7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie Review

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Diabetes is a disease the plaques millions of people around the globe. Suffering from diabetes can make your life miserable, and can even put your life in jeopardy. There’s a product called 7 steps to health and the big diabetes lie.

The program sounds interesting, but this review can help you determine if its a scam, or if there’s some really helpful nuggets from this guide. The guide tells you how to cure diabetes, and other diseases without any drugs, pills or surgery.

I’m always very skeptical when I read those claims. Especially, since there’s no known cure for diabetes. So, let’s take a look at this.

What is The Big Diabetes Lie?

Well, first off, this isn’t just some guide from a herbalist ranting about conspiracy theories against big parma without any research to back it up. According to the book, there is over 100 years of research from several doctors that want to expose the truth that diseases can be stopped without any drugs or surgery.

Okay, so it does kinda sound like big parma conspiracy, but what I like is that verified doctors talk about a lot drug companies purposely mislead their patients to make money.

You’re given a 540 page book that talks exclusively about how you’ve been mislead to a great extent into thinking you always need drugs to treat any type of ailment, especially diabetes.

The book talks about inflammation and pH levels in the body playing a pivotal role into diabetes. Disease does thrive very well in an acidic state. However, when the body is in an alkaline state, disease cannot survive.

So that alone, I liked that they mention pH balances in the body; that does play a pivotal role into disease.

Most people are in agreement that disease does thrive off an acidic body state.

What Do I Get in The Big Diabetes Lie?

You’re given 540 pages of detailed information in this book that can be useful to anyone suffering chronic diseases. Not just diabetes, but other diseases as well.

You’ll learn a lot about dieting in this book. Especially about staying away from processed foods and avoiding eating a lot of carbs. You’ll learn that certain foods, ones you might not know, are actually causing a lot of problems with your body.

You’re given exclusively a 30 day diabetes plan to help get rid of toxins in your body. The guide focuses a lot on foods, not supplements, nor pills.

You’ll also learn which foods trigger inflammation, that also plays a pivotal role in disease in the body.

The book also quotes a lot of scientifically proven methods; how you can cut your risk of disease by 200%.

And how that 96% of type 2 diabetes sufferers were able to stop taking medications within a few weeks by just adjusting their diets.


  • Real reviews found online (no bias feedback and reviews are mixed though)
  • Well researched information with scientific data
  • Very easy to follow and access
  • Is safe to use and won’t put health at risk
  • Very cheap and little investment needed
  • Doesn’t require supplements or pills
  • 60 day guaranteed money back
  • Comes with extra bonuses


  • Must stick with the diets to work long-term
  • Must be patient
  • Might not work with everyone (some claim it didn’t)


The book is by Max Sidorov, but written by a lot of different doctors. I don’t want to make bold claims, that you’ll cure any disease following this guide. I can’t speak to those results, and I don’t think you should replace this guide from doctor recommendations either.

However, there’s nothing in this guide that will put your health at risk, and it definitely doesn’t hurt to try. Some people have found real results from following this guide. Best yet it’s relatively cheap to purchase.

The book is available on amazon, but don’t buy there if you’re interested. If you purchase here, you’ll get it for even a lower price than on Amazon! If you don’t like it you’re guaranteed your money back within 60 days. No questions asked.

Also, if you don’t want to watch the video when clicking the link below. Just hit skip, to access this guide for a low price.

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