT is smart, powerful advertising!

PS: If you’ve still not access SMS phone leads. You can do so here. For just $20 dollars one time. If you want built in traffic, you can purchase the built in blaster for $33 dollars a month. You can text 200 biz opp leads a day. You earn 100 percent commission on SMS phone leads and 50 percent commissions on the built in blaster.