How To Get 1,000 Biz Opp Leads Every Day Free

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You read the title correctly. I’m going to explain how you can get 1,000 biz opp leads every single day for free. When I say free, I don’t mean you won’t literally have to pay nothing.

You will have to pay a very small fee, then these leads are yours. They’re fresh and exclusive for you to down load every single day.

I’m not just going to show you how to get these leads, but what to do with them as well. Since, I’ve notice a lot of people aren’t taking advantage of this incredible opportunity to get 1,000 leads free!

And the reason I believe is they don’t know where to put these leads and how to start using them.


So make sure to read through this article very carefully if you want to use these leads and make some serious money with them. I’m going to lay out exactly what I’m doing. This is my secret sauce I’m giving you access to.

How To Get 1,000 Leads For Free

First, in order to get access to these leads. You must have an ORU Marketplace account. It’s a payment processor account. If already have one, you don’t need to sign up. If you don’t, then you do need to sign up. It costs about $30 dollars to activate it, and then $5.95 per month.

It’s worth having because if you’re going to make an income online. Paypal is starting shut down online marketers. Paypal hates internet marketers. And if they find out you are one, and using their account to receive payment. You risk getting your account terminated.

ORU is 100% receptive to online marketers, and when you sign up you get a Visa Debit card. So you can put your earnings on this card and spend it however you choose.

Next sign up here, and become a member. You must pay at least $20 dollars to become an affiliate. It’s just a one-time fee. When you pay to become an affiliate you then qualify for 1,000 free leads every single day.

Just follow the instructions in the back office. You don’t have to use PMBJ. I don’t use it myself, I just signed up and paid because I want those leads. And anyone you bring into PMBJ you’ll receive commissions though your ORU account.

What To Do With These Leads?

I’m dumbfounded more people aren’t using this program. I originally figured, well, these leads must be fake. Nope! They are real leads! They are high quality leads in fact. I know why people aren’t. The only downside is there’s no autoresponder that comes with this. You cannot upload these leads to your typical autoresponders like Getresponse or Aweber.

These are cold leads, and its against their TOS. So, a lot of people don’t really know what to do with them. I’m going run through everything you should do. Follow these methods, and these leads will be gold!

Set Up A Self Hosted Autoresponder

Don’t worry, I’m going to walk you through this. You’re not going to be setting it up yourself. You’ll be hiring someone to do this.

First you need to buy an OVH account, and select VPS for 3 dollars a month. Select linux, operating system only, cent07, and then pay.

Next you need to buy a domain name. I recommend using namecheap, but it’s optional. They usually have good prices. Make sure its a .com one whatever one you choose.

After that you’re going to want to hire this guy on fiverr, just in case the link doesn’t work. Search install mailwizz and look for bulkmailing. Buy his premium package that’s at $35 dollars. And just give him sign in details from OVH and your namecheap login details.

And he’ll set you up with your very own mailwizz self hosted autoresponder.

Oh one more thing, I almost forgot. When you get your IP from OVH. You can buy additional ones if you like. They’re just $3 dollars a piece, not monthly. I didn’t do this, because I’ve noticed a lot of the IPs on OVH do come back blacklisted.

Be sure to go to blacklist tool box, and double check to make sure your OVH IP is not on any blacklists. If it is, reach out to OVH and ask for a new IP. Because you don’t want to be on blacklists.

Great Now Can I Start Emailing These Leads?

No. Hold on there. We’re not done yet. A lot of people figure since they have their own self hosted autoresponder, they can just start blasting out emails and don’t have to follow any rules. Big mistake.

You won’t get banned by anyone, but if you start blasting out emails right away on a fresh domain, IP, and to leads that are cold. You are going to risk getting blacklisted by service providers, most notably spamhaus.

This will affect your ability to deliver emails to their inbox. These next steps are crucial to first engaging these leads, and then eventually emailing them with a self-hosted autoresponder. I recommend following all of this if you want to make real money off these leads.

Clean Your Leads

You need to remove emails that are invalid, or dirty, and ensure you’re emailing to valid leads. You can use a service called Remove Bounce. It will go through all the emails and validate the real ones. It will get rid of spam traps, etc, to ensure your bounce rate will be good.

It costs just 5 dollars to clean 10,000 leads. It’s very cheap.

Use A Third Party Platform To Warm These Leads Up

This is where lots of people make a mistake with cold leads. The leads we’re getting are cold, meaning they didn’t sign up under us or optin to our page.

So, you can’t just load them up on an autoresponder and start emailing them. Spam complaints and unsubscribers will be high. Open rates won’t be great, because they don’t know us yet. All these things can, and eventually will lead to being blacklisted. And that is not a good thing.

So, I personally recommend getting a plugin called gmass, I’d get their basic plan which is just 6 dollars a month. Basically, this is going to be used to engage the cold leads. And find out who is actually interested in staying on your mailing list and making an income online.

On gmass, you can use this plugin on your gmail account (not recommended), but you can only email up to 500 a day. I recommend getting a G Suite account, Google’s business account. A basic account is about 6 dollars a month. You can email up to 2,000 a day.

Other option. You can sign up for Sendgrid. It integrates with Gmass. They got reasonable prices. It’s free for the first month, up to 40,000 email sends a month. No commitments required.

