My Lead Gen Secret Review

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My Lead Gen Secret is a program I joined months ago, quit, then rejoined again. I’m going to give my completely unbias and unfiltered review. I’ll leave a link below at the end in case you’ve not joined and you’re interested. I’ll explain why I quit, why I originally failed and why I ended up coming back. And what I learned to help me succeed this time.

I’ll also explain a few things I don’t love about My Lead Gen Secret. I’ll try to leave no stone uncover to leave it up to you whether or not to join. This post might be updated going forward depending on results, and new things I’ve discovered. So feel free to bookmark it if you find it useful, and check for updates.

This review is pretty long. If you just came here to read how to use My Lead Gen Secret, and the tips and tricks I’ve discovered. Just scroll down to “How To Use My Lead Gen Secret for Profit”. So let’s getting cracking.

Update: Got some results I’m sharing down below.
Also, scroll down to the bottom to use a sales page that’s generating even more sales!

Why I Quit My Lead Gen Secret

I join My Lead Gen Secret around February in 2019. I watched a lot of youtube videos, read about it in the Warrior Forum. I did as much research about this program before I joined. I was very skeptical entering, but very exciting at the possibility of getting 100 leads a day for a dollar. In the marketing world, that’s unheard of. That’s a BIG deal.

I joined extremely excited. Eager to finally get leads cheap, and explode my online business. Well, I joined and sadly my expectations went south. All these suppose results I read and watched others get. I didn’t get.

The results weren’t what bothered me the most. I soon discovered the stats weren’t completely accurate. The open rates and click rates are actually much lower on my end. With no results, and discovering this.

I thought I was duped. And this was a scam. I immediately requested to quit. The staff relied back fast, were polite about it. Cancelled my account at the end of the month, and welcomed me back any time.

I was 99% certain I’d never join again.

I Was WRONG To Quit

My Lead Gen Secret is not a scam, but its not a miracle money machine either. Most importantly I was not using these leads the correct way.

Let me explain. I’ve been in the marketing game for a little bit now. I’m far from a guru, or expert on email marketing. I know a few things, but there’s also a lot I am still learning.

What I didn’t understand these were really cold leads. I’ve only had experience with warm leads. So I was completely new what to do, and what not to do with cold leads.

In case you’re completely new to marketing and have no idea what cold and warm leads are. Warm leads knowingly opt in to your list, or sign up on your blog for more information about a business opportunity.

Where as cold leads don’t openly opt in to you and have no idea who you are.

I had no idea exactly how to target cold leads, hence why I failed at MLGS (we will get more to that). I also never promoted the product itself on My Lead Gen Secret. Which is how you really make money with this program. Their affiliate compensation plan is killer. I was too concern at redirecting these leads into other stuff.

I was promoting the wrong type of offers; the type of stuff new cold leads just aren’t likely to join. Sometimes its easy to blame a product for our failures, instead of looking in the mirror and realizing we were at fault. I was at fault.

Why Did I Rejoin?

When I first joined, there really wasn’t many testimonials or reviews out there. A lot of the ones I read were either  blogs online (people I didn’t know – are they legit, or just promoting it to make a profit?), or people on youtube that had one video, never heard of them before, and was just talking about My Lead Gen Secret and nothing else.

It came too much off as a paid testimonial to me. I had real doubts. It seemed a little too manufactured, and not natural. I mean no disrespect to these reviews. I just needed more to go on.

But then suddenly an online marketer I knew started promoting it. I been following this guy for months. I like him. A lot of the stuff he’s into, I’m into. He’s a marketer that knows his stuff and has been successful for quite some time. More successful than myself, so when he talks about something I tend to listen.

I was literally stunned when this person started promoting it. Next thing I know, many others I know of and follow started to promote it too. And I had ask myself why? These are marketers I follow, I respect, and know they are successful, and for all accounts pretty transparent and up front.. Even a big time solo ad seller joined this platform and started promoting it. All of a sudden all these successful, experience online marketers are all promoting it. Wow!

