The Coconut Oil Secret Exposed Review

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Coconut oil is one of my favorite remedies to use every single day. As I write this article, I just applied some coconut oil onto my skin as I speak. That’s how much I enjoy this oil.

So when I saw there’s a product called the coconut oil secret exposed, I was very interested in this product. Although I myself am very familiar with coconut oil, I found out there are ways to use coconut oil I wasn’t completely aware of.

So, I’m going to break down what the coconut oil secret exposed is all about. There’s no denying coconut oil is extremely beneficial, but how many benefits are there with this miraculous oil?

What is The Coconut Oil Secret Exposed?

The coconut oil secret exposed is a pdf download book written by Jake Carney. Jake talks about the variety of different ways you can use coconut oil. Ways in that you might not be completely aware of.

The book details hidden secrets; and how this rare saturated fat found in coconut oil, known as lauric acid, can help benefit us in our daily diet. Although saturated fats are seen as bad for us, this rare saturated fat is one of the few exceptions.

Coconut oil is most known for skin care. However, we are beginning to learn that coconut oil plays a role in nutrition, weight loss, and even helping with disease.

Some of the things Jake talks about, includes learning a secret ingredient in coconut oil that burns fat, and reduces hungry cravings.

And that those who eat a diet of 50% fat, actually tend to lose more weight. Basically, you get a lot of different benefits coconut oil does for you, along with secret ways to use it, along with recipes even.

Most people avoid coconut oil, because they’ve been told it’s bad for cholesterol. However, there’s scientific proof that’s not the case.

What Do I Get with Coconut Oil Secret Exposed?

You might be asking yourself, okay, coconut oil is good for you, now why would I buy a book just telling me that?

Because sure, you can go out and just buy organic coconut oil, however, you might miss out though on some of the unique and beneficial ways you can use this oil. In ways you probably aren’t completely aware of.

In this book, first Jake does go over the variety of benefits that you can coconut oil. It’s filled with a lot of information that’s worth read, and is well researched information. Jake isn’t just winging it on opinion, without any research.

You’ll learn how coconut oil is the best healing superfood, how to use it to fuel your metabolism, how to boost your thyroid, how to protect your skin, how to save your brain, even how to use coconut oil to fight cancer, and so much more.

Jake doesn’t just talk strictly about coconut oil, but mentions other foods to use, for better health as well.

That’s not just it, Jake talks specifically one what type of coconut oil to use, because not all of them are the same.

Best of yet, when you purchase you’re also given free 20 cleaning and anti-aging uses of coconut oil.

The second bonus, features 11 super delicious and super healthy coconut oil recipes.


I think this is easily worth the purchase. If you buy it here, you’ll get it for a ridiculous discount of just $10 dollars. That’s it! Very cheap. The book is packed with great information, even for those that know a lot about coconut oil, like myself.

I love the recipe part of the bonus; and variety of different ways to consume coconut oil into my diet. Because taking coconut oil, raw, is not exactly pleasant. And some people can’t stomach it at all.

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