Wake Up Lean Review

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Wake up lean is a program dedicated men and women over 40 trying to lose belly fat. This is a weight loss program that relies on this supposedly 13-second trick, according to to the sales page. Losing weight has its challenges, as I’m sure many of you know by now.

So when this product was released, especially aimed for those over the age of 40, suddenly a lot of hope was given for those struggling to lose weight. As you get older, its even harder to lose weight. The fact this product is marketed toward older people makes it even more exciting.

There’s a lot of hype and bold claims made by the author Meredith Shirk, a fitness nutrition specialist.

So is this a scam? Can this actually work, or is this just another hyped up product that’s a waste of time? Well, let’s take a look what wake up lean is all about.

What is Wake Up Lean?

Wake up lean is an e-book written by Meredith Shirk, a fitness nutrition specialist. Like most of these guides, its main focus is on dieting, but it’s not your ordinary rehashed, seen before, method either.

According to Meredith, the number one cause of fat for men and women above age 40 is “inflammation enzymes”.

What this means is certain foods trigger enzymes to cause inflammation attacks in the body, that lead to weight gain.

An inflammation response in the body is completely normal and healthy. However, when bad inflammation takes over the body, it can lead to numerous health ailments that include belly fat.

This happens because of a chemical mix up in the immune system; when the body thinks its under attack even when its not.

So basically, following this blueprint, you’ll discover this 13 second trick that can turn off these enzymes from keeping you under attack, and result into losing weight.

Meredith focuses on fat cells and believes that’s what is truly responsible for weight gain.

This program is aimed specifically for those of age 40 and older, because that’s when bad inflammation is at its worst.

She also warns that most diets overall, doesn’t work, because it turns on stress sensors that actually slows down the metabolism and increases weight gain.

What Do You Get?

You’ll 47 pages of info laid out in this book on everything you need to do to reverse bad inflammation, and start living a healthier lifestyle. There’s not a lot of fluff, she gets right to the point, which I like.

The first pages talks mostly about detoxifying; which is crucial to weight loss. I love that the it’s broken down into days of everything you need to do. Then on days 4-10 she starts discussing how to fight belly bloating inflammation.

You’ll get a 10-day blueprint everything needed to lose weight. Mostly this involves detoxifying, specific foods to eat, detailed recipes that are really easy to make, a shopping list of what to buy, what foods to avoid, and her secret to reversing bad inflammation attacks on the body.

Within 10 days you should lose a few pounds if you follow her guide. Plenty of customers have lost 5 pounds when completing the program in 10 days. So multiple that by a month, 15 pounds, per se, that’s not bad. Obviously results can vary, but that’s very promising.


  • Very easy foods and recipes
  • Very simple guide to follow
  • Proven testimonials from customers it works
  • Backed by scientific research
  • 60 day guarantee money back
  • No grueling workouts needed


  • Have to eat mostly organic foods (which can be expensive for some)
  • Must give up delicious snacks
  • Only available in digital format
  • Isn’t a miracle weight loss cure
  • Probably only works best for those over 40


I really have to say this one is a winner. The only downside is, I think it probably works best for those that are older. Although she claims younger people can do this, too. If you are living an unhealthy lifestyle, and you’re middle aged man or woman, I’d get on board. I think this program is exactly what you need.

There are no unhealthy, or put-your-health at risk scenarios in this book. This isn’t just going to help you lose weight, but it’s going to improve your health. Because inflammation is a root cause of numerous health ailments.

What she talks about has been researched, and it’s true, bad inflammation is known to lead to weight gain, and a variety of other health conditions.

Best yet, no crazy exercises even needed. In fact, she doesn’t really recommend exercises at all. You’re backed by 60 days if you don’t like it. So, it takes 10 days to work. You get 60 days to try it risk free, so yeah, there’s no loss there.

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