How To Engage Cold Leads

It’s very important to engage cold leads with ease. Remember, these people didn’t optin to us. The first question they’ll be asking themselves, who is this guy or girl. How do they have my info. So, they’re not really going to like us very much at first.

You can’t just start emailing them and promoting them. It’s not a great relationship builder. When you get access to 1,000 leads, they do give you a free email swipe to use to start out as a relationship builder. I’d recommend using it.

I’d also recommend trying to use this tool here, as they give you free template swipes to use as well. You want to not promote them anything at first. And basically you want them to raise their hand, that they want to continue receiving emails from you.

It’s important to ask if they want to stay on your list, and give them the option to unsubscribed you if they don’t want to.

The ones that open, and stay on your list. Those are the leads that are giving you consent. So we’ll then take the leads that are opening on gmass, and import them onto our self hosted account.

How To Warm Up Your Self-Hosted Account

This can be a tricky thing, but it really isn’t that complicated. When you have a fresh IP and domain, even if your leads are engaged and warmed up to you. You can’t just start mass mailing these leads. It’s the fastest way to get blocked by internet service providers.

A fresh domain ideally shouldn’t be used for the first 14-30 days. There’s a lot of suspicion around fresh domains, because gmail, yahoo, etc, aren’t just going to allow new domains they don’t recognize to start mass mailing their boxes. And they want to make sure you’re not a spammer.

I’d wait at least 14 days, because your emails probably won’t get inboxed on a fresh domain before that.

When you eventually are able to start sending emails to your self hosted autoresponder. Only import the leads that have open your emails from Gmass. The ones that don’t, just delete them. Since they never bothered to engage with you.

I’d recommend sending only 10 emails the first day. Then 20 emails a day for the first week and a half. You want to very slowly warm up your IP and domain name.

If your delivery is solid, and you can see your sender score is good, then you can then start doubling the amount each day. Anything below 70 is not good a good sender score, and I’d put campaigns on pause if you start getting below 80.

Try to maintain a good sender score for 30-60 days (you want to be in the 90s) before sending a higher number of emails.

I would NOT go over 200 a day for the first 30 days. Just to play it safe. If your score starts dipping, then just pause campaigns or stop importing new leads until it goes back up. You really want to keep an eye on your sender score and check the blacklist tool every day to make sure your IP and domain is not blacklisted.

Be sure your bounce rates are low, too. That’s why we need these leads to be clean, so you’re not getting high bounce rates which affects sender score a lot.

What To Promote With These Leads

I want to make this as easy as possible so anyone that comes to this page, who might be completely brand new to internet marketing can do this. Often, the biggest issue beginners have is they don’t have anything to promote to make money with.

Obviously, to make money with leads you got to have some business or product to promote. Not just that, but you got to have emails to write to these leads.

I already gave a free template tool you can use to create emails to engage with cold leads. But, if you don’t have a product to promote; I highly recommend joining My Lead Gen Secret.

Its only optional but recommended if you want to make good money, because for one they have an awesome compensation program. For every 5 people you bring in one week, you get 100 dollar bonus on top.

Also, it comes with 10 done for you emails that convert real well into sales. You can add these emails on your self hosted autoresponder, and don’t have to think outside the box to write emails yourself.

Also, this program offers leads! They offer 100 a day, and if you get one referral they give you 200 a day. It also comes with a free done for you mailer (unlike the 1,000 leads per day from PMBJ), where you can email the leads on the site itself.

You can also export these leads off and use them in the self hosted autoresponder, too.

I use both these programs to get leads. I like them both, since they offer leads, which I want plenty of. My Lead Gen Secret offers a better compensation program, and a done-4-you mailer, and it comes with great email swipes. You can read my review here.

Few Other Tips

Just a few recommendations before I wrap it up. When you import these leads off a third party site, like Gmass for example and onto your self  hosted autoresponder. I would recommend your first email to your engaged leads not be promotional.

I think its a good idea to have that email to welcome them, introduce yourself a bit, and maybe send them a link to your blog (to get to know you better), or even better offer some free giveaway gifts for them.

You don’t have to do this, but I believe making that extra step to build a relationship before promoting to them instantly helps, even after they’ve already open your email off Gmass.

Some people are just going to open emails you first send them, because they are curious who you are and how you got their info. But they might not unsubscribe you because they don’t really care. But it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re their best friend and trust you either.

You want to build a little trust. So they won’t see you as just some spammer, but see you as a genuine marketer.

Obviously, eventually you want to promote to them. But you want to get off on the right foot with them. What I do is after I export these leads off Gmass my first email to these leads are free giveaways. That way I can build a positive relationship first.

Then I send a follow up email explaining I got something really big to show them. I don’t even promote on my second autoresponse email sequence (that might be overkill – but I like to play it safe). I like to get them curious and hopefully excited what I have for them. Then I promote to them my top program.

So that pretty much does it. This is a really effective way to build a really good engaged list. No solo ads, no wasting money on PPC. If you work this the right way, you’ll never have to pay for traffic again. And have a fully engaged audience that can print you money on demand.

Also, you’re not stuck spending lots of money a month with a self hosted autoresponder. Getresponse and Aweber charge a fortunate. The best ones that can actually deliver emails.

With self hosted, you just got to pay for the server which is just 3 dollars a month. What a bargain. You got to spend some money on the other tools I mention, but still, its not going to cost you nearly as much as Aweber and Getresponder when you start building a list of thousands of people.

Hope you enjoyed!

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