I immediately asked myself are they just scammers, or do they not know its BS? Why are they promoting this?

I had to look deeper into this. I had given up on My Lead Gen Secret, and had zero intention rejoining.

Then I saw more results, and actual proof of them getting results with it too. Definitive proof. But how I asked?  It finally dawn on me. A few marketers themselves question the legitimacy of My Lead Gen Secret. They too thought it was a scam, even recommend to not get into it initially, until they also had a change in mind.

So, I wasn’t the only one to see the red flags initially. They did too. They were able to reach out to support, and tell them of their suspicions. And support was able to put them on the right path. Next thing you know they’re making money too and happy with My Lead Gen Secret.

I’ll explain that more in detail down below (you can scroll down now if you want to get to the juice of it immediately.). First I want to explain a little more about My Lead Gen Secret in case you’re coming to this page from My Lead Gen Secret mailing list, and want to know exactly what it is first.

What Is My Lead Gen Secret

Jim Harmon the owner has teamed up with some of the biggest marketers online. Some of the names

Jim Harmon
Owner of My Lead Gen Secret

rumored to be involved, but not confirmed include Russell Bronson and Neil Patel. They’re splitting these leads up to us. Where we’re given 100 fresh leads every single day that we can mail to instantly in the back office (no third party autoresponder required).

These leads are exclusive to us to use as we choose. We can even export them off the platform and into our own autoresponder.

If you bring in just one referral you get 200 fresh leads per day.

These are business opportunity leads, but they are cold. They didn’t sign up to our offers personally, instead they’re being shared with us. So, it will take a little time getting used to us. And there are some tips to speed that process up that I’ll explain below.

My Lead Gen Secret also comes with an affiliate program. Which I think is the best part of it, outside the leads itself.

Here’s how they pay affiliates

You receive $5/month on personal membership sales to customers who purchase directly from your affiliate link (Level 1)

You receive $4/month on your personally sponsored Affiliate’s membership sales (Level 2), $3/month on the membership sales of the people they personally sponsor (Level 3), $2/month on levels 4 and $1/month on level 5.

Level 1: $5/month
Level 2: $4/month
Level 3: $3/month
Level 4: $2/month
Level 5: $1/month

For every 5 paid new customers you refer in a one week period, you’ll earn a $100 cash bonus. There is no limit! Refer 25 new paid customers in one week and you’ll earn $500!

Are Cold Leads Useless?

No. No lead is useless as long as they have legit interest in your niche. If your niche is make money online, and these are biz opp leads. These are people that signed up interested in learning to make money online. They can end up just as good as warm leads, but just require different kind of care and more time.

Any new lead you get, takes time to build a relationship with. Even warm leads can be non-responsive until they get to know you better. It’s very rare to make lots of sales instantly off any leads, even warm leads.

Why Leads Are a Big Deal

If you’re going to sustain any sort of online business you need an audience. And the best way to do this is with email marketing. Building an email list is by far the most profitable way to sustain a long-term business online.

I don’t have an exact percentage, but majority of people that are making a consistent living online are either doing it by building an email list, or having a large following on their youtube channel. Even in those cases they’re still building a list to maximize their success and keeping in touch with their following.

What I Don’t Like About My Lead Gen Secret

The only real thing I don’t love about My Lead Gen Secret is the mailing stats appear not to be the same as the hits I receive on some of my offers. For example, I saw this on my clickbank offers when I first joined.

Where on MLGS stats were showing a number of hits, and the hops (known as hits on clickbank) were much lower.

I don’t have a real explanation why this is. But to some people joining it could make them suspicious.

Don’t let the numbers discourage you. This is a very little deal to me whatever the case is. Some people that join might notice this, and think its fake. So I just wanted to clarify this part.

Rest assure, these are real leads, and they will respond to you. It just might take some time at first to get them to engage with you. It’s a numbers game, and also a familiarity of getting to know you better.

I wish the mailing stats were a bit more congruent. But its a very minor thing. The bottom line is the leads are real people, and you can get real results. That’s the most important thing.

