Smoothie Diet Review

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A lot of men and women are struggling to lose weight, and will go to drastic measures to do so. There’s a lot of different diets, workouts, and millions of dollars invested in the supplement industry dedicated to helping people lose weight. A lot of them sound too good to be true, but unfortunately most find out your weight loss goals are often for naught.

The smoothie diet program requires a diet involving smoothie recipes that can be made on your own for a reasonable price. However, does this program by Drew Sgoutas really work, or is this another weight loss scam? Well, let’s take a look into what the smoothie diet is all about.

What is the Smoothie Diet?

The creator of this program is Drew Sgoutas. Drew is a health coach, so he’s a known expert in the field of health and weight loss. So that alone is good, when you’re dealing with someone that has a lot of experience into nutrient and weight loss.

Drew uses his knowledge and experience and puts it into this program to help women and men live a healthier lifestyle.

The smoothie diet is a 3-week program that uses smoothies, obviously, just like the name of the program. However, you don’t just get a recipes of smoothies, you get much more than this.

Along with getting 36 weight loss meal replacement smoothie recipes to use for losing weight.

Drew provides you with shopping lists for each week to make it simple on getting everything you need to follow this diet plan.

This is a 21 day weight loss program that helps you do quite a few things. First, obviously to lose weight, but also to provide better energy, clearer skin, better sleep, and stabilizing blood sugar levels.

But you won’t just be getting smoothie recipes, you’ll be getting detailed book into eating a healthier lifestyle, along with the types of foods to avoid that lead to weight gain.


Here’s What You Get In the Book

1.) The smoothing diet book for your 3 week guide to lose weight. You’ll get about 170 pages of 36 smoothie recipes, and nutritional tips to losing weight. The book is easy to follow and the smoothie recipes are simple to make.

The book contains 6 chapters. The first five chapters talks about causes of weight gain, smoothie basics, the 3-week smoothie diet plan, and motivation tips. The final chapter goes over the 36 smoothie recipes for losing weight.

2.) 40 Printable recipe cards.

3.) Grab-and-go shopping lists.

4.) One page schedule.

5.) Bonus 1: The 3-day Smoothie Detox. You’ll be given a free bonus on detoxifying your body before starting the 21-day smoothie diet. This alone is very critical and helpful to losing weight fast.

Bonus 2: Quick-Start Guide. A very easy guide that can be printed out. That includes the 3-week schedule, shopping lists, prep guide, and smoothie recipes. This is a fast track “to do” list that can be downloaded making it easier to follow and stay on track.

6.) Additional Bonuses: More bonuses also included that feature a healthy eating guide, diabetes friendly gluten-free recipes, smoothies for kids, and a fast exercise guide.



  • Very easy book to follow and use.
  • Proven testimonials that it works
  • 60-Day Guaranteed or Money Back
  • Offers a 7 day free trial for just 5 dollars (for those that are skeptical)
  • Very affordable price and doesn’t require much of an investment
  • A lot of different delicious smoothie recipes for everyone to enjoy


Must download the book as digital (so you need an internet connection)
Results take three weeks, but this can vary for individuals
Must follow the smoothie diet and not cheat for it to work
Must have a good blender which can be expensive for some

Conclusion: The biggest drawback is that you need a good blender, and some might not like this given they’re not exactly cheap. A good blender with a good motor is required. However, Drew does offer some options below $50 dollars for anyone that’s on a budget.

As whether this works? I can say it does, because a few reasons. Number one, the owner offers a 60 day guarantee. If there wasn’t one, I would say it’s a scam. Given the results can be seen within 21 days. There’s nothing to lose.

Best yet, are you still skeptical? They offer a free trial option for just 5 dollars. After the free trial you must spend the full price of the program, or cancel, if you don’t like it. Also, for a short time, Drew is offering an incredible $20 dollar off discount. Normally priced at $47 dollars, it’s just $27 dollars for a short period of time.

I can’t guaranteed how long this discount will last. So if you’re interested, you better get it now before the price is nearly doubled!