4 Cent Click Traffic

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4 cent click traffic. Does it get any better than that? Just 4 cents per click, you can start driving tons of high quality traffic to your offers. This is a sweet traffic method, where you can start using banner ads.

The best part about this though, is you don’t have to pay for impressions, but just clicks. And these clicks are as low as 4 cents! That’s a great deal. So lets talk about this source known as Mellow Ads.

Mellow Ads Review

This is a really awesome traffic source; where you can advertise on numerous different websites, and get targets clicks for an extremely low price.

You don’t even necessarily have to pay to advertise with mellow ads. If you log into your account every single day, claim from the faucet,  you can earn free satoshi.

As you can see in the screen…

If you get referrals to join, which is easy, you earn 50 percent off them, too. There’s no way to withdrawal earnings on Mellow Ads. All earnings can be used for advertising.

Mellow Ads is mostly a crypto advertising website. Where you pay with bitcoin, if you want to spend more money on advertising.

Take a look at some of the sites you can advertise your banner ads on. There’s plenty more, but these are the top recommend sites Mellow Ads gives you. Low Alexa ranking and low impressions/clicks get top spot..

When you click on a package, you will definitely want to select clicks. NOT impressions. One of my biggest hang ups on banner advertising, are the sites that only offer impressions. You can still generate lots of good traffic if these sites offer cheap impressions.

But impressions really isn’t that enticing, given you can have your ad shown thousands of times before generating a single click. So, its a gamble and sometimes requires testing on different sites to see which banner ads convert best.

No testing required.

Because its clicks, and that’s more like it! Imagine how much traffic we can generate if we spend just $5.00! That’s over 100 clicks!

Moon Bitcoin is a bitcoin faucet. Most people on there are interested in earning extra crypto. However, they’re also interested in making money. Obviously, since they’re on a website like moonbitcoinfaucet…

And remember, we’re paying for clicks! Not impressions, so we know everyone that clicks on the banner ads is already interested in your offer.

Here’s how much 0.000005 BTC equals = 0.04 cents!

Bitcoin does vary from day-to-day. So, it might not always been that low. It could be lower, or higher. But, its going to be very cheap.

It’s best to buy an ad when bitcoin is on the lower end to maximize your traffic.

How To Setup A Campaign

I’m using this to promote My Lead Gen Secret. If you’re coming to this page, through my mailing list. Obviously, you’re well aware of that.

If you are already with me in My Lead Gen Secret. I’ll show you how to setup an ad. Click advertise, then select my adverts.

Then just fill in your details. A lot of these banner ads, come in 300 x 250. The cool thing is, you don’t have to upload a banner yourself.

You can create your own, and its really easy. But you can upload your own if you like. My Lead Gen Secret doesn’t have any 300 x 250 banner ads. But I have one for you to use, if you rather use it instead of creating an advert. I think adverts look okay to me. Just click the link below if you rather use it mine instead.

I’ll show you have I’ve set my advert up. I like to have a little color, to make it standout. It’s very simple. Doesn’t have to be fancy, these are going to be generating clicks. We just want a straight message, that’s targeted to the audience.

It says it takes up to 24 hours for advert to be approved, but it really should be approved immediately. If you don’t want to use their adverts. You can upload a banner ad. Just click ‘ad banner’ on the right side, if you decide to upload one instead.


You can use my banner ads to promote your links if you’d like.

If you create an advert on mellow ads, you don’t need to upload a 300 x 250 if you don’t want to. The adverts create banner ads in all sizes. But if you rather use mine, you can.

Banner Ads Here

Using a Funnel To Collect Leads

You want to collect leads, and not direct them straight to a sales page. Having a good email follow up will generate a lot more sales. Affiliate sales are in email follow ups, more than just directing a view just to sale pages. If you just send a visitor to a sales page, that’s it, then they’re gone.

But if they put in their email, you can keep emailing them and remind them of your offer. Increasing the chance that person acts.

That’s why generating them as an optin lead is very important to make the most of this type of traffic.

You can use my buddy Reed’s free funnel right here. If you don’t have the tools to create a funnel and an autoresponder.

The deal is, he keeps the leads, but any sales made; gets credited to you. His email follow up is proven to convert into sales. He’s been an internet marketer for 20 some years. So you’re in good hands if just use his funnel. Just change the affiliate link number to your MLGS affiliate link number.

I really think you should make your own sales funnel, though. You really want to create your own list. If you don’t already have the tools to do so, or know how, I understand it can feel intimidating.

But if you really want to make serious money online. You need to build a list. That’s just something you’re going to need to do eventually.

If you’re already a list builder, then you understand this. And obviously don’t need me to tell you that.

Some people that are on my list, or come to my blog are completely new to internet marketing and don’t understand this.

If you’re completely new to this, eventually you’re going to want to build your own email list. Separate from My Lead Gen Secret.

You don’t have to, but, hey, you’re going to leave lots of money on the table if you don’t.

It took me awhile to start building mine, because I thought it’d be too complicated and I was intimated I wouldn’t do it right. It’s really not that complicated.

You can follow my article here, on how to get a funnel real cheap. This tool is normally expensive, but you can get it for really cheap.

If you really don’t want to make one at all, you can go to fiverr and hire some to create one for you. Personally, I really wouldn’t do that. I don’t think making a funnel is that complicated.

You can use mine as a template; if you’re completely scratched on what to put on your funnel. Then just go to youtube and want watch some videos how to use Instabuiler 2.0 to get the hang of it.

This might feel tedious to create one yourself. It might take an hour to get the hang of, if you’re brand new to making a funnel, but its just way cheaper than hiring someone to do it.

That’s what I’d do. But again, if you really don’t want to make one. And don’t mind paying someone else to make one for you. I’d at least hire someone on fiverr to make one for you.

If you don’t already have an autoresponder, which you’ll need to follow up with your leads that optin. The follow up is where the money is at. I prefer Getresponse. It’s my favorite. It comes with a 30 day free trial, no credit card needed to just test it for 30 days.

You don’t have to write emails from scratch; if that’s not your thing. You can use these 26 done for you email swipes. These email swipes are proven to generate sales. They do work. No need to write emails yourself, if you don’t want to. Just add them into your autoresponder.

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Again, you don’t even have to pay if you really don’t want to. Just login in every single day to claim your free satoshi.

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