Hashing Ad Space Review

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I’m always looking for cheap and high quality traffic to promote my online business, and generate more leads. The cheaper the traffic, the more I can leverage. And its not easy finding quality traffic that is actually good.

I’ve been searching, and searching for years to find the very few. I want to talk about one of my favorite traffic sources, and that is hashing ad space.

Hashing Ad Space Review & Walkthrough

Hashing Ad Space is a crypto based website where you can promote your site, and earn asimi for free. Each time you have 10 asimi, which equals about 0.50 cents, you can buy an ad per view pack. This usually gets you about 1,000 to 1,400 views. That’s very cheap and affordable traffic, right?

However, these ads are pay per view ads. Meaning, that members get paid to watch these ads. So, they’re not necessarily clicking the ads because they’re interested in them. But members have to watch the ad.

They can’t go clicking on another tab, then come back when the timer expires..

If you’re thinking well, this is just like traffic exchange sites. WRONG!

I wanted to bold that word, and get your full attention. Traffic exchange sites is garbage traffic. This is not garbage traffic. And I’ll explain that in a minute.

First, most of the members that are clicking on your ads have paid actual money and are frequently using Hashing Ad Space themselves.

Second, you can only click 25 ads a day. That’s it… The less ads someone has to click, the more likely these ads will get their attention.

Third, almost everyone participates in the click 25 ads a day. The asimi you earn really isn’t that much, but every day you’re put into a daily raffle. Where you can earn free asimi if you win the raffle! 10 people win every single day. So its really worth members to participate, as it takes very little time to view the ads.

How To Use Hashing Ad Space

There are plenty ways to utilize hashing ad space, and I’ll go over them. I really recommend mostly using the V2E Advertising Purchase. Because it’s really cheap, and you can get tons, and tons of traffic to your site. I’ll talk later on which type of offers do best with this type of traffic.

First, I’ll walk you through how to set up a campaign. It’s very easy. Usually a campaign gets approved with in a day.

When you login and sign up. Click on advertising products, and then V2E Advertising Purchase..

Below is how much asimi you can purchase. You can buy as many 10 packs as you like.

They’re very cheap. I’d start with at least 400. That’s about $20. Very cheap. As you can see below how little 10 asimi would cost.

You don’t need an asimi account, to buy asimi. You just need a bitcoin account. If you don’t have one. You can get one free, and buy bitcoin with Paxful. You can choose to buy bitcoin with numerous merchants through paypal even. Members will sell you bitcoin, and it gets automatically uploaded to your free wallet when you sign up.

When you create a campaign, you need to apply how many views. You want to be on the first page. I’d setup between 1200 to 1400 per 10 asimi. It can fluctuate. If you don’t generate enough views, you can always go back and change it. But I wouldn’t go lower than 1,000. Even if you don’t get a ton of views right away, usually within a day or two it will finish. Because bidding changes a lot.

Sometimes, some members start bidding more because they really want to get that top spot. I almost always find anywhere between 1,000 to 1,400 is good enough.

This is my primary way to generate views with Hashing Ad Space. I want to show you a video, of someone I’m subscribed to on youtube. She got over 300 leads, spending just around $50 dollars!!! Wow.. I’ve not scaled up that much, yet. I do usually get about 5-6 leads per 1,000 hits from the limited campaigns I’ve done so far. I want to do much more going forward.

Think about that value though. If you like her video. Please like, and subscribe to her. Heck, if you want to join Hashing Ad Space under her, by all means. She leaves a link in her description. She’s using it to promote a different leads program. You can check it out if it interests you.

I don’t want to steal her thunder. I’m not really writing this article to get referrals. I just want to show you the power of this system.

And to encourage those who are coming through this link that are with me in the My Lead Gen Secret program, to act on this traffic.

Because these are impressive results. And she shows how powerful this traffic source really is. I knew it was good, but even I was blown away by that.

Other Ways To Advertise With Hashing Ad Space

They also have a way to get higher quality traffic. Where your ads will be only displayed to members that have purchased minting ads on Hashing Space. I’m not going to go over the Minting Ads Stake itself. If you’re interesting in it, you can take a look when you sign up.

I just want to focus on the traffic itself. Basically, your ad will only go out to members on Hashing Ad Space that have paid money on these minting ads. So, they’re proven buyers!

Here’s the price for purchasing minting ads. It’s higher, but again, all these visitors comes from buyers. So the traffic will be better. It’s still not targeted though. They’re getting paid to view these ads. Just want to clarify. However, its still much cheaper than a solo ad.

There’s also login ads. These cost about $95 dollars. I’ve yet to get this, but want to eventually. I saw a guy on youtube talking about how he generated over 700 leads with this. Most login ads on sites aren’t quite this expensive.

But this is a very large website. There’s over 300,000 members. And you get your login ad for the entire day. So that is monumental.

Earn Asimi With a Login Stake

You can earn asimi by staking.. All that’s required is at least logging in every day. I would do this, because as you add asimi to your account. You can stake it, and continue making profits with it.

This will help buy you more advertising. I’ll show the screw shots below how it works.

What To Promote With My Hashing Space

Some offers work better than others. Anything related to earning crypto works great. Since, majority of the members on this site are into crypto.

Anything to do with making money online works well, too. But traffic products work best. Because most of the members on here want traffic. The video above, talking about how she generated over 300 leads came from a traffic product she’s promoting. It’s similar to what I’m promoting.

I’m using this to promote My Lead Gen Secret. If you’re coming to this page from my mailer, then obviously you’re well aware of that fact already.

If you want to join My Lead Gen Secret; it’s a great program that converts extremely well.

You get 100-200 leads a day and comes with a generous affiliate system. If you bring in just one referral you get 200 a day, and continue to get that many leads a day as long as they stay an active member.

And if you join; you can start emailing leads on My Lead Gen Secret to join under your affiliate link to Hashing Ad Space. You really want to promote this link to get referrals, so you can continue spending money on this good traffic platform.

Whatever you do, its highly recommended to use a capture page. You want to collect them as leads. Especially on a site like this.

If you don’t have the tools, and don’t want to spend money on them. You can use this free funnel here if you join My Lead Gen Secret. My buddy Reed created a funnel for all My Lead Gen Secret members to use. Just replace the affiliate number in the url, to your own MLGS number. And “hashing” with your own tracking code.

He’ll promote it for you. He keeps the leads though, but any sales you make are credited to you.

Personally, I recommend using your own funnel. I like it better to keep the leads myself. Listing building is very crucial.

If you want to create your own funnel, I wrote an article talking about how you can get a cheap funnel here.

If you don’t know how to make a funnel at all. But want one. You can go to fiverr.com, and search create a funnel. Hire someone, give them your MLGS link and they’ll create you a nice funnel.

All you’ll need is an auto responder. I recommend using Get Response… It’s my favorite. Just don’t use Aweber. They don’t allow promoting MLGS.

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In my article where I talk about cheap quality traffic, I have Hashing Ad Space listed as a good traffic source. My only reasoning, its not targeted really. Outside the banner ads, which I really don’t recommend using personally Hashing Ad Space.

But that doesn’t always mean the quality is bad. The quality is actually fantastic. Because the number of eyeballs you’re generating for the low price, is GREAT value. I really recommend using this traffic. You can generate a ton of sign ups and sales.

If you’re not yet a member. You can join on the link below.

>> Join Hashing Ad Space Here <<