Fat Diminisher Review

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The fat diminisher system offers hope to millions of weight suffers looking for a natural and safe way to shed off the pounds. It’s not a good feeling realizing you’re overweight. Whether you’ve struggled being overweight most your life, or it’s something that’s happen more recently.

Losing weight is not easy either. Sure, you can lose 5 to 10 pounds, but what about 40 pounds, or more? The fat diminisher system is a weight loss program design to help men and women lose massive amounts of weight.

However, is this a scam? Does it actually work? How realistic are results? Those are probably some of the questions rolling around in your mind before you consider buying the program. Let’s delve into this and see what the hype is all about.

What Is The Fat Diminisher System?

The man behind this program is Wes Virgin. Wes Virgin is a professional fitness coach and ex-military man. According to Wes, over 100,000 people have invested in his coaching. So he’s no stranger to fitness and helping people get into better shape. So that right there is a good thing. You always want a known expert and not a novice when it comes to programs like this.

Basically the program focuses a lot on dieting and what to eat. I know, that’s alone doesn’t sound like a ground-breaking revelation. It kinda sounds generic. Well, without giving too much away of what this program consists.

You’re given a different approach to weight loss. Wes, while collaborating with a Harvard student discovered metabolic acidosis is significant problem in struggling to lose weight. Where the kidneys weren’t getting rid of acidic foods that then lead to weight gain.

So reversing the acidic buildup, but eating more alkaline foods, they believe this can contribute to weight loss.

This guide is a bit unique and different to other weight loss methods. It mostly does focus on which foods to eat, but it has some unique twists and turns.

For example, on page 44 really jumps out to me. You’ll learn there are certain vegetables that are actually contributing to gaining weight. Something I’d never have thought would, given I’m a vegetable guy, and we’re always told vegetables are very healthy.

Some of the things you’ll be given in this guide include secret super foods that melt fat, ways to detoxify the body with smoothies, weekly meal plan recipes, how to exercise and how not to exercise, and so much more.

There’s over 100 pages of info that will give you clear cut ways to lose weight without any pills, surgery, or any real supplements even. Basically through diet and a few exercise methods. A lot of these methods aren’t rehashed, seen-before methods, too.

Does This Actually Lose Weight or Is It All Hype?

Obviously, that’s the most important question to ask. Will you lose 100s of pounds in a month? No, it’s not some miracle weight loss program. If you are looking to lose a lot of weight, without much dieting, exercise, or sacrifice, etc, then you won’t like this at all.

You have to be committed to lose weight. Sorry people, that’s just the sad truth. But yes, I believe you can truly lose weight with this program. Some have claim to lose 40 pounds within a month.

Now, that doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily lose that much. I never like to go “Hey he or she lost that much weight, so I will too”. Our bodies are different, and don’t operate the same. However, that number is pretty impressive and encouraging, nevertheless, to see some pretty damn good results like that.

Wes explains a lot of processed and sugary foods that are very known to weight gain. These foods might even surprise you. Foods you’d never think of that are contributing largely to weight loss.

Also, he mentions a lot of water content foods to help fill your appetite up. You’ll learn the power of protein foods that assist in weight loss.

What I Like About This Guide

It cuts through the red tape and he offers a lot of insight in his book on exactly what to do. It’s very easy to follow. He makes the shopping lists very similar to follow so you don’t get overwhelmed.

I’m familiar with some of these methods, and I can say they do work.

But some I’m not familiar with at all. I’ve been following weight loss methods for awhile, and have done my fair share of reading on this topic. He explains things I had no idea contribute to weight gain. I found some of these nuggets worth the book alone.

What I also like is that Wes doesn’t necessarily limit eating, or avoiding fat or carbs. He discusses specific fats and carbs that are actually good for weight loss.

I hate calorie counting and often have trouble curbing my appetite. I like snacks, and I’m sure you love them too. Good news is you don’t have to get rid of snacks.

There’s even a chapter where he focuses on delicious snacks that feature a lot of fiber. The empty calorie source that helps fill your appetite while losing weight.


I think this book is pretty interesting with a lot of different weight loss methods that aren’t rehashed a million times before; that you can apply into your lifestyle. This isn’t a sure fire, lose weight within a week method.

You got to be committed to this if it’s going to work for you. It’s a very cheap book that’s going for a limited discount. So if you want to try it then you better get it now, before the price doubles. There’s a 60 day guaranteed no questions ask if you don’t like the book.

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