Fat Belly Detox Review

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I know losing weight can be a constant battle for many people out there. This might not be your first time trying diets, exercises, and supplements, only to barely make any real progress at all. Weight loss becomes more problematic as you get older.

I know the stress and anxiety you’re probably feeling. It makes you feel insecure, and in result, unhappy with yourself. Finding methods that really work is difficult.

The program called fat belly detox, can possibly offer hope in losing weight, and actually maintaining weight loss as well. This review is going to discuss exactly what this program entails, and whether or not if its a scam. So, let’s jump right in and see what the fat belly detox is all about.

What is Fat Belly Detox?

Well, it’s an ebook that talks about different diets and even exercises design for both men and women to lose weight. Josh Houghton is the author of fat belly detox, and he himself struggled to lose weight and was getting frustrated that nothing seemed to work.

Sometimes you must take matters into your own hands, and that’s exactly what Josh decided to do. Through research, he came up with ways to lose weight without drastically changing your lifestyle around either.

According to Josh, he saw real results from using this. He claims to have lost 110 pounds and 26 inches from his waist line. Josh even shows before and after photos to prove it.

What’s interesting is that Josh claims that two specific fruits, known to be healthy, was a major cause of his weight gain. So, by simply doing a morning detox trick, and eliminating these fruits out of his diet, he was able to have a significant reversal of his body.

Josh shares a lot of personal obstacles he endured in his life, from being fat, making it easy to relate to him as a just a normal person that had ups and down in his life.

All it takes is 4 minutes a day to apply Josh’s methods, so it’s not very time consuming at all.

What Do I Get in Fat Belly Detox?

You get in an ebook explaining in great detail how to lose weight. Josh talks about exactly what to eat and drink. Josh especially talks about exactly what to eat in the morning for breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and what you put into body in the morning can change your appearance.

Josh even offers additional bonuses of recipes to continue your weight loss even after the 21 day program.

Josh talks about a 4 minute low impact burning burst that’s very easy to utilize. This is what’s going to help you lose belly fat. These are follow along videos, so you don’t get lost on how to do them properly.

You’ll also be given a “the Bedtime Belly Detox” that can be used at night to help flush out toxins and bugs in your belly.


• Helps you lose weight within weeks
• Exercise videos included
• Easy and simple exercises that anyone can do
• Free Bonus recipes for losing weight
• A detailed guide that’s simple to follow
• A motivated guide to keep you going
• Free support from the product creator
• A 60 day money back, no risk


• Online program that requires internet connection
• The workouts are not intense (a bummer for those looking for that)
• Can take some time to see results
• Detoxifying can cause minor side effects


The key to losing weight fast is detoxifying. Detoxifying can cause some minor side effects. If you’re going to do Josh’s 21 day detox, I’d recommend being close to a bathroom all day. Because you’ll likely get the runs when doing this. Which isn’t a cause to be alarmed, that’s your body flushing out all the toxins.

I don’t think this is a scam at all. It comes with a 60 day guaranteed, and the program takes 21 days to complete. You can follow up on the program again, but I’d advise waiting another few weeks, because you don’t want to over detoxify your body. That can be dangerous.

Overall, this is a very comprehensive and thorough guide that can really help those of all ages lose weight.

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