Can I Make Real Money With My Lead Gen Secret?

Yes. Definitely. There are people making really good money. But results can vary, and it will most likely take some time to see serious results that affects your lifestyle.

Are you going to instantly be a millionaire, or quit a job in a week if you join right away? No. Expectations must be realistic.

You can definitely make money with this program, but don’t expect to be making thousands of dollars within a week necessarily either.

There’s a guy that made $9,000 his first month on My Lead Gen Secret. So there’s no question real money can be made. Even in a relatively fast time.

But again results can vary. I know I said that already, but I want to be completely upfront at the same time. Because too often people get very impatient when they join a program, and they at times have unrealistic expectations — and expect a money fountain to come pouring out instantly.

Just don’t join, and give up within a few weeks if the results aren’t meeting your expectations.. If you stick with it, I’m confident you will eventually start turning profit if you use this system correctly.

My Lead Gen Secret is very newbie friendly to making money online even if you have no experience and completely new to online marketing.

That’s probably the best part of this program. Experienced marketers and complete beginners can use it and do well. It comes with done for you email swipes. There’s no real learning or guessing involved.

Just a few small nuggets you should follow to make it work best for you. But they are super simple to follow. So continue reading if you want to make the best of my lead gen secret.

How To Use My Lead Gen Secret for Profit

Before I jumped back in. I took the time to watch every video I could find from those that were having success with the program. I wrote down every advice they gave, and looked at what they were doing so this time I would succeed where I failed.

1.) Use their name in your emails – You end up getting an enormous open rate when using actual names.

Use their names in the subject, but don’t over do it. If you don’t use it in the subject one time, then next time at least use it in the beginning of the email.

Open rates increase when using names, especially with cold leads. It’s almost like when you call someone by their name on the street, they’re more like likely to turn their head and respond to their name. Instead of addressing them by “hey”.

Emailing someone is a bit similar. If you just email them, and they have no idea who you are. They’re less likely to open. But if you call them by their name they’ll at least wonder how you know their name and open it.

2.) Add Your Picture – Add your own personal picture to every email you send on My Lead Gen Secret. Put a face to these cold leads. This helps to warm them up more and actually see you as a real person.

3.) Add Your Personal Contact Details –  I completely missed this when I first joined — adding any contact details in my emails. BIG MISTAKE. Look at the email address you’re using on My Lead Gen Secret. It’s…

That’s a big red flag to cold leads. They can’t respond to you on my lead gen secret and they know that. It looks very suspicious and very spammy. So they don’t know you, and have no way of contacting you. Should they trust you enough to buy from you? Of course not.

So leave at least leave your email, facebook, skype, or best yet phone number. Add as many ways for them to reach you. At least use one of these.

One of the biggest solo ad sellers in the business once told me the biggest difference he sees in those that make sales and those that don’t simply comes down to phone number. This guy knows what he’s talking about, he’s been a marketer for over 14 years and is one of the most successful solo vendors out there.

The ones that actually put down their phone number in their emails tend to get more sales by a large volume compared to one’s that leave nothing.

Being reachable matters a lot. So allow these leads to reach out to you. It shows you’re serious and got nothing to hide.

4.) Write A Blog/Youtube Video – Either write a blog, or do youtube videos talking about My Lead Gen Secret and link to it on your emails. You don’t have to do either one of these, but going the extra mile to put yourself out there can help build more sales.

5.) Show Results – When you finally start making sales from My Lead Gen Secret. Even if its a few sales. Shoot a photo of your results, and share them in your emails to these leads. Tip: put hyperlink on these photos too.

Doesn’t matter if you don’t have a ton of money yet. People often just want to know if it works,
If they see proof you can make just $50 dollars, or even $30 dollars, it says a lot. Any one can say “hey, I’ve made 200 dollars from this” but show nothing. Those are just empty words. But when you can actually show something works, with proof, it goes a long way to get others to act.

If you’ve yet to make sales, you can always reach out to others that have and ask them if you can share their results.

