Ed Reverser Review

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Ed reverser is a program to help males deal with erectile dysfunction. This review will help you determine whether or not this is a scam, or if it actually works. Erectile dysfunction is no laughing matter. Sure, you’ve heard the jokes I’m sure, but what you might not know is males of all ages can suffer from it.

When it hits, it can cause depression and anxiety; while both these things can ironically lead to ED as well. ED is so problematic it can even threaten a man’s marriage. If you’re not able to please your partner, they become depressed, and so do you. That’s not a fun way to live.

The creator of this product Max was dealing with this personally. His 20 year old marriage was in jeopardy.

So he developed a program that doesn’t require surgery, medication, pills, injections, or pumps that don’t really cure the root problem.

What is ED Reverser?

ED reverser relies on Ancient Herbal remedies to help solve the problem of ED. Natural ingredients are used to help increase blood flow, while relaxing blood vessels in the penis. Max found these natural ingredients by doing research on Genghis Khan.

The infamous Mongolian had thousands of children. Obviously, there was no magic medication or viagra back in Khan’s era, so Khan relied on Ancient Chinese herbs to help keep his libido.

Rather than trying to instantly fix the problem like viagra, pills, or pumps, Max Miller tries to solve the root problem. After all, if you can solve the root problem, then you can get a natural, safe, and side-effect free libidos all the time.

That’s what every man wants, right? Although you don’t have to wait months to see results. According to Max, results can be seen as little as 14 days. However, actual days can still vary for each individual.

Nor does this mean it’s an absolute cure for erectile dysfunction, either.

The program basically relies strictly on these natural ancient remedies, nothing else, that Max Miller discovered, and swears that Genghis Khan used himself to maintain a rock strong erection even later in his life.

The man was able to do what most can’t, and that’s have sex with thousands of women, and give birth to thousands of children. There had to be more to that than just rare genetics, no?

So, the concept that Max discovered is interesting and appealing for all men. Even if you don’t have an ED; it’s still something that can be applied to any guy looking to improve sexual performance, and pleasure. If you can have longer lasting libidos during sex, wouldn’t that even be more enjoyable?


  • All natural ingredients that are safe
  • Easy herbs to use that are side-effect free
  • Can improve your sexual performance
  • Can possibly solve your ED problems for good
  • No pills, surgery, or pumps needed
  • 60 day guaranteed money back is offered


  • Does take 14 days, but might take longer for some
  • Not many testimonials from buyers
  • Have to use herbs consistently for it to work

Conclusion: I like herbs, that’s me, personally. Some people swear by them, where others, don’t find them very useful. Just speaking from experience, I’ve found there are some herbs that are very good at increasing libido. If you can increase blood flow to your penis, then you can reverse this problem.

If you’re an herbal guy that’s suffering from ED; then I’d get it instantly. Personally, I think anyone with ED should try this program. Because these herbs, which I can’t discuss due to copyrights, aren’t harmful at all. There’s nothing to lose.

I wish there were some testimonials though. I couldn’t find any on Max’s site. That doesn’t necessarily mean its a scam, just I like to always read feedback from other customers. I want to always know if something works, and how well it works.

That said, the 60 day guaranteed offered, along with the 14 day time frame seems reasonable to me that this is not a scam. So, grab it now, and tell me if it works for you.

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