Welcome my SMS friends. I just wanted to go over some extremely cheap ways to set up your SMS phone funnel through email marketing. A very cheap alternative for those that don’t want to spend very much. I mainly wanted to help those that are trying to make money but can’t afford to spend a lot.

At the end of this post, I will also tell you how to make money with SMS phone leads for extremely cheap options. So be sure to scroll down below.

The funnel is only optional. You can make money with or without using my funnel method. I’ll explain how to both ways. And also talk more about SMS phone leads itself. I’m also going to give you another really cheap and easy way to get more traffic to your phone leads page.

I’m going to be completely transparent. I am an internet marketer; so I am here to make money myself. Some of the tools and resources I recommend using I am an affiliate for but use them all myself.

Just to be completely transparent and up front. You’re not obligated to use them to build your own sales funnel. Some marketers will try to get their clients to purchase a lot of expensive tools their affiliates with just to make more money themselves. I’m not here to do that.

Not everyone has a wide spending budget and are living paycheck to paycheck.

I want everyone to be able to afford to do this and make real money themselves. Everything I discuss is very cheap. YOU CAN make really good money promoting SMS phone leads through a sales funnel.

You don’t have to set up a sales funnel if you don’t want to. You can just use your SMS phone leads link itself and promote it through text messages on the SMS blaster (if you upgrade). And definitely make money just doing this. Plenty members are doing this and making money.

But you really want to capture their email and follow up with them to increase your chance of sales. That’s where the real money is.

First, I want to discuss a little more about SMS phone leads in case you want to understand it a little better. Regardless of what your business is, even if you don’t have one. You really should get this.

Using a sales funnel for SMS phone leads is only optional. You don’t have to do this with SMS phone leads to make money. It’s only recommended if you want to upscale your profits much more and willing to spend at least some money.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can still make money with the SMS Phone Leads without using a sales funnel. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, if you want to just use SMS phone leads to make money without extra expenses.

Why SMS Phone Leads

Most people have a smartphone. It’s much easier to contact people via smartphone today. Not only does everyone have one they’re always using it and keep it with them.

If you got a business to promote; the SMS phone leads makes this so easy. You can pay just a one time $20 dollars for your funnel (this doesn’t include SMS text credits which cost around 1 cent per text).

Then an extra $10 dollars (optional) to give you extra training to help you make the most of SMS Phone Leads.

You’ll be given your own virtual phone number to use to promote your business, or to use to promote SMS phone leads itself.

When someone calls or texts this virtual number, you use an automated voice message response, and a text response to automatically reply back to them.

This saves you valuable time of not having to talk to each person yourself that aren’t interested in your offer, or are just wasting your time.

You get your message across, and redirect them to your business opportunity. When someone calls your virtual number, and it will automatically respond with your voice message; while also sending out an automated text message immediately with a link to your offer simultaneously.

And you can also have someone text your number and send out an automated text reply back to them with your offer. As not everyone will feel comfortable calling your number and might just send out a text message. Regardless if they text or call, your offer gets out to them automatically.

If you’re not comfortable using your own voice. You can use a built in computer generated voice too. You get numerous automated options in the back office where you can instantly follow up with your clients.

You can also set it up where clients can directly call you and talk to them, and/or leave a voice message. This is completely optional though.

This really works great for places like craigslist, Facebook, and instagram. Where you can reach out with people about your business, or SMS phone leads itself. And simply give them your virtual phone number to get in contact with you. Then SMS phone leads does the rest.

Setting Up A Funnel – Tools and Resources

These are all very cheap and will save you a lot of money. To make a funnel you typically need to spend money on third party tools that can be expensive. Two popular ones are clickfunnels and builderall.

Both are very popular ways to build a sales funnel. Where you capture this person’s email through a squeeze page, then redirect them to either what’s known a warm up page or directly to your sales offer.

To do this you need a few tools. You can do this through clickfunnels and builderall. Nothing wrong with these two programs. But clickfunnels cost about $300 a month (ouch), and builderall $50 a month.

People promoting them do use them. But for those that are on a budget this can put a fast dent in your wallet. So if you want to set up your own funnel but don’t want to pay those fees. We can do that much cheaper and just as good.

Domain Name

You can get a domain name for just $1 dollar at Ionos.

Hosting Account

I recommend using either Bluehost (affiliate link) or hostgator only. I use bluehost and as mention if you buy through the link I do get a commission. I want to be completely upfront. But its only optional for you to do so.

