My Gray No More Review

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Alexander Miller is the author and creator of a product called gray no more. The title kinda is self-explanatory. This is a natural method to removing all gray and white hair follicles for men and women of all ages.

Having gray hair is natural for older people, but, what if you’re still rather young and you’re starting to develop gray hair follicles?

It can be a little embarrassing if people start assuming you’re older than you really are.

Why is your hair turning gray? Well, it’s a genetic problem for some, others suffer from malnutrition problems. Basically, hair is relied on pigmentation cells to give its color. If the body stops producing these cells, you begin losing your color.

The product comes in a PDF format that goes over how Alexander Miller, who was told by doctors, he’d never get back his hair color again. When using the methods he discusses in this book, he defeated what his doctors told him, and reversed his gray hair follicles permanently.

What Is Gray No More by Alexander Miller

Without giving away what Alexander Miller discusses, this is an ebook that can be digitally downloaded online when purchasing. Basically, you’re given completely natural methods to reverse graying hair without any serious investment needed.

Alexander found some very easy, safe, and effective ways to reverse his own gray hair. The product owner isn’t just hyping up something that didn’t work without any real method whatsoever. He himself had gray hair that plagued his confidence, and after doing a lot of reading. And research, to fully understand what causes gray hair. He was able to get to the root problem.

Alexander found something and put it to test on himself. And it worked! He was able to get back the color of his hair. So, after finding something that worked, he felt the need to create a book to help others out as well.

I really don’t believe this is a scam. There are real testimonials from real buyers out there online. I mean buyers that aren’t being promoted on his site (I’m always skeptical of testimonials on the vendors site), that have tried his method and have reversed their gray hair as well.

The system comes with a 100% guaranteed money back within 60 days, so my verdict is its not a scam. Given real feedback from buyers, plus guaranteed money back. This means you have nothing to lose. You try it, doesn’t work within a reasonable time frame. Contact him, and your money is given back in return.

This product includes no chemicals. Zero. You don’t have to put your hair in danger for this method to work.

Gray Hair No More


  • Real testimonials from others it works
  • Very easy and safe methods
  • No harmful dyes or chemicals
  • Good Customer Support if you get lost
  • 60 Day guaranteed money back
  • Comes with free bonuses that are equally as helpful


  • Requires using daily to maintain results
  • Won’t cure gray hair overnight, takes time to see results
  • Might not work for everyone, or advanced white hair for elders

Conclusion: You got nothing to lose, if you feel white and gray hair is causing you stress. If you’re tired of dyes that are harmful, and don’t work over the long-haul, then you should give this a try. There’s no all hype but zero method when it comes to results. This really has worked for other people that had gray hair. And if doesn’t work for you, then, like mention, request to get your money back.

You don’t have allow gray hair to keep your confidence down if you’re still a young man or woman. No one likes to feel older than they are. So, if you want to fix this then I’d get this today, immediately, then start following the instructions he lays out in his book.

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Best Molasses for Gray Hair

If you’ve visit my website from my video, then you might be looking for the best molasses to help reverse gray hair. This natural method works best, however, results are different from individuals. It hasn’t worked for everyone, but it is the most popular and commonly used remedy.

The molasses is completely unsulphured, which is what is needed to get the best results for reversing gray hair. You don’t need to apply to the hair.

Just take two to three tablespoons a daily orally. Within 30 days you should start seeing some results, if not, then sadly it’s probably a dud for you.

I’d rate the molasses a 7 when it comes to reversing gray hair. It’s not a miracle cure, but some had great results with, while others didn’t.

Not all blackstrap unsulfured molasses is treated equal, by the way. You need one that has a good source of iron, potassium, and calcium. Below is the best brand I recommend.

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