I just wanted to put this brief walk through together on some of the ways to utilize Yive correctly. There’s boat load of training in the back office when you join. But there are some tools to use, and tips you should abide by. Bookmark this page and use it as your guide to help getting started with Yive.

How To Buy Gmail Accounts

You’re going to need lots of gmail and youtube accounts for Yive to work. And its much easier to buy gmail and youtube accounts that are double phone verified. That part is very important.

There’s some misconception that buying aged youtube accounts are better. Since they rank better. I don’t recommend that.

Always buy fresh accounts. Fresh ones I find a bit safer, because they don’t leave much of a footprint history.

And they’re much cheaper. They usually cost around a dollar a piece. There’s a lot of sites where you can buy verified youtube accounts. I recommend doing this instead of creating them from scratch. It’s easier and cheaper.

Things to do when buying an account. If you don’t know a vendor/site, I recommend only buying a few accounts as a test. To ensure they’re quality and won’t get banned by Youtube. All vendors aren’t equal. Always ask if these accounts are created by private IPs if its not displayed on the website.

The site I recommend the most is Pvazone.com

Use A VPN or Proxy

Don’t use your regular IP. Because this leaves a footprint back to you! Even though all these accounts are getting uploaded to Yive, and will be on their servers. We still have to login to these account ourselves at first. Change our password (always do this! some vendors will resell the accounts after a specific time frame if not used), upload our profile, etc…… 

Google could block/ban these accounts if they’re all being logged into a single IP. Which would be bad for you. So use a VPN or Proxy. This protects you! One option is free, the other is dirt cheap.

Browsec – You can use their VPN for free. They have a premium one that offers more locations and faster speed. I’d just use the free one. It’s fine. We’re not going to be using this VPN regularly. Just to sign into the accounts one time and that’s it.

Proxy6 – You can rent proxy IPs privately for dirt cheap. I’d go this route if you want to create the youtube/google accounts yourself.

Here’s exactly what I’m doing. I’m buying PVAs and going onto a different browser, for me its Chrome. I log into these accounts, change the password immediately. Upload my banner, profile pics, and then subscribe to 10 newsletters (to humanize the gmail accounts).

Yive will season your accounts, so they look human. One of the things Yive will do is login to these accounts, and click on emails. They’ll watch youtube videos, like and dislike videos, and subscribe. This is all done to make the accounts look human and natural. And shows Youtube that you’re also a regular user, not just uploading videos. This prevents youtube banning you. Very powerful and cool feature on Yive.

Here’s a link to newsletters below you can use. When I’m finish I clear the cache and history on that browser.

100 Newsletters to Subscribe

Phone Verification

Specifically if you want to verify your accounts if you create them from scratch. You need to verify your phone number on gmail and youtube. Obviously, there are limits on many times you can use your own phone number. Two sites I recommend using to by pass this.

Text Verified – will costs about $2 dollars and change to verify both gmail and youtube.

Get SMS Code – you can rent USA phone numbers for like 40 cents. Very cheap.

Free Tools for Generating Accounts

Name Generator – If you’re creating your own accounts from scratch. Creating name generators help speed this up.

Profile Generator – Don’t use profile pics online. Youtube can trace them. And always use a unique one. To make each account look truly unique. This free tool generates unique profile pics each time to use on your accounts.

Unique Password Generator – Create unique and strong passwords.

Create At Least 10 Banners

I create at least 10 banners for my youtube accounts. I do this so I don’t leave a footprint back to all these accounts. If you have 100s of accounts, and they all have the same banner art channel. Youtube can figure out it belongs to one member. And say they decide to terminate one account, they might link all these accounts together and they all get removed. If you have 100 accounts, that’s a big deal.

You don’t need a unique banner art for each channel, but we need to mix it up. 10 is a good number to have.

Just simple banners with different colors and text to match you’re niche is fine.

Canva – Create unlimited art channel banners for youtube.

Befunky – I use them a lot. Create free and unlimited banner art fast.

Use Bitly

Always use a shortner link; like Bitly to cloak your links. Specifically if you’re using the same url. 


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Imagine having 100s of videos on youtube a day, automated, promoting on your behalf?

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