Kick Ass Traffic Review

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As I continue to hunt for cheap and affordable traffic methods, I stumbled over a new one called Kick Ass Traffic. I never believe in having enough traffic sources. The more the better. After all one source that works today could dry up tomorrow. So its always good to have numerous different options on the table.

Kick Ass Traffic is dirt cheap traffic. The cheaper the traffic, the easier it is to scale up your spending to drive in more signups, leads, and sales to your products.

I’ll briefly go over this traffic source. It’s very simple and to the point. You can get started within minutes.


Kick Ass Traffic Review

Kick Ass Traffic is a crypto based site where you can also earn viewing ads. You do need bitcoin to use this traffic platform.

Its a pay per click advertising website. The earnings you get per view isn’t much. Just about 15 satoshi per view.

Obviously, I wouldn’t recommend this website to earn serious revenue. But it wouldn’t hurt to view ads if you like, and put that into your advertising campaign. Since the campaigns are very cheap.

Setting up a campaign is very easy. You can see below how simple this is.

You’ll want to choose the active windows campaign.. That way people have to view the ads. This gets you much more sign ups and sales. The prices aren’t much more expensive, which is impressive.

Another thing that caught my eye was there’s not additional costs for demographic views. Where we can target tier 1 traffic. That’s the traffic you really want, English speaking countries only to view your offer.

There’s no banner advertising. Which is unfortunate, since Kick Ass Traffic has an alexa ranking around 20,000. It’s heavily visited, and would generate much more targeted traffic if they offered banner advertising. Unfortunately, unless I’ve missed something – its not offered at this time.

But a site like this is still a great way to get traffic very cheap. The viewers are marketers, motivated to earn revenue. So the right offer, with a very enticing and unique landing page can generate a good amount of leads to people on these platforms.

How To Use This Traffic

I’m promoting My Lead Gen Secret. Where you get 100-200 leads per day. An offer like this is based on traffic. Products like this are better to promote on sites like this, because majority of the members on here are looking for traffic to begin with.

My Lead Gen Secret comes with a generous affiliate program. In case you’ve missed it and you’re interested, you can read my review and breakdown here.

These websites are crypto based. So anything to do with earning crypto does extremely well on a website like this. If you’re using My Lead Gen Secret with me already; and some of my traffic sources already mention. They are mostly crypto based, and you can earn more revenue with them – by using your referral links to get more sign ups to these websites.

They generate lots of sign ups; since a lot of them come with traffic packages and earn revenue back on them. That’s very enticing to anyone on here.

If you’re interested in using Kick Ass Traffic. Join under the link below.

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