I’m not hellbent just making a sale out of you. I will give alternative good options, too. You can use hostgator if you choose.

You don’t have to use either one of these two, but highly recommend it. As a shitty hosting company can be a nightmare and not worth it.

Bluehost costs just $2.97 a month. That’s extremely affordable.

If you’re completely new to websites. You’ll need to connect your domain name to your hosting account.

Go here if you don’t know how to do it. It talks about connecting your name server to bluehost. It uses namecheap to bluehost but this method is the exact same wherever you buy your domain from.

You just need to connect the hosting account name server to that domain, then set it up on the backend on the hosting account. It’s super easy.


WordPress is completely free to setup your website. You must use wordpress only to use the tool I’m going to tell you about to create your funnel.

With bluehost you literally can install wordpress through your cpanel with just one click.

Very easy to setup.


You do need an autoresponder to collect your emails through your squeeze page. You should then set up an auto response of emails with your subscribers.

If you’ve gotten to this page then you immediately received an email through me when you put in your email address to learn more about the SMS phone leads system. This is how I’m promoting SMS leads and this is how you should be too. More email follow ups, the better chance you make more sales.

But don’t do it being spammy.

This is a very powerful way to continue to encourage your subscribers to act. Obviously, not everyone is going to act right away, but might be interested in doing so later. So continue to remind them through follow up emails all set up on autopilot.

Two autoresponders I recommend is Getresponse (affiliate link) or Aweber.

I use Getresponse. I find it so easy to use, but again its only optional. Aweber is a very good too.

Both come with a 30 day free trial. No credit card required. Then Getresponse is $15 dollars a month. I believe Aweber is $17 dollars a month (again not a member so don’t quote me on it).

I wouldn’t use any other autoresponder. Because they don’t deliver emails as good as these two. And if your subscribers aren’t reading your emails it defeats the purpose.

90% of marketers use one of these two.

Free Bonus: Most people struggle writing email swipes. If you go ahead and buy the SMS Phone Leads through me. I’ll throw in 7 done for you email swipes to use in your autoresponse for your SMS Phone Leads. If you buy through me, just email me at super_guy8228@yahoo.com if you want the swipes. And put in the Subject: SMS Swipes and I’ll send them to you pronto.

Getting Your Funnel

Normally this tool would cost you $97 dollars. But I got a clever way where you can get it for between $5 to $10 dollars only.

Go over to fiverr and set up an account. Search for instabuilder 2.0. Look for someone that’s willing to install both instabuilder 2 and instabuilder pro on your wordpress account.

I recommend looking for a user called lead2000. And buy the $10 dollar standard package to unlock 12 funnel templates.

Other members on there offer gigs where they’ll install instabuilder on your site. But be very careful when choosing any gig. Some of these gigs will only offer installing instabuilder squeeze page templates only and to unlock the instabuilder pro version. But they won’t come with funnel templates.

You want the funnel templates so you can build your funnel. A funnel is where you capture their email with a squeeze page and then redirect them to either a warmup page, thank you page, or sales page.

It’s recommended using a warmup page. Where you maybe use a video talking about SMS phone leads and going over the back office of the site. This helps warm them up. Before redirecting them to your SMS phones link

Or you can redirect them to what is called a Thank You page. Basically thanking them for subscribing.

Maybe put up a picture of yourself on the Thank You page (a personal touch helps build trust), then on the thank you page briefly describe the benefits of the SMS phone leads. Then put a link that directs them straight to the SMS leads page.

You want these pages to be very brief and to the point. People don’t want a bunch of filler. They just want to get straight to the offer.

If you end up using instabuilder.

Watch This Video Here on How to Connect Your Autoresponder to Instabuilder.

I get lots of questions all the time about how to do this. So I figured I’d just point a link directly to this so it can be done correctly.

After buying make sure to watch videos on how to use instabuilder on youtube. It can be overwhelming at first, but is pretty simple once you understand how to use it.

Other option: I get this question a lot. “How do I make a sales funnel?” If you really are lost on how to make one then you can look around on fiverr and pay someone to do the entire process for you. Some will even connect your autoresponder to your funnel.

If you choose this, be sure to send them your SMS Phones Lead Affiliate link. So one, they can make the funnel built around it, and two they can link your funnel with your SMS phones affiliate link.

Upgrade To SMS Phone Blaster (Recommended)

Having the SMS phone leads is great enough. But you need traffic right? People to buy your SMS phone leads. I highly recommend upgrading to SMS Phone Blaster.

