Venus Factor Review

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What exactly is Venus Factor, and is this weight loss program another scam, or does it work? My review can help you determine whether or not its worth purchasing. If you’re looking for weight loss programs, you’ve probably stumbled upon this program by John Barban.

Losing weight can be extremely difficult, and millions of people every day search the web for easy and healthy ways to lose weight. So, we are going to go over this program and see what it can actually do and if the results are legit.

What Is the Venus Factor Program?

This is a weight loss program aimed strictly toward women that are trying to lose weight. You’re given a thorough guide on diets and exercises to follow to help you lose weight. No pills or supplements are needed. This isn’t some miracle weight loss program that promises unrealistic results.

This diet program is a little different, in where you don’t have to give up your favorite indulging snacks for this to work. If you love your ice cream, or cake, you don’t have to give it up to use this program. That alone can be tempting given lots of people want to lose weight, but can’t resist those delicious desserts.

You’re given a 12 week guide to follow, and within 12 weeks if you follow the guide thoroughly, women can lose belly fat.

John Barban is a nutrition expert, and has been an author of numerous diets and fitness programs.

John Barban focuses mostly on the leptin diet. If you’re not familiar with the leptin diet. Leptin is a hormone stored in the body. Specific diets and foods can trigger this hormone that will boost the immune system and burns body fat.

As women age, they begin to lose this hormone and struggle to lose weight. When leptin decreases, appetite is stimulated.

Women don’t have to go through rigorous exercises and really strict diets to achieve results either. That’s probably the best part of this program.

What Will I Get In Venus Factor?

You’re given a PDF download once you purchase Venus Factor. You’re given 4 parts of the digital PDF.

Custom Nutritional Software – Daily calorie intake and recommended foods based on your weight and body.

Nutritional Manual – Custom meals and nutritional foods based off your preferences and budget.

140 Premium Video Coaching and Workout Lessons – You’ll learn proper ways to workout. You’ll learn how to condition your entire body and improve muscle tone to make you look young and fit once again.

Immersion – A community that encourages people to reach their weight loss goals. Finding support can go a long way.


  • No real dieting involved
  • Can eat still indulge in snacks
  • Real testimonials on the sales page it works
  • 60-day guaranteed money back if not satisfied
  • Very easy guide to follow
  • Features increase leptin hormones (proven to lose weight by research)


  • Aimed toward women, not men
  • Not a miracle solution
  • Results will vary for each individual
  • Only available digital download
  • Takes about 12 weeks to see results


This is a really exciting program for women. Sadly, it’s not really preferable for men though. Women that don’t like strict diets, still want to eat their sweets, but also lose weight should give it a chance. You must follow the course thoroughly to see results.

You’re backed by 60 days guaranteed. The program is cheap and very little investment is needed for this to work. Just be realistic and dedicated when it comes to weight loss.

I don’t think this is a scam at all. The testimonials and 60 day guarantee is enough to tell me this is a legit program that can really help many women out there to lose weight. For more information, please click the link below.

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