Helpful Tip: Often people ask how do others generate so many sales. This is easy. Proof they’re making money. If you haven’t made any. Here’s what you can do to generate more sales. Go to youtube, search My Lead Gen Secret. Click filter, and creative commons.

You’re free to use any of these videos (just make sure the video has Creative Common License available), upload them on your own youtube channel. Put your MLGS affiliate link in the description. Then link to these videos in your email. “Say hey, want proof it works? Look how much “youtuber’s name” is making with My Lead Gen Secret.

Add Subject lines that stick out.

For example:

[Proof it Works]


Proof “This Person’s Name” Made 3k This Week

Just don’t be deceptive, or lie in your emails. It’s important to be honest and build a good relationship.

6.) Don’t Email Them Every Day – There’s a very thin like between emailing cold prospects enough, and it being overkill. Luckily, My Lead Gen Secret only allows one mail per day, so you can’t spam the hell out of them beyond that.

But emailing them every day still might be overkill. There’s nothing worse than bombarding your contacts every single day, especially with the same offer, and them tuning you out forever. You want to email them enough to get your message across. So definitely email them a lot.

I recommend at least 4-5 times a week. Weekends are the least responsive time for email marketing. It’s a good idea to at least take one day, or at least 2 off per week. Sometimes just taking a day off believe it or not can make a big different.

7.) Don’t Promote The Same Offer All the Time – It gets boring. Some people just won’t buy a specific product, or get tired of reading or clicking on the same link over and over again. Your engagements will drop. It also puts a sign on your neck, that you’re a mass spammer.

Seeing the same email, from the same person, everyday about the same product is how to get people to hate you. Especially cold leads. You should be promoting My Lead Gen Secret primarily (it converts best), but still mix it up some even if you’re not that interested in promoting anything else.

Maybe a few times just put out links to a blog, your youtube channel. Something helpful to them you can engage with them and build more interest. Or use other offers every now and then. Offer free giveaways if you have to. But don’t become boring and predictable.

What To Promote on My Lead Gen Secret

Promote mostly my lead gen secret itself on their mailer. I didn’t do this when I joined the first time, as mention earlier. I was promoting my programs only, and some I believe were a little too sophisticated for a beginner to really grasp that’s new to online marketing.

My programs were more aimed towards people that have been in internet marketing for a little bit. So that’s why I did so poorly.

I believe these leads from My Lead Gen Secret are new to online marketing. So your aim has to be different.

My Lead Gen Secret converts extremely well, especially to leads that are new into internet marketing. The great thing is when you sign up to My Lead Gen Secret it comes with ten done for you email swipes. This is really handy in case you have no idea how to write an email swipe.

According to others, lead swipe number 3 and 8 tend to work best when converting into sales. Just a little tip in case you’re wandering which of the swipes to use most often.

Outside of My Lead Gen Secret. Clickbank offers do extremely well on there.. Anything based on make money online niche, that converts well and isn’t completely complicated for a new internet marketer. Simple stuff that a beginner can understand.

You can also find some really high converting offers on warrior plus. A lot of their offers are generated more towards beginners.

Be careful what you pick though. A lot of these products are, lets put it nicely, not great… Try to pick something that’s converting at a very high rate, and is getting very low refund requests. There are some really solid stuff on there, but they’re very far and in between.

What Not To Promote

Don’t promote MLM. I got nothing against MLM. I’m involved in a few MLM programs myself. I say don’t promote it for a few reasons. One, for those brand new to internet marketing it might come off as a pyramid scheme to them.. There are many MLM programs that really are just that, but there are some that’s truly legit, but they’re almost always complex.

So a newbie is going to probably be a lot less likely to jump into something like that. Too much skepticism into these types of programs and its going to be hard to get an unknown to just act on it.

Second reason is MLM is too complex for beginners that are new to marketing.
MLM is very difficult to make a profit off of if you have no idea how to recruit. Odds are they don’t know how to recruit.

