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Need help getting your signups so you can get access to my course for free? I put this together to help you generate those signups.

Facebook Groups

Facebook is a great way to generate some free sign ups. Join facebook groups by searching ‘affiliate marketing’ and ‘make money online’..

Be sure to check each group you join. Some don’t allow promotion. Join the ones that do allow promotion. Try to join groups with at least 40K members or more. Join as many as you can.

Post to about 10-15 groups daily. Mention the word free in your posts. As this tends to get people’s attention.

Example “Win this course for free! This course shows you how to get viral traffic, leads, and sales on autopilot.

Traffic Exchange Sites

I’ll list the two traffic exchange sites that work best for me to generating some free sign ups. When I first started internet marketing. I turned to traffic exchange sites. They do work. They will get you signups.

TrafficG – This is one of the most active exchange sites. You can generate tons of hits fast.

TrafficAdbar – A great site that allows you to advertise text ads. Where members choose to view your site. This helps to convert a little better.

Million Free Leads

Not much time is required to use this website, and it does work real well to get signups. If you’re pressed on time, don’t want to spend your valuable time working hard to generate signups. You can use this site. Just takes a few minutes each day.

Here’s how it works. You just have to visit 10 emails in the back office daily and you can send out a free email to 5,000 people.

Very easy and doesn’t require much time. I’ll include my own email swipe if you don’t feel like writing one yourself.

Subject: Win This Viral Leads Course Free!

Traffic is the bloodline of internet marketing..

My buddy Tom has cracked the code, to generating
endless leads for free!

That’s right, he’s not paying solo ads or any other of the same
old rehashed traffic methods that hardly work anymore.

His way of getting leads is better than
anything I’ve seen.

He generates leads off the work of
others on complete automation.

For a limited of time he’s willing to give away
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Paid Traffic That Generates You A Profit!

If you want to make a little profit, while promoting my course. I got a treat for you. These website below offer guaranteed return of profits, when buying advertising packages on their website. How cool is that?

You can scale it up as much you’d like. You do need bitcoin. If don’t have any, you can buy some at paxful here. And create an automated free wallet.

My Ads Factory

This is the first advertising site where you can spend money on advertising packages and make a profit back. Down below are the packages offered. The higher pack you start with; the more revenue earned back.

You can start with any package you want. But personally, I would choose Exclusiv. As mention before, as you can see, you earn 150 percent back on that. Not bad, right?

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One Ad Pack

One Ad Pack has become one of my favorite websites to earn revenue, and generate leads. I got a separate course where I teach my students how to use websites like this to generate traffic to their offers.

This website can get you in the door for just $1.00, as seen below.

A coinbase account is required to use OneAdpack. It’s free to signup with coinbase to create a wallet. But ID verification is required.

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PTC Share

PTC Share is a very active website to use to get sign ups. They offer 118% back up advertising packages. Not a lot of money is needed to buy a package.

Here’s the packages below. You want to buy ‘Bulk Ads’ where you can utilize free banner impressions too. Be sure to click the banner link below to use my banner ads, if you choose this website to advertise. It costs just $1 dollar per ad pack, and each give you 50 visits. I’d buy at least $5 dollars worth of bulk ads personally. To start with…

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This is the sister site to ptcshare. It’s older, but a little similar. Although there are slight differences between the sites. Paidverts actually pays a little better. You earn 120% back on ad packs compared to 118%.

These sites are separate from one another. So the traffic is fresh. Here’s a screen shot of the advertising you get.

Again, similar to PTCshare, you want to purchase Bulk Ads, so you earn a revenue in return.

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Tip To Using These Profit Adverting Sites

I personally would join all of the paid advertising sites, because sometimes the traffic on these ROI sites are a little slow in generating traffic. If you join all of them and promote on them. It increases the chances of getting your three sign ups faster.

Remember, you’re earning a revenue in return. So don’t think of it as “wait, I got to pay money to get your course free?”… Nope, you’re making money to get my program.. 🙂

These sites do pay. So rest assure, your money is safe. But if you still feel too skeptical to use them, and just want access to my course for free, then the free methods work just fine.

I just want to help everyone make some extra money in return, while also getting access to my course for free.

Here’s another tip, if you want to scale up your profits. Keep buying more ad packs, when you have enough to buy another ad pack with the revenue you’ve earn back on your ad packages. As each new ad pack you purchase, you then earn revenue back on that ad pack.

This is optional, but just a tip if you want to scale up your profits even more.

Obviously you can then promote your own programs with these websites, once you have your three sign ups and access to my program.

Banner Ads Promotion

Some of the websites offer banner promotion. Here are my banner ads.