This is the real power of SMS Phone leads. When upgrading to just $33 dollars a month. You’re given access to 200 leads per day free! Meaning you can text message 200 prospects per day your business offer, or phone leads itself.

This is so powerful. Because these are real people that are business opportunists. You must have at least 200 credits to send your text message.

So if you want to send out 200 text blasts per day. It would cost you $60 dollars per month for 6,000 credits. Which equates to 200 text blasts a day. 1 cent per text. So that would be $93 dollars a month.

Might seem like a lot but worth it. These are real people that respond to your offers. You receive full $20 dollar commission, full $10 dollar commission, and then 50% of the $33 dollar commission.

So off just one person, you can make $46.50 dollars. So $93 dollars per month might not be that much, when you’re generating a lot of $46.50 dollar commissions. $16 dollars of it being monthly reoccurring.

Speaking of that I wanted to break down the expenses of what everything would cost (if you choose everything I mention).


Using full disclosure I’ll total up the expense costs. To give an idea what your spending costs would be.

Domain – $1 dollar

Hosting – $2.97 monthly

Autoresponder – 30 days free trial then $15 dollars monthly (if using getresponse)

SMS Phone Leads – $20 dollar funnel

SMS Phone Leads Blaster – $33 dollars monthly (optional)

SMS Text Credits – $60 dollars for 6,000 credits a month (optional)

Instabuilder 2.0 Setup – $10 dollars

Total Expenses = 126.97 upfront if you buy everything.

Total Reoccurring Expenses Monthly If You Use Everything = 120.97

$15 dollars per month for your autoresponder kicks in (remember first 30 days are free). Reoccurring fees include the $33 dollars per month for the SMS phone leads blaster, hosting, SMS text credits (if you want to blast 200 leads per day).

I just want to be completely transparent and break down the spending costs. Not the cost of a cup of coffee, but still way cheaper compared to the money marketers spend for funnels software, and autoresponders combined.

So you’ll need $100 dollars and in change up front to do all this. And then $100 dollars and change reoccurring.

But if spending $126.97 a month is too much, or outside your expenses. Or you just want to at least try the $20 dollar phone leads making money with it first without spend that much money.

I will show you below a cheaper method. Regardless what method you do, I really hope you at least jump on board and try it out. You can bookmark this page and come back to it later when you’re ready to widen you profits further.

Promote SMS Phone Leads Through Craigslist

This is a bread and butter method to promoting phone leads through craigslist. Some of you visiting came here from craiglist (so yeah it works).

If you don’t want to spend money on the SMS phone leads blaster then do this step. Even if you do spend money for the SMS Phone Leads Blaster, I’d still recommend using Craigslist. After all, you can’t have too much traffic.

All you’ll need though for this step is to at least buy the SMS Phone Leads funnel for a one time $20 dollars. Then spend money on credits. You need SMS credits to respond to your craigslist ads via text.

Prices for credits

$12 dollars for 800 credits – .015 per text

$36 dollars for 3,600 credits – .012 per text

$60 dollars for 6,000 credits – .01 per text (best value)

If you plan on promoting SMS phone leads through craigslist. You’ll be given access to text messages and classified ads scripts that you can use on places like craigslist, twitter, Facebook, etc in the back office. Honestly, I wouldn’t bother using them. They’re not that good.

It’s optional, but if you’re not quite sure how to make the most out of SMS Phone leads then it’s recommended to buy the $10 dollar bonus to help you out when you sign up.

You can only buy them when you first purchase SMS Phone Leads. It’s a one time, take it or leave it offer. It’s only 10 dollars, but if you don’t want to, its fine.

I do a lot of marketing on Craigslist and its very effective. Posting on Craigslist is no longer free. To post in the gig section it does cost anywhere between $5-$10 dollars per gig. Depending on the city. But craigslist does work really well to get a lot of traffic.

Expenses for Craigslists (minus the blaster)

SMS Phone Leads – $20

SMS Phone Leads Script – $10 (optional but recommended)

Craigslist Gig Ad – $10 dollars (you can find many areas for $5 dollars but bigger cities its usually $10)

SMS Text Credits – $12 dollars for 800 credits

Total Expenses = $52

800 credits to start should be enough if you post through Craigslist. If you decide to use the blaster and do more gig posts, then I’d recommend spending $36 dollars for 3,600 credits. Because credits go fast with the blaster.

