My Aquatru Water Filter Review

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About two years, I started learning the importance of filtering water. I was a specifically on a mission to find a good water filter that can remove fluoride, and that wasn’t a pain in the butt to install myself.

Of course I didn’t want to spend thousands of dollars, realizing water filters – the best ones – aren’t exactly cheap.

This is my personal preference when it comes to finding a good water filter.

My first question is: DOES it remove fluoride? Because fluoride is not safe to digest and has a lot of known health ailments. And a lot of water filters on the market don’t filter out fluoride.

You should always filter your water. There’s a lot of harmful containments in our water that can cause disease, and even cancer.

What makes tap water extremely dangerous to digest over time; is that it contains lead, chromium, fluoride, and chlorine.

And that’s just a few of the harmful toxins that’s in our water.

Aquatru makes for convenient filter, given there’s nothing to install.

It’s a countertop filter that doesn’t take up too much room on your kitchen counter.

Aquatru gives you bottle water quality – saving you hundreds of dollars per year.

You’re given a four stage filtration system. Three filters are used to filter out all containments.

This is one of the only water filters that removes everything giving you purify water.

The reverse osmosis will leave your water micron size of just 0.0001 microns.

Aquatru Pros

  • Removes chloride, fluoride and chloramines
  • 4 stage filtration to purify water
  • Countertop – no complicated installation
  • Reverse osmosis filters out all dangerous pollutants, chemicals & contaminants
  • Removes all toxin chemicals in water
  • Filters last a long time between 6 months to 2 years (saves you money).
  • Features a TDS meter that proves it removes all impurities

Aquatru Cons

  • Removes important minerals in the water
  • Not Cheap

Conclusion: Before considering buying; please keep reading!

Although not cheap, this is an extremely convenient reverse osmosis water filter system that requires no plumbing involved. Is extremely convenient to set up.

There’s no such thing as a cheap reverse osmosis water filter, however, still won’t cost you thousands of dollars like some filters which do less than this one.

This water filter will remove harmful toxins and keep out chlorine and chloramines.

The filter will keep your water clean and purified to drink. However, there’s one drawback in my opinion that you should know about.

It removes all minerals in the water, important minerals that are beneficial to our health. So, yes, you’re basically left with distilled water. This can be an issue for some people. However, here’s an easy solution to that.

Aquatru also sells mineral drops to alkalize your water so you’re still getting the important minerals needed.

I personally like and use Alkazone Booster Drops. Which does the same thing. But either one will do.

I’ll leave a link to both of these really cheap pH water drops below – if you’re concerned about drinking distilled water.

If you purchase one of these drops, you’ll also need a pH strips to test the water. Your water pH levels should read at least 7.5. These strips are really cheap and last awhile.


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