My The Conversion Pros Review – Is It Worth It?

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I’ve heard of The Conversion Pros for quite some time, and finally decided to give it a shot. I’ve been a member with Get Response for quite some time, and have kept hearing you got to switch to The Conversion Pros. It’s the best. A lot of marketers are flocking to it in the last few years. So I had to finally take the plunge myself.

Especially since I’m launching some new marketing campaigns, and they kinda fit the bill of what I needed.

I’m going to give you my complete unbias review. Right now, I’m on the trial plan. It comes with a free 14 trial plan with no credit card required.

So lets get right into it, and I’ll explain what The Conversion Pros is all about, and whether or not I’ll recommend you getting it too.

What Is The Conversion Pros ?

This is a good question, I’ll admit, when I first heard of it, I didn’t really know what it was either. They kind throw so much at you, because there’s so many tools and features that come with it. So even watching some of the promos videos, its kinda hard to soak in what it is exactly.

Basically, to sum it up, its an all-and-one marketing platform. Meaning it basically comes with every marketing tool you need to run an online business.

Whether you’re new to internet marketing, or been around awhile. There are tools like Autoresponders, landing pages, funnels, tracking links, things of that nature you need as an internet marketer. All these tools, and so much more comes with The Conversion Pros. So for example, instead of going out and buying an Autoresponder on Get Response, and then you’ll need a funnel builder say on Clickfunnels.

You don’t have to go out and buy these separate tools. They all come automatically with The Conversion Pros. So that can save you lots of money, and give you the tools you’ll need eventually anyways.

Are The Funnels Good?

Most important question, before I get into the autoresponder and some of the other features included with The Conversion Pros. Yes. They are! When I joined, the first thing I dived into right away are the funnels. I needed to know right away if their funnels would suit my needs. Before we talk about that, in case you’re completely new to marketing. I get all kinds of different visitors on this blog. Some are new, some aren’t.

There’s sometimes confusion between beginners about a funnel and a landing page. A landing page just captures that person’s optin info. Like their name, email, and number. But a funnel features the landing page, then redirects to either a Thank You Page/and or your Sales Page. Where you promote your offer, or give away your lead magnet (meaning free gift you promised them if they opted in)..

Back to The Funnel. The funnels are really good. You can add background pics, videos, and they have a very simple drag and drop tool that makes it so dead simple to make these funnels. No special coding required. Very easy to link them to your autoresponder.

The best part I love is that they even have pre-made, done for you funnels. Where don’t have to really do a lot of creating by scratch, for a wide variety of niches.

Also, they come with Share Codes. So say you create a really cool funnel, and someone joins The Conversion Pros. You can give them your share codes, so they too can use your funnel for their own marketing platform. That to me is very powerful.

What I Don’t Like About The Funnels

There are a few things I don’t love, but they’re not a HUGE DEAL. I’m very picky, and just love having everything done my way. So this might mean nothing to you. Don’t get me wrong, its worth getting for the funnels.

I kinda wish we could add our OWN domain names to these funnels. You can add a forwarding domain, but basically you have to use their long company domain name. I don’t really love this, because it doesn’t look completely professional to me.

Sometimes, you really want to have your own brand domain name. I like that. Some don’t care. It’s not the end of the world, maybe to some, but I wish we could add our own custom domain.

To show you an example their Funnels are awesome though. Here’s one I created on a weight loss product I’m promoting. I didn’t create it from scratch. I used one of their done for you templates, and just edited a bit. Took me 5 minutes. So they’re very newbie friendly.

Oh, one thing I almost forgot. You can also get optin phone numbers. So you can actually text message people on there too. That’s a really cool feature. I’ve not done that one, but I might experiment with it in the future.

The Conversion Pros Autoresponder

Obviously the second biggest feature is their autoresponder. This is very important, because you need a really good autoresponder in your business. One that delivers emails to clients and customers. I heard some people claim it’s better than Get Response, Aweber, etc, some of the most well known autoresponders out there.

Here is my HONEST opinion. Yes, their autoresponder is definitely good. I tested it real good to see how it delivers.

