Moola Vine Review

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I am excited to talk about the latest program to hit the internet called Moola Vine. Moola Vine was launched by Bryan Winters. I’ve had Brian on my subscriber list for a few years. He’s one of the very few internet marketers I like to keep an eye on.

Most I find to be too promotional, and too quick to make a buck. I’ve been burned too many times and have basically stopped buying products at all. My conclusion was they’re all scamming and just trying to make a quick buck.

Bryan seems to be one of the few internet marketers that doesn’t peddle complete crap. So when I saw this come up in my email, I decided to take a look.

I always go in as skeptic. I’ve heard it all, you can make this much money with only 20 minutes of work. Newbie friendly, blah, blah…. Almost always to find out once I buy its not even remotely the case. And claims are almost always BS.

After all, if everything was that easy, where you can quit your job, earn passive income only 20 minutes a day; wouldn’t half the world be internet marketers?

Moola Vine is a completely different concept, where it really is easy. But there’s a very small catch (we will talk about that later). Moola Vine wants you to profit. No, truly!

How many times have you heard a marketer say they want you to succeed? Moolavine is one of these rare programs that NEEDS you to succeed, so they succeed.

What Is Moola Vine?

Moola Vine is a reverse affiliate marketing program. When I say reverse, it is different from chasing people to buy your affiliate products. Instead, people will come to you and tell you which affiliate products to buy.

Confused? Yeah, I was too at first, but stay with me. When you build a vine, basically meaning subscribers to your Moola Vine account.

The catch is they need to purchase products from you to have what is called green days. What are green days? These are the number of days you have on Moola Vine to earn affiliate commissions from people on your vine.

When it stays green, you can earn commissions. When it goes red, and you run out then you are no longer eligible to earn commissions – until you buy another product. So obviously you want to keep your days green to continue earning affiliate sales.

For example, each product you buy (completely optional products of your choice through Jvzoo or Clickbank), gets you green days to earn commissions.

For example, if I buy a product for 20 dollars I get 20 green days. If I buy a product for 30 dollars I get 30 days. Each dollar you spend earns you one green day.

It’s free to join Moola Vine. And you can continue to keep your green days active as long as you choose on the green plan – so you can continue to earn.

You just need to buy Clickbank and Jvzoo products from your mentor (the person that refers you to Moola Vine) to remain eligible.

How it works is simple. Say there’s a Jvzoo product you want to buy. You copy and paste the url, and the name of it. Then message your mentor; copy and paste the product link and name of the product you want to buy from them. They have then just 48 hours to answer your request.

Sometimes it takes day or so to get approved to sell certain Jvzoo products. They then message you back with their affiliate link to the product for you to buy. Then you get green days (how many depending on the price), and they earn a commission.

Now you might be thinking why would I do that? In case you’re still wondering how it works.

People on your vine will be doing the same thing with you. Requesting to buy products they want from you. So you end up earning money. It becomes a really cool trickle down effect.

What If I Don’t Want To Buy Products?

This is where Moola Vine gets really cool. You don’t have to, but for this you’ll have to upgrade to the membership plan. You’ll get 5 days for just 1 dollar to start. You can cancel anytime. Then its 30 dollars a month to remain a member (again you can cancel anytime). You’re given unlimited green days on this plan, meaning you never have to buy anything to keep your days green.

Now, this is the important part. The perks of being a Moola Vine member makes this really, really cool. Because if you’re a member, then when people on your vine upgrades to a full time member – you earn a 10 dollar monthly commission. So, if you get 10 people to upgrade as a member, that’s 100 dollars a month that’s reoccurring. Not bad, huh?

This is only available for those that are a full member. So, if someone upgrades on your vine, and you’ve not upgraded then you lose out on that commission. I had that happen to me, and deeply regretted it. So I’d personally recommend upgrading, especially if you get a few vines right away.

But you no obligation.

What I Like About Moola Vine

This is literally the definition of easy money. No hard work. No selling. No website needed. No real time is involved (outside growing your vine). Basically, all this can be done on complete autopilot while building vines, earning monthly commissions, and just answer vine requests of products they want to buy from you.

Literally that’s how simple it is.

What I Don’t Like About Moola Vine

Almost nothing, but this is not a get rich scam. I think the 200 dollars a day claim on the sales page is achievable, but not something to expect right away. It takes time and investment is needed. So when it says its free, not really. It’s free to join, but not free to make money.

The part many probably won’t act on, because people are naturally skeptical. If you refuse to invest at all, then Moola Vine is not for you.

This is the nature of the internet marketing world. You must spend to make money. So if you don’t like investing money at all, then I’d just click out now. There’s no freebies in internet marketing.

How Does It Work?

Making money on Moola Vine depends on vines. Not just vines, but how well your vines do. You NEED your vines to be successful, so then you are successful. I can’t emphasis this part more.

Traffic is obviously needed for you to get these vines. You need people to subscribe to you. Luckily, they have a way to get traffic on autopilot, but that will cost at least $40 dollars month. That might be a little high for some to invest.

But continue reading for my recommendations to getting traffic if you’re not ready to make that kind of investment at first.

How To Get Traffic Free

Like anything, you need traffic to earn money. If you have a big email list, for social media following then you might be able to get quite a few vines.

Traffic is needed to make revenue though. It doesn’t happen without people seeing your offers. I’ve been mostly working on free methods thus far as I’m still testing out Moola Vine myself, but I’ll without question be using the paid methods. But even from free methods, I’m still getting responses. People are very responsive with Moola Vine; because its easy. The concept is simple enough a 10 year old can grasp this.