I’d start off slowly with Craigslist. So just get 800 credits to start if you’re just using Craigslist. And just do one gig at first. See how it goes then branch out to more gigs if you want to.

Craigslist Marketing Tips

When it comes to posting your ad. One, don’t post in the job section. I’ve learned not to post there. It’s more expensive, and a lot of people there really are just looking for a job. They’re not interested in making money at home. Your ads won’t perform as well in those sections. There’s too much competition there anyways.

Not only that, your gigs have to be more job oriented and they don’t really trigger targeted people. Go to the “small biz ads” section (my favorite place), and or post in the “gig section” as your ad doesn’t have to be as job oriented.

This is a big deal because you want TARGETED and REALLY interested people.

In these sections you want to stand out. For example (don’t use this exact headline – you can use it as a template but make it your own). “Work On Your Mobile Phone – Pay Just $20 Fee”

Why is this a good headline? One, you’re giving them a hint what they’ll be doing. Using a mobile phone. Someone that’s interested in getting paid through their mobile phone will be targeted.

Two, you’re being up front this is NOT a free offer. They understand they’ll have to spend some money. Don’t always even give a price. Just mention maybe in the ad itself, for a low fee. Or a cheap price. Just try to make mention its NOT free though.

This gets rid of freebie seekers. I always like to be upfront in my ad its not free. Sometimes someone might be interested, but when they find out its not free, they’re gone. So we want to get rid of those people.

When posting in the “small biz ads” I try to stand out more.¬† I put headlines like “How I Make $100 dollars”… or “How I Get Paid Instantly Through My Phone”.

You want your ad to standout, but don’t exaggerated either. Don’t say things that are full of shit. $100 dollars a day isn’t really a lot. Or getting paid instantly isn’t extraordinary, but its still nice. And it’s reasonable, while still grabbing attention.

Hey, a lot of people can use $100 dollars a day. That’s why they’re on Craigslist searching in these sections. They need money.

And this really can and does make me, and others $100 dollars a day. Don’t guarantee they will though. Because you can’t guarantee what they will do.

Another recommend tip. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking posting in big cities like Los Angeles, New York, or Chicago, means more traffic. But it doesn’t… Because there’s so much competition your ad can get buried fast.

Sure, at first you might get tons of traffic but its hard to sustain it in bigger populations where there’s more ads being posted.

You don’t have to post ads in your area either. A lot of people make this assumption. I’ve posted ads in numerous regions. Just be sure to post near or around one region consistently. For example, don’t post an ad in Chicago, then one in LA. This will get your ads flagged. I recommend only posting in one state personally.

Try to go for the smaller areas as well. There’s less competition and your ad will stay on top longer. And they do get traffic.

Also, if you do see an ad posted in an area/section very similar to your SMS Phone Leads ad. I’d recommend not posting your ad in the same region/section. You want your ad to stand out, remember?

Not to mention, if Craigslist sees a lot of the same type of ads being posted in the same area. That could raise some eyebrows and could get accounts flagged. Especially in small areas. If it’s in larger regions then it might not be a big deal.

Some Craigslist Warnings: Don’t post multiple gigs within a 48 hour period. This could get your account flagged. And always change the gig ads up. Don’t post multiple ones.

And avoid words like “make money online” or other mlm type of keywords. Never use “get rich” either. Don’t make any guarantees either. Always use work, or home business instead.

Also, don’t use your links in the gig description. This an easy way to get your gigs flagged and possibly your account banned. Use your virtual phone number. Put in your description call or text if interested. I recommend ALWAYS asking them to call. It works better. When they call. You’re able to warm them up with a message first. And it will automatically text them (with your offer). But give them both options.

Stripe Setup

I figured I’d update this part because a lot of people are going to get confused. You need a Stripe account to get paid through SMS phone leads. Free to join. The process is simple, but a lot of people get stumbled on putting a website though. You need to put a website to join stripe. DO NOT PUT your phone leads link.

Stripe really isn’t a big fan of mlm, affiliates, or make money online type businesses. There’s a lot of crack down going on with sites like Stripe and especially Paypal (luckily we’re not using it). So use this as an url¬† http://www.lifestylechangeint.com/

Secret Traffic Method for SMS Phone Leads

One more tibit. This is really powerful! In fact, you don’t even need phone credits. You don’t need even the SMS Phone Blaster. All you really need is to buy the 20 dollar phone lead system. But I highly recommend doing this if you set up a funnel. You don’t have to, but I don’t want to BS you either.