And a lot of these programs they get into, usually just say ‘go waste your money on solo ads’ to get those recruits. And if they’re going to actually profit off MLM just buying solo ads, I got a bridge I can sell you too.

You get the gist, you’re just sending them down a road where they’ll lose a lot of money — if you get them to actually act.

Recruiting people into MLM programs is the hardest.
I think they say 97% fail at multi-level marketing. So just avoid pushing that onto new marketers.

If they sign up, pay you, but lose money. They probably will never buy off you again.

Other things Not to Promote

Don’t promote a lot of optin pages.. I initially was promoting these leads a lot to my own optin pages so they can be on my personal email lists, and it didn’t do well at all. I think the reason is since they’re cold leads, and didn’t optin in to receive emails from us to begin with. They’re going to be even less incline to optin to us on another email address. When they don’t know us, and have no reason to do so.

I notice a theme here with this. Those that are saying this program doesn’t work, I’ve notice are primarily promoting their optin pages with my lead gen secret. Maybe after some time, this could work (I don’t know for sure).

But if you sign up, and start promoting to get them on your own emails lists with optin pages. Chances are it won’t do very well.

My Results

Everyone is free to use these images however they prefer to help generate sales.

Just 4 emails using the system and I’ve already made two sales. I’ve only promoted My Lead Gen Secret using the mailer thus far. Nothing else. I am linking to this blog post using the mailer too. I just started linking to this blog page with the fourth email sent out today. The first three I didn’t link to this blog post.




As you can see from the four emails I’ve sent. Already generated two sales thus far for $10 dollars. I’m showing the inside of my mailer also; to be completely transparent. That’s its just from four emails.

I know these results aren’t going to knock anyone out of the water. But that’s not bad when I’ve just got started.


I sent out my fourth email earlier today. I generated my first sale on Friday, and didn’t send any emails out Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Sent one out earlier today on Monday, July 22, 2019. And earned my second sale.

I am trying to insert their name into the subject to get them to be more responsive. So this is proof it works. You can make sales, from inside their mailer. That’s all I’ve been doing so far is mailing these leads from inside. I hope to have another update shortly. I’m aiming for that 100 dollar bonus this week.

If you still haven’t gotten My Lead Gen Secret. You can get access here.

Other Ways To Get Leads

Some of these methods are outdated, hard, expensive, or don’t really work anymore. But are still being taught anyways. It’s no wonder why so many fail at internet marketing.

Solo Ads – This worked great in 2014 but now its pretty outdated. A good solo vendor that charges about 50-70 dollars for 100 clicks. Sometimes they’ll over deliver by 10-20 percent.

A really decent solo ad will get you about 30 percent opt ins per 100 clicks. Sometimes they’ll perform lower. Results vary. So lets say you get 30 leads off it. Which is pretty good. And you paid 70 dollars to get 30 leads. You’re paying about $2.33 for one lead. If you want 100 leads that’s going to cost you $233 dollars!!! *coughs* rip off….

And here’s where it gets worse. Solo Ad vendors know their leads suck. I’ll explain why.

First off, these leads are probably on hundreds of different lists, and get bombarded with offers 100 times a day, if not more. What good is having a lead that’s subscribed to 100s of others? Your emails are going to get lost in the shuffle.

They’ve become accustom to getting spammed on a daily basis. They are not going to be that responsive. These leads are pretty much burned out from getting emails. Those are becoming the worst kind of leads to have.

What solo vendors don’t tell you. You’ll often see solo ad vendors swearing their list is buyers only. And maybe these people have bought off them before. Here’s what they’re not telling you.

The list they’re selling you is strictly used for solo ads almost 95% of the time. No solo vendor is going to sell you clicks from a list they generate consistent sales daily from. Why? Because they’d spoil that list, and their open/click rate would plummet.

They wouldn’t generate consistent sales from it anymore. So they ‘re selling you a lie its their buyers list, when its really their solo list.

They’re really selling you their unresponsive list that only opens, clicks, and even subscribes, but doesn’t really buy anything. They simply sell it for clicks to customers — and that’s it.

