Anabolic Running Review

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What is anabolic running, and is this a legit product that can boost men’s testosterone? This review can help determine whether men should invest money into this program. Every male needs testosterone that plays a vital role in their health.

Testosterone helps men build muscle, lose weight, and improve sexual performance. Unfortunately, as men age they begin to lose testosterone, and in return start losing all three of these things. So, as you get older, you need to get more creative in ways to increase testosterone. Most turn to supplements, that work to some degree, but don’t maintain results.

What is Anabolic Running?

First off, let’s talk about the creator of this product. I always like to know more about the person behind a product first. Are they valid in this field? Are they an expert? A professional? Or just some novice trying to make a quick buck?

Joe LoGalbo is a personal trainer. He discovered anabolic running when preparing for a marathon, and discovered how regular running started ruining his sexual drive. It got so bad it almost cost him his marriage.

So, Joe discovered this new running method through trial and error, and personal triumphs.

Anabolic focuses on running, but this method is completely different from your traditional running and jogging. The problem with running is that it doesn’t really help you lose significant amount of weight, despite popular belief.

It’s a good cardiovascular exercise, however, it doesn’t do much of anything for the testosterone, in fact, it can make it even worse!

So Joe found a method, that requires just minor changes, and only 16 minutes per week to enhance testosterone.

How Anabolic Running Works

Anabolic running works by increasing testosterone, and doing it completely naturally and safely. This doesn’t require any pills or supplements for it to work. All it requires is running twice a week; 8 minutes each.

In fact, the most pivotal part of the program isn’t necessarily the workouts, but afterwards. Joe talks about increasing the presence of lactic acid. Lactic acid is in our blood and is made in muscle and red blood cells.

It turns food into energy inside your body. Lactic acid workouts that produce a high amount of lactic acid will stimulate hormone growth naturally. This can help breakdown fats in the body and increase muscle growth.

A study has shown that 30 seconds of anabolic running can boost testosterone 530%. That’s significant and very promising for men.

What Do I Get In Anabolic Running System?

You’ll be given a guide of how to do the 16 minutes per week anabolic running. You’ll learn why traditional running and workouts destroy testosterone. And why anabolic running is the key to turning on your testosterone.

You’ll learn about an oil that can naturally increase hormone production. You’ll also learn how to increase your metabolism to burn fat even after your workout concludes.

Joe also has put together a lot of helpful bonuses that are free when you purchase. The bonuses include: Shock and Awe Strength, Testosterone Hacker Hand Book, and 17 foods to boost libido.


  • Backed by scientific research to boost testosterone
  • Just requires 16 minutes a week to use
  • Results can be seen in as little as a week
  • Comes with 60 days guaranteed
  • Works for all ages, even those that are 60 years old
  • Proven testimonials from customers it works


  • Can’t be a couch potato for this to work
  • Doesn’t really work for women
  • Have to use it continually for it to work long-term
  • Won’t help you lose tons of weight


Okay, now we’ve gone over this program here’s the lay down. If you’re simply looking to lose lots of weight, then I’d pass on this. It will help you shed pounds, but this isn’t a weight loss program. It’s a way to naturally boost your testosterone.

It will help you lose some belly fat and get you more ripped. This is specially for men between ages 30 and 60, that are just trying to get jacked. If you want a stronger and leaner body, then you’d be crazy not to get this.

One of the best programs out there that can safely boost testosterone. It doesn’t require anything that will destroy your sexual drive. Not only that the program is really cheap. Almost the price of a high end meal.