It probably won’t work very well if you don’t and might be a waste of money. I’ve tallied the total below (just to be completely transparent once again.) I’ll explain why you should use a capture page. Once I do you’ll go “oh yeah that makes sense”.

Sign up to Herculist (affiliate link). It’s free to join, and if you do join under my affiliate link. I won’t make a commission unless you upgrade to become a paid member. But don’t worry, you don’t have to do it for this option. The option I’m going to show you I won’t make any commissions on.

Before you go “oh no, its a safelist site”. Yes, but we’re not going to use it for mailing emails to other members on this site (which is what a safelist site is). Just a brief description what this means. A safelist is where you join a site, and get to send people emails about your offer.

Now, these people are only there to read emails to earn credits, so they can send their own emails to people on the site for their own offers. So basically the traffic isn’t great. Because they’re only there to get their credits and do their own promoting.

But we’re not doing this. What we are doing is going to use login ads. This is something most people ignore, and its so powerful! Login ads mean every time a member logins your page is what they see first. This is huge!

People might come to this site just to get their credits. But they are internet marketers. The right kind of audience we need. Also, in my experience, when people are logging into a site. Their attention will be slightly more attentive than when they’re clicking ads. Clicking ads can be so repetitive that their interest just isn’t focused.

Now here’s the key part. You only have a few seconds to grab someone’s attention. So do not use the SMS Phone Leads affiliate link. I can’t say you’d have no success, but it’d be much less if you use landing/capture page instead.

Where you capture their email address. Also, the SMS phones leads page is too busy. Meaning too much stuff on it and not enough time to capture their attention of what it is.

Most people that login are going to have no clue what it is, and chances are they won’t stay on the page long enough to find out.

You want a simple capture page that gets RIGHT to the point and grabs their attention right away.

For example “SMS texting Tool Pays You Instantly” or “Get paid $20 dollars on your mobile phone”. Something that gets their attention immediately, something they have to read when logging in. Followed up with an email they can enter so they can learn more.

A few reasons you want to do this. One, not everyone is going to buy it. Two, you want them to subscribe so you can continue following up and continue convincing them why they should get SMS phone leads. So you can continue to sell to them.

One final point. This is the key. I should have done this myself. People come to Herculist for one reason. Traffic. They want traffic to their site. Many of them might already be in plenty of money making programs, and aren’t interested in joining any others. They just now want to drive traffic to their offers.

Well guess what, this is what makes SMS phone leads so powerful. It answers their problem. Their main problem is traffic. SMS phone leads offers a solution to this problem. So I would strongly recommend adding this to your capture page.

Make a brief mention of making money through mobile phone. But also mention get access to 200 leads daily on your capture page. If you put leads daily, you will get really great results. People there want traffic, and want it bad.

Herculist has over 80,000 members. They get insane amount of visitors. Their lowest package is $29.95..

You’ll get 6 login hours of your page (that’s powerful), 2 email submissions to all 80,000 members, and 300 bonus hits to your page. That’s a great deal.

They have other packages that are even better but more expensive. I won’t go over them all. Just join for free and take a look. It’s very powerful way to get a lot of leads to your site.


Autoresponder  Р30 days free then $15

Herculist – $29.95

Fiverr Funnels Setup – $10

Domain – $1

Hosting – $2.97

SMS Phone Leads – $20 dollars

Total = $63.92

So that does it. There’s another link down below for SMS Phone Leads in case you’ve not jumped on it yet. This is really great opportunity for everyone to make a nice easy passive income online.

Grab SMS Phone Leads Now

Always feel free to email me at onlinemarketingwithtom@gmail.com if you got any questions or need any help.

See you on the inside.

Free Bonus for SMS Phone Leads Buyers

As my way of saying Thank You. Anyone that buys from me, gets access to my free done for you traffic generation method that can get you hundreds of sign ups per month. I get up to 5,000 advertising credits per hour. And it takes me just about 10 minutes only a day! And it gets me tons of leads and sales! Best yet, you can just purchase the $20 dollar funnel only and start making money. No paying for SMS credits required for this.

Contact me at super_guy8228@yahoo.com, my personal email address. Please try to contract me at that email address if you want it pronto; as I don’t always check my gmail email account as frequently.

And email me with your real name so I can verify you purchased SMS phone leads. All buyers get access to my traffic source and done for you SMS phone lead swipes. If you want both, just put SMS Swipes & SMS Free Traffic in the subject.