They do inbox. It’s not perfect, but no autoresponder is… The best feature about their autoresponder. Outside it delivers and does inbox, is that there’s NO CAP limit. Let that sink, where other companies either have a cap limit of how many subscribers you can have, or, they raise the prices the more subscribers you bring in.

Aweber and Getresponse gets very pricey. At first they’re cheap, and people say hey, this isn’t bad. But as you build your list your bill can start running in the hundreds of month fast, which is steep. The Conversion Pros is $50 dollars a month for EVERYTHING. You never, ever, pay extra at any point.

Another feature I love they have a quality score on your emails, to help improve deliverability and make tips for improvements.

What I Don’t Love About Their Autoresponder

Okay, its not all roses for me. I’ll be the first to admit, this is probably my biggest gripe. For one, it’s not better than Get Response as an autoresponder. It’s just not. Get Response to me is by far the best autoresponder out there.

I don’t say that to be a Get Response homer. There are many gripes I have with them too, but their features, deliverability are second to none.

So no, I’m not cancelling my GR account like some claim you should when joining. Here’s a few issues I have.

Deliverability – Yes, it does inbox, but I notice emails at times are sent out on delay, particularly with yahoo domains. They will eventually deliver, but sometimes not for hours. Which to me, is frustrating. Especially if you have time sensitive emails you need to deliver. Get Response sends emails out literally in seconds. So no, their Auto Responder is not as good.

Features – A few things I don’t love. One, you have to email from the company domain/email, not your own. I don’t love this feature. Some might not think its a big deal, but its best to brand yourself rather than using a third party company.

Also, the address of the owner is featured on the footer, not your own. So again, when emailing, even though contacts can still email you back and see your name on the sender name of the email. To me, it doesn’t look quite professional.

Some might not care about this, but I’m a fickler myself for it.

Another thing I don’t love. You cannot integrate their funnels with your own autoresponder. You have to use theirs with the funnels. At least I’ve yet to see a way to integrate third part autoresponders with their funnels. You can integrate your list from Aweber and Get Response, onto The Conversion Pros though.

Other The Conversion Pros Features

I’ve not really focus on their other tools. But they come with a link shortner, webinar builder, link rotator, and invoicer. So there’s a lot of different cool and unique tools you can use.

Probably the coolest feature I’ve seen, is you can actually buy leads too. Now that is very interesting, because we all needs leads, eyeballs, and people to help build our online business. So when they say all-in-one marketing platform, they mean it. I haven’t bought the leads, so I can’t speak to their quality.

Affiliate Commissions From The Conversion Pros

Here’s one of the best parts of The Conversion Pros. And I don’t encourage anyone to join, just because their affiliate commissions are so generous. You should join because you want to use their tools, and earn handsome commissions on the side. They do have a very are generous affiliate marketing platform. You earn 50% on all affiliates. It costs just $50 dollars to join a month, after your 14-day free trial.

Bring in two paid members, and they stay on, its for free. That’s such a bargain deal.


Am I going to become a paid member? Yes, I am. I think The Conversion Pros is legit, and a very good done-for-you marketing system. I love the funnels. I like the autoresponder, but don’t love it. But like it enough to still use it.

Make no mistake, it is quality autoresponder and better than many out there. You might love it more than I do. Just being so used to Get Response, I just still prefer it to The Conversion Pros.

I just don’t think its as good as Get Response. But then again, I don’t think anything is as good as Get Response. If The Conversion Pros really was better, then they’d probably put Get Response out of business with how much better their prices are. So I won’t lie to you and say its better, when its not.

I’d rate The Conversion Pros an 8 out of 10. My biggest gripes, can’t use a custom domain, can’t integrate funnels with Get Response (at least I’ve not seen how you can yet). Feel free to comment if you’re using TCP and can.

If you could at least use a custom domain, and integrate it with Get Response I’d rate it a 10! If their autoresponse function similar to Get Response I’d rate it an 11.

I’m hoping going forward the owner maybe adds more features like this, as he seems to have made lots of new additions since it launched. But everything being equal, yes, it’s definitely a very good platform. Leaving a link below if you want to give it a shot.