And even worse the emails are only written to convert to clicks and subscribers. Most the time, these people have no idea what they’re even signing up for because the email swipes are so vague. This is done deliberate. The Solo Vendor just wants to sell its clicks out, then go to the next order.

I had one of the biggest solo ad sellers in the business that’s been doing this for years admit they do this on purpose. He himself admits solo ad traffic sucks and would never honestly recommend buying it (he’s a seller! lol) and their sole purpose is to just generate clicks for their orders. Then move on to the next.

I’ve seen it with my own eyes. I purposely opt in to one of the bigger solo vendors out there. He’s never once emailed me an offer of his own since I’ve been a subscriber of his for nearly a year. And he bombards me at least 3 emails a day. Imagine how worn out his subscribers are at this point?

All his emails to me are solo ads only. The email swipes are very open and click bait friendly written, but not targeted well in a way they’d generate real sales. they come off basically as borderline spam to put it bluntly.

That’s going to turn into unresponsive leads that won’t engage you very much.

So compare this to My Lead Gen Secret. Where you pay 1 dollar for 100 leads, that are fresh for you to use almost exclusively.. Compared to Solo Ads that cost by average 2 dollars for just one lead, are already on 100 of people’s list and getting spammed daily. Solo Ad leads are some of, if not worst in the industry.

FaceBook Ads – I’ve never done facebook ads. And I have no doubt you can be extremely successful with them, but sometimes clicks per cost can range between 60 cents per click to 1 dollar (not cheap).

That budget can run very high, and if you don’t have a successful campaign you can just end up burning more than you’ll make. It’s high risk, high reward. If you don’t know what you’re doing I’d avoid this option.

Pay Per Click Ads – Back in the day, this was how most people started building a list, when costs were cheap and your competition didn’t exist. But now that everyone is doing it, and your clicks per cost again can skyrocket because of competition. Even places like Bing; competition is really high and its getting harder to spend little, and gain more.

Of course these avenues still work, but they require big budges, lots of experimenting, and at times losing lots of money till figuring out what works. A lot of people aren’t willing, or can afford to lose lots of money before making money.

Pay per click ads is definitely worth trying when you’re making lots of money and can afford to lose some money.

But if you’re just starting and money is tight, I don’t recommend.

Social Media – Social media is always a nice way to get some free traffic, and sign ups. But its tedious, hard, and takes time. You must build a following and be an authority on your topic to generate that following. And if you’re new to internet marketing, how exactly are you going to do that?

Nevertheless, social media is still very effective when it comes to reaching new prospects.

Youtube – Youtube is a great way to build a brand, and that’s an avenue many have started with. But competition is high, and it could take years of building a channel to really start seeing any sort of results.

You’re one youtuber competing against millions of others. It’s so hard to stand out and build that following fast.

To get more views requires building a following of subscribers, and that can take time. Youtube though is very lucrative but its not an instant cash flow system, or will build you traffic right away.

Some other popular ways driving traffic can include: SEO, Craigslist, and using Q&A sites like Quora.

These are the known popular ways to get leads online. Some of them are definitely not bad and do work. I use a few of them myself. I wouldn’t encourage someone not to brand out and try these methods. Diversity is always key in online marketing.

Some of these methods just takes some time, money, and marketing experience.

It’s why most people don’t succeed and just give up. They get impatient, lose money, or don’t really know what they are doing.

Generating leads that turn you a profit without breaking the bank is extremely hard without marketing experience.

And the free or cheap methods take a long time.

Using a platform like My Lead Gen Secret is much easier and can save money. 100 leads for $1 dollar is a steal of a deal that everyone can afford.

Generate More Money With MLGS

Hot update! I’m finding out this page generates even more sales with My Lead Gen Secret. You can use it, and add in your own affiliate links! Access here if you’re already a member.


I personally think it’s recommended to join this program. We’re talking 100-200 leads a day for just $1 dollar a day. We all need leads. The combination of the leads, the generous compensation program, and the fact they come with their own mailing system is a great bargain.


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