Truth About Abs Review

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Who doesn’t want abs, a show of hands anyone? Of course you do, we all do. Having abs really makes you feel fit, confident, and sexy in your appearance. There’s a product called truth about abs. We are going to review this product, and see exactly what its about.

Is it a scam? Is it a legit method that works? Those are some of the questions probably rolling around in your mind. I’m sure you want to get straight through the BS and not waste your time on hype and little result products. Let’s get right into it and find out what it does.


About Mike Geary

It’s good to understand the author of these programs, to figure out if they’re full of you know what, or if they actually have knowledge in their field they’re promoting. Mike is a popular and well known fitness guru. He was even featured on a popular journal called Muscle and Oxygen and Fitness.

Mike comes off as regular guy, but he himself would struggle to maintain a 6 pack, despite his rigorous fitness routine.

He discovered this book to find ways to tweak our diet and exercises to achieve a tone 6 pack.

What Is Truth About Abs?

The product is aimed at getting you a slimmer stomach, but it takes a different approach compared to a lot of the typical rehashed methods you find out there.

First, the creator of the product Mike Geary opens up talking about how certain healthy foods are making you struggle to lose weight. Foods you might be consuming daily to try to lose belly fat, but is having an opposite effect.

Now before you get really excited and think ‘yes’! I don’t have to eat healthy foods, and can pile up on donuts and McDonalds and still lose weight.

Not so fast my friends, the guide mentions specific foods, like wheat bread for example, that does more bad for your body than good. That doesn’t mean you can indulge in known foods constantly that also contribute to weight gain.

Truth About Ads does focus on dieting and exercise. It’s not reinventing the wheel. Any weight loss program is going to entail these two things.

However, the methods used are different. The dieting does not reduce your eating, so you don’t have to feel constant hunger cravings.

You’ll learn how to eat more whole foods and focus on diets that speed up your metabolism, while increasing your insulin levels.

Also, the important part is you’ll get loads of information on workouts that can be done in your home, to help burn calories and speed up your metabolism.

Some of these exercises are unique, fun, but do require a lot of work as well. To get a 6 pack, you got to work out. It’s almost impossible to get one just sitting around all day.

So if you’re a gym rat — you’ll love this, if you’re not a gym rat, then you might not be incline to try these exercise actives.

What Do I Get in Truth About Abs?

You get meal plans, up to 15 ones to follow in this guide. You’ll learn why you should eat more protein in your diet to help lose weight. Also, you’re given a guide of exactly what to do to workout.

You’ll need dumbbells and fitness balls for some of these workouts, so more investment is needed. But it’s a small one, these aren’t very expensive. The workouts focus on high cardio workouts for the entire body.

The workouts take about 45 minutes, but you only have to do them 2-3 times a week.


  • No supplements or pills needed
  • Easy to follow workouts that feature pictures even
  • Detailed guide on exactly how to eat and workout
  • Daily Timetable showing you what to eat
  • A guide from a proven expert in fitness and nutrition
  • A flexible diet that doesn’t require starving or calorie counting
  • Helps you gain muscles as well as lose weight
  • 60 day guaranteed money back if not happy


  • Some of the workouts might be too intense for some people to do
  • Doesn’t work over night and takes a lot of hard work
  • A lot of the information and might overwhelm you at first
  • Small investments needed in fitness equipment for some of the workouts


I’ll be blunt here. I think some people will love this guide, others won’t love it. If you’re lazy, or don’t have enough time on your hands. Then, I don’t think you should get this guide. Because 45 minutes two to three weeks, well, can be time-consuming for people that work 10 hours a day. Then you come home and you might be too tired to do these exercises.

And the workouts are a bit intense. If you’re a gym rat, you’ll love this program though. The diets aren’t very strict either. You can’t pig out on donuts though.

I think overall this is a solid guide, it’s not a scam. You can’t expect results in no time though. You must be committed and put in the work. Best yet Mike does offer a 60 day guarantee if you don’t find this guide to be for you.

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