This is a brief and cheap method to setting up a funnel. Tools and resources I’ve put together to help people set this up as cheaply as possible. Most marketers try to sell you tools, ones you do need, but don’t tell you there’s a cheaper method because they want to make money off you. Even though a lot of internet marketers are struggling to make money and can’t always afford it.

And $300-$500 dollars monthly can make them go broke. And just quit marketing altogether. No point of spending more than you’re capable of making back. I don’t want to do that to you. I’m not going to bullshit you and say I’m not in it to make money. Of course I am, every internet marketer is.

But I don’t want to do it at the cause of draining your bank account. This is super cheap. So all those marketers promoting clickfunnels, builderall, or other funnel systems. Forget that. If you want to build a funnel, you can do it super cheap.

Just to use full disclosure. Some of these tools I AM an affiliate of. Meaning I do earn a commission if you bough through the links of some of the tools I’ve listed. But it’s completely optional buying them though my links. I list good alternatives you can use if you choose.

I list the ones I am an affiliate of. Just to be completely upfront. I didn’t put this together to make money off you. I did so to help struggling marketers out.

Domain Name

You can get a domain name for just $1 dollar at Ionos.

Hosting Account

I recommend using either Bluehost (affiliate link) or hostgator only. I use bluehost and as mention if you buy through the link I do get a commission. I want to be completely upfront. But its only optional for you to do so.

I’m not hellbent just making a sale out of you. I will give alternative good options, too. You can use hostgator if you choose. You don’t have to use either one of these two, but highly recommend it. As a shitty hosting company can be a nightmare and not worth it.

Bluehost costs just $2.97 a month. That’s extremely affordable. If you’re completely new to websites. You’ll need to connect your domain name to your hosting account.

Go here if you don’t know how to do it. It talks about connecting your name server to bluehost. It uses namecheap to bluehost but this method is the exact same wherever you buy your domain from. You just need to connect the hosting account name server to that domain, then set it up on the backend on the hosting account. It’s super easy.


WordPress is completely free to setup your website. You must use wordpress only to use the tool I’m going to tell you about to create your funnel. With bluehost you literally can install wordpress through your cpanel with just one click. Very easy to setup.


You do need an autoresponder to collect your emails through your squeeze page. You should then set up an auto response of emails with your subscribers. If you’ve gotten to this page then you immediately received an email through me when you put in your email address.

This is how I’m promoting my businesses and this is how you should be too. More email follow ups, the better chance you make more sales. But don’t do it being spammy. This is a very powerful way to continue to encourage your subscribers to act.

Obviously, not everyone is going to act right away, but might be interested in doing so later. So continue to remind them through follow up emails all set up on autopilot.

Two autoresponders I recommend is Getresponse (affiliate link) or Aweber. I use Getresponse. I find it so easy to use, but again its only optional. Aweber is a very good too. Both come with a 30 day free trial. No credit card required. Then Getresponse is $15 dollars a month. I believe Aweber is $17 dollars a month (again not a member so don’t quote me on it).

I wouldn’t use any other autoresponder. Because they don’t deliver emails as good as these two. And if your subscribers aren’t reading your emails it defeats the purpose. 90% of marketers use one of these two.

Getting Your Funnel

Normally this tool would cost you $97 dollars. But I got a clever way where you can get it for between $5 to $10 dollars only. Go over to fiverr and set up an account. Search for instabuilder 2.0. Look for someone that’s willing to install both instabuilder 2 and instabuilder pro on your wordpress account.

I recommend looking for a user called lead2000. And buy the $10 dollar standard package to unlock 12 funnel templates. Other members on there offer gigs where they’ll install instabuilder on your site. But be very careful when choosing any gig.

Some of these gigs will only offer installing instabuilder squeeze page templates only and to unlock the instabuilder pro version. But they won’t come with funnel templates.

You want the funnel templates so you can build your funnel. A funnel is where you capture their email with a squeeze page and then redirect them to either a warmup page, thank you page, or sales page. It’s recommended using a warmup page.

Where you maybe use a video talking about your business opportunity. This helps warm them up. Before redirecting them to your product.

Or you can redirect them to what is called a Thank You page. Basically thanking them for subscribing. Maybe put up a picture of yourself on the Thank You page (a personal touch helps build trust), then on the thank you page briefly describe the benefits of your business opportunity. Then put a link that directs them straight to your product.

You want these pages to be very brief and to the point. People don’t want a bunch of filler. They just want to get straight to the offer. If you end up using instabuilder.

Watch This Video Here on How to Connect Your Autoresponder to Instabuilder.

I get lots of questions all the time about how to do this. So I figured I’d just point a link directly to this so it can be done correctly. After buying make sure to watch videos on how to use instabuilder on youtube. It can be overwhelming at first, but is pretty simple once you understand how to use it. This is very easy to do.

Instead spending hundreds of dollars on a funnel software, at tops you have to pay just $10 dollars one time. Then $1 dollar for a domain name, $2.97 dollars per month for hosting and just $15 dollars a month for an autoresponder.

Regardless how you got to this page. More than likely through one of my email autoresponses. I highly recommend using email marketing to promote ANY product. Whether that’s one you’ve bought from me, or anything you plan on promoting.

Most people don’t buy products at first glace. I don’t have the exact averages; but its around 80 percent. So it means you’re losing a lot of money if you’re not building a funnel, capturing their email, and then following up through emails. So merely just $18 dollars a month.

Something EVERYONE can afford. It’s a no-brainer you should be using email marketing.

If you got any questions contact me at and I’ll try to get back to you ASAP.