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Get access to unlimited amount of leads, traffic, and earn commissions on autopilot! This traffic is hot, simple, and can all be done on autopilot once set up. And its completely FREE!

Be sure to watch this 6 minute video carefully to let it sink how this works.

How To Promote So Many Hits

You’ll need to do some promotion to build your downline, but eventually when you have enough people in your downline – it will basically build you leads and commissions on autopilot.

Still, the more promotion the better. Here are my best recommendations. I even have a completely done for you option if you don’t want to do any work at all for a very low price (optional for the lazy or those that don’t have a lot of time).

1.) Traffic Ad BarThis is one of my favorite traffic exchange sites. You can advertise your link here free. This traffic is free, and many people are looking for traffic on these sites. Converts well for me. You’ll want to spend at least 30 minutes a day if you use this method.

2.) Traffic GThis is a very large traffic exchange site that can get you plenty of hits. I use it daily. Again, you’ll want to use it at least 30 minutes a day.

3.) Facebook GroupsYou can get tons of traffic with facebook groups. One of my favorite places to get easy sign ups.

Go to the splash section of So Many Hits. And post some of their splash images. They convert really well. Join groups that have to do with affiliate marketing, make money online, post ads, and traffic.

Join as many as you can. 10 a day (more than that Facebook could ban you). Then post things like this “This program is amazing! I’m getting a lot of leads and commissions with it. Free!”

4.) Free Advertising For YouEnter promo code 50kbonus and you’ll get 50,000 free bonus credits. This would be a great way to get tons of free referrals without doing any work.

5.) Max Ad CoopDon’t want to promote at all? And just pay a small fee and have it all automated? Join this site, for just $2.97 a month. You get to participate in a traffic coop every two weeks.

And get access to around 10,000 hits each month to any offer.. That’s tons of traffic to your So Many Hits link!

This is without having to lift a finger! They only promote your link to the very best sites. Imagine how many signups you can get with this? PS its my secret method.

You can opt to sign up for just one month if want to try it out first to see if it works. You don’t have to pay monthly, and you’re not required to commit to a plan if you don’t want to.

They have 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, and a yearly plan. So you can test out the first month plan for just $3 dollars, not be obligated to pay again if you don’t want to, and see if you like it. They do have a free plan, but it requires manually earning credits to receive hits.

Affiliate Disclaimer: If you do click the link on max ad coop and purchase. I do receive an affiliate commission. I wan to be completely transparent. I don’t want you thinking “oh he’s just trying to earn a commission off me when he said free“.

One, I’ll make just 80 something cents. Almost nothing to me. Two, I wanted to put together a very easy, done for you, costs basically nothing option to help get more referrals faster. The free methods are good and work just fine. I get referrals using them. They require some manual work though. In case you don’t want to do any of it, this is just optional.

In the back office So Many Hits recommends signing up to Udimi and spending money on Solo Ads. That will cost much more money, and I personally don’t recommend that method.


Don’t try to overthink it. You don’t have to bring in tons of personal referrals. If you’re thinking “oh great, I got to promote, I hate that and suck at it”. This is VERY easy and converts well.

And eventually your downline will be promoting and building for you on complete autopilot. Without lifting a finger! Generating you thousands of leads.

This traffic converts, and gets you sales. This is the hottest free traffic and sales generator I’ve come across that doesn’t cost money.

So Many Hits does have a paid version. If you’re wondering. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend buying it, at least until you’ve made your money back. The paid version really isn’t that much better. Outside the fact you get to email your downline more. I don’t really believe its needed early on to get it. The free version is very powerful. So you don’t ever HAVE to upgrade if don’t want to.