The Guerrilla Diet & Lifestyle Program Review

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Diet can go a long way to helping people lose weight and get into better shape. There’s a program called Guerrilla Diet & Lifestyle Program that’s aimed to helping people around the globe to lose weight in just one month. Losing weight in one month is not exactly easy, so reading that claim you can’t help have some skepticism.

However, we’re going to talk about this program, and find out if it’s a scam, if it works, and what exactly you’re given in this ebook. So if you’re one of many out there trying to improve your health lifestyle then let’s see what this program can do for us.

What Is The Guerrilla Diet & Lifestyle Program

This is an ebook that’s written by Galit Goldfarb, who specializes in nutrition and diet. She’s been obsessed with finding the right diet ever since she was a child. She’s gone though eating disorders and even cancer. So, she’s not only a specialist in nutrition and medicinal science, with degrees in this field, but she’s also talking from personal experience.

Her resume alone is impressive, so she finally came through with scientific research to help find the right diet. How exactly? Well, she started studying what guerrillas eat, there came the guerrilla diet. According to Galit, gorillas aren’t all that different from humans.

However, the foods they digest are quite different from us humans. According to Goldfarb’s research, when gorillas started eating processed foods like most humans do. They were more prone to obesity, heart disease, high cholesterol, and sugar addiction.

However, when the gorillas were eating their high fiber, low protein, and low fat diet, their health was completely different.

So basically, the program focuses on the Western diet.

What Do I get In The Guerrilla Diet & Lifestyle Program

First Galit explains why her diet works, with research to show what it can do. Then, the second part of the book she starting explaining how to change your diet.

Here’s what you’re given in her book.

✓ A Day to Day Food Schedule
✓ Easy Mindset Technique That Will change Your Thought Patterns
✓ Recommend Food Supplements
✓ Weekly Exercises Recommendations
✓ 50 Best Recipes for Health and Weight Loss
✓ 30-day plans to follow


• Very easy to follow
• Can help lose weight and prevent health problems
• Good reviews with positive feedback it works
• Backed by scientific research
• Works long-term
• Author is an expert in this field


• Won’t see miraculous results
• Have to give up unhealthy eating habits
• Must used it long-term to see continued results


I think this is a really great ebook of over 300 pages of scientific evidence to prove how these diets work to not just lose weight, but to improve your health style. Now, you have to be committed to what she says in her book. If you cheat, or stop using her diet, then you’ll start gaining weight again.

But if you’re committed I really think you should try this. Eating healthy can really change your lifestyle and make you feel more active and overall much happier.