A little bit about myself. I’m an animal lover and a long time dog owner. I believe animals of all kind, should be treated just as well as people. We all live, breath, feel, and have blood in our veins. Dogs just like humans have feelings. And are wonderful and loving animals.

I actually think if humans were more like dogs, we wouldn’t have so many problems in the world today.

Our dogs don’t differ that much from us overall. But, they do require being taken care of, kind of like children do.

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Things you’ll learn in this book.

You will learn how to feed your dog (best kind of foods for them), how much to feed them, how to know if your dog is ill (they can’t talk to us and sometimes its hard to know), how to medicate a dog, how bathe a dog, how to clip a dog, how to keep a dog happy, and my four most crucial supplements for dogs that can boost their overall health. Some of these supplements you probably never heard of, and can make a tremendous difference.

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I could charge a fee and think it would be fair, but I can’t do this, because I just want dog owners to have this and I want their dog’s to have wonderful long lives.

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