Bad Breath Free Forever Review

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Nothing is more embarrassing, in my opinion, than suffering from chronic bad breath. We are going to talk about a product called bad breath free forever. The title of the product alone is very alluring, but, is this a scam? Does it work, or is it just another hyped up product that doesn’t really deliver?

In this review, we will find out more what this e-book details, and whether you should buy it or not. First, though, I want to talk a little bit more about bad breath. Because, bad breath is a real killer to have. Even brushing, flossing, and using the best mouthwashes doesn’t necessarily solve your problem.

What Causes Chronic Bad Breath?

Chronic bad breath might be a serious health problem you’re suffering from. The main cause of chronic oral bread is bacteria build up. Bacteria is a cause of toxin build up in the mouth, especially in the gums.

One of the main causes of bad oral breath in my experience is sugar. Sugar really opens up the gates of bacteria build up because it becomes more acidic, leading to more bacteria build up. If you consume sugar, you should always either one, brush your teeth after. Or two, consume water and swish it around in the mouth so there’s not sugar build up in your mouth.

Things like smoking and drinking alcohol also can lead to chronic bad breath. Another form of bad breath is a constant dry mouth.

Some people try to just chew gum a lot, but this doesn’t really get to the root problem. So, let’s see if bad breath free forever can actually cure chronic bad breath.

What is Bad Breath Free Forever

Bad Breath Free Forever is an ebook that’s written by James Williams. James Williams suffered from this embarrassing problem. In fact, he was told he would never cure his chronic bad breath. James was determine that’s not true.

So, he took it upon himself to find ways to so. James’ life was affected by his chronic bad breath. It made it hard for him to get intimate with a woman, because of his bad breath.

James lays out exactly everything you need to remove bad breath naturally. He also talks about things you need to avoid, especially specific foods you must avoid to eliminate your bad breath.

I like what he has to offer, because basically, James gets to the root problem of bad breath. If you’re going to solve a problem, what better way than to solve what is causing it?

Chronic bad breath largely has to do with gum disease. If you’ve tried all the mouthwashes, toothpastes, etc, and still haven’t gotten rid of it, then more than likely you are suffering from gum disease.

But don’t worry because James talks about natural ingredients to help cure gum disease, which will eliminate your chronic bad breath.

What Do I Get in Bad Breath Free Forever?

James gives you an e-book that talks about the reason you’re suffering from bad breath and lifestyle changes that are needed to avoid bad breath. A lot of these include specific foods to avoid that cause the problem.

James also gives you natural ingredients that can remove bacteria in the mouth that 95% of the time is the leading cause of chronic bad breath.

These natural recipes are safe and don’t come with any risks.

James also talks about better ways to clean your teeth to prevent oral cavities and to remove plaque buildup more effectively. So you’ll also be given a guide to help strengthen your teeth.

And finally, my favorite part of the his guide. This alone I think makes it worth purchasing. James gives you his home-made breath freshener cocktail. This doesn’t just coat bad breath, it eliminates the root problem! This recipe is meant to completely wipe away bacteria that causes foul odors in your mouth.


  • Treats Bad Breath at the root problem
  • Very easy recipes and natural remedies that work
  • Comes with free bonuses that are very helpful
  • Very simple guide to follow that’s risk free and safe
  • Real testimonials for customers it works
  • 60 day guaranteed money back if it doesn’t work


  • Must alter some of your bad habits that causes bad breath
  • Have to follow the guide precisely for it to work long-term
  • Must be patient and wait a bit for it to work


If you have bad breath and have tried nearly everything, then you must get this guide. No question about it. It’s not a scam. If you eliminate the root cause, which James talks about, you can eliminate chronic bad breath for good.

There are real testimonials from customers it works, along with a 60 day guaranteed money back if it doesn’t work. But don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll love it so much and your bad breath problem will be as if it never happen.