Facebook – getting active with groups related to money making, affiliate marketing, internet marketing and posting Moolavine links can help you get vines.

My girlfriend has been actively promoting my Moolavine link on Facebook, since I’m not on there. And its worked on getting me some vines.

Twitter – I have a pretty big following on twitter in the internet marketing niche. But I’ll be honest, I’ve not had much luck here. Twitter can be a real fickle for promoting links. Twitter is a real hit or miss for many. But if you have a big following you can try it. Especially an internet marketing following.

Quora – Some of you might have came to this from Quora. Guilty as charge! Seriously. if you use Quora, then use at ease. Don’t over do it, and don’t come off as spamming this offer either.

For one, most people can smell a spammer a mile away, and they’ll be less inclined to optin.

Answer questions in detail (helping them) related to affiliate marketing, making money online, etc, on Quora. Then use Moola Vine as a suggestion to their answer, rather than being to promotional.

Like hey, I’ve been using a program called Moola Vine. You can read more about it on my blog. So you’re linking to content, instead of an affiliate offer. Then link to your site, with a link to your Moola Vine referral link.

I’d recommend linking to your website that has your Moola Vine link. And making a review post like I’m doing.

I am pretty sure affiliate links are not allowed on Quora; so I don’t recommend direct linking from your Quora account.

How To Get Paid Traffic

Unless you have a really large email list, or a huge social following you’re going to need paid traffic to continue to get vines. Almost everyone needs paid traffic. But don’t stress out if you’re not sure how to drive traffic to your Moola links.

These are the ways to get super targeted traffic that are likely to convert extremely well. Remember, Moola Vine will sell itself. It’s a very high converting offer. So you won’t have a problem getting vines.

Ads – You can try your luck with Bing, Facebook, or Eleavers. I’ve not tried ads, but these seem to be the most popular ad platforms that allow affiliate promotion. If you have experience with ads, then go for it. If not, like myself, I wouldn’t try this first. Just because ads can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t understand how bidding works.

Solo Ads – Honestly, my most recommended way to get vines, and get them fast. This works for anyone, even if you are completely new. There’s nothing complicated about solo ads. The vendor does all the work for you. You just buy, give them your affiliate offer, and your email ad.

And what’s great about Moola Vine they have template email ads for you. So you don’t have to write them yourself.

Best place to buy solo ads is Udimi. You’ll likely need to pay about 0.70 cents per click. Only buy from vendors that have a great reputation and a high money sign next to their name. Money sign means percentage of sales. I’d aim for 25% or higher. I’d recommend finding vendors with great seller feedback that are 30% and higher. They’ll be more expensive but well worth it. You likely won’t get anyone that has 40% though.

Make sure you’re getting tier one traffic, meaning traffic from United States, UK, etc.. English speaking countries. Also, I’d recommend buying 100 clicks first to experiment. You’ll probably almost definitely get a high sign up rate, with at least a solid number of people upgrading to full membership plan. Remember, do NOT do solo ads unless you’re a full member, otherwise this will be a complete waste of money on your end. You won’t get credit for any upgrades if you’re not a full member.

You want to start off small to experiment how well your ad converts with a particular vendor. Don’t buy cheap though. If a vendor is selling 0.35 cents a click, they probably have crappy traffic that aren’t buyers. This kind of traffic sucks and you want to avoid them. It’s just a waste of money.

You want buyers traffic, which is going almost always go for at least 0.70 cents per click. So don’t go cheap, go with quality. Vendors can’t guarantee sales, so you’ll have to experiment. But don’t fret over it too much. Moola Vine has a very high converting offer.

Conclusion: Everything is laid out here about Moolavine. There’s no hidden methods, or fees. It’s a very simple and very lucrative way for anyone to earn revenue online.

I’ll be completely blunt. Of course I’m counting and wanting you to click on the link below, and join my referral link. And be a member. But here’s the thing, if you join, I want you to make money. Why? Because I’m a good person that wants others to do well.

Even though its true, sure, obviously you’re not going to take the word of a complete stranger online that’s pitching you to join their referral link, are ya?

But the more important reason is if you do join, I need you to do well. This is what makes Moola Vine so great. Everyone needs to do well for it to survive and for others to prosper.

This is why I not only gave a review, but gave a run down on what you’ll need to drive up your vines so you can profit.

Honestly, I think this offer is really, really rare. One of the best I’ve ever found in my 15 years of internet marketing. It’s rare that the word “easy” and “making money online” can truly be used together. I’ve always learned there’s no such thing. Most internet marketers that aren’t BSing you, will say the same.

But believe me, this is actually easy. You don’t have to take my word. Just watch the video, understand how everything is simply laid out for you to make it work.

As long as you’re not going to be completely frugal, and refuse to invest some money. Not even a lot is required.

The only person this isn’t for is frugal people that aren’t willing to spend some money. If you aren’t willing to make some investment, then yes, this is not for you. I won’t waste your time and say it is.

But if you’re willing to soak it up, and understand how it works. Watch Bryan’s videos and see for yourself how well it can work. If you follow the really simple instructions, then you can reap the benefits. I won’t give a BS number you much you can earn, but basically, its unlimited.

So, if you’re interested just click the link below. No obligation to buy anything. Joining is free. You can snoop around more on the site and see if its for you.

Hope to see you inside, and may your vines prosper!