Scarlet Clicks Review – Cheap Quality Traffic

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Scarlet clicks is a website I discovered recently. They offer a lot of advertising options for very low prices.

Sites like this sometimes get overlooked. The advertising on a website like this is very cheap and they provide a lot of high quality traffic packages to choose from. And its a very active website with over 800,000 members.

A site like this could explode your My Lead Gen Secret downline.

If you’re already on my team in the My Lead Gen Secret program. This is definitely a traffic source I’d take full advantage of if you want to generate more MLGS signups.

I’m going to go over the best advertising options to choose to help get more signups and sales.

Cheap Advertising Options On My Scarlet Clicks

There’s not really any money to be earned with My Scarlet Clicks. This is not the same like some of the sites mention in my cheap traffic tutorial where we earn money back when purchasing ad packs. You don’t earn any money buying an ad pack. You can earn revenue clicking on ads though, but it really doesn’t pay a lot and I wouldn’t recommend wasting your time on it. But in case you’re interested here’s a snap shot below.

A site like this is worth using for advertising. Here’s a snap shot of what you get.

I’m not going to go over all the packages. I’m only going to list the advertising I would focus on with a traffic source like this.

Banner Ads

Obviously banner ads are something I focus a lot on when it comes to advertisements, because they’re great ways to advertise your product. But mainly because they’re targeted traffic. Where members are clicking on that banner because they’re interested in your program.

I’ve mention some very cheap banner advertisement already in my traffic training and other places on this site already. But this here, is ridiculously cheap!  Take a look below.

That’s ridiculous… You can get 1 million banner impressions for just $35 dollars. 25,000 banner impressions for only $1 dollar. I’ve never heard of banner advertisement that cheap.

If you decide to go big, for the 1 million banner package. That’s going to get you tons of clicks. And they place these banner ads everywhere on their site.

Remember, you can use my banner ads here for your advertisement.

Front page, members area, the paid to click part of the site is where these banners are placed. Members will see these ads frequently. The cheap price for the ads alone is impressive. But it gets better…

Yeah… They have over 800,000 members. That’s a BIG DEAL! That means more people are going to be seeing our ads.

And these are all internet marketers looking to make money.

Featured Text Ads

This is where you get text ads that are featured all over their website. Below you can again see they come with generous prices.

If you’re wondering why text ads are cheaper. It’s because they don’t tend to get as many clicks as banner ads. Banner ads stand out more. And people are more likely to click on them. But text ads do work too, and they offer much more credits per price. You can get a million of them for just $8 dollars. That’s tremendous value.

Login Ads

If you’ve been following me long enough, you know by now I LOVE me some login ads. Now, these login ads work a little different than the login ads you’re normally accustomed to.

Where you login in, and first get redirected to a page that’s on the website exclusively. And members have to watch for a certain amount of seconds before continuing their login.

From what I see, when you login you have to wait a few seconds and you’re redirected to a page where there’s about 6 banner ads listed on the site. I believe that’s what they’re referring to in this case when it comes to login ads.

So, its not quite a powerful than your standard login ad. Screen shot below is an example.

As seen above that is what would be seen as a login ad. Your banner would be listed below. This is still very powerful, even though you’re not getting your standard lone page. But its still so powerful because they have a lot of members.

Let’s just say they get just 100,000 active members logging in per day. That’s A LOT of eyeballs that could be seeing your banner ad.  Scarlet Clicks has an Alexa Ranking under 6,000. Its a very active site.

Let’s see what we get with a login ad.

For a month you can have your banner ad featured right on the login page. And think again how big this site is. That’s A LOT of traffic for such an insanely low price.

Featured Ad Links

Link ads is a very powerful way of generating targeted traffic. They’re kinda like a text ad, but you get just a few words of text and an embedded link below – that redirects to your site. On Scarlet Clicks they’re placed on the paid to click ads section of the website. Here’s what they look like.

Here’s how much it costs to get these type of ads.

Paid To Click Ads

Some people ignore this type of advertisement because its not targeted. Everyone that clicks on these ads gets paid to see the ad itself. So obviously their interest level isn’t going to be the same as someone actually clicking on an ad because they’re genuinely curious about it.

That said, this kind of traffic is still extremely effective because its so cheap. And you can get a lots of traffic much faster.

If you order enough clicks it really does work. These are internet marketers, remember, so its not like we’re targeting people that are interested in something different.


The prices really aren’t all that different than some of the other paid to click advertisement package sites I’ve talked about already. They’re still very cheap. Getting 20,000 looking at your ads fast for just $27 is powerful kind of traffic.

Special Packages

These special packages offer a combination of both paid to click ads and banner ads. Some of my favorite type of traffic. If you’re interested in using banner and paid to click ads; it’d make a lot of sense to look at these packages.

The small package gives you 5,000 paid to click credits and 50,000 banner ad credits. That’s a great bargain.

$10 dollars really stretches in to a lot of advertising.

This might be more than what you’re looking to spend. But, that’s a ton of traffic you get. 1 million banner credits along with 100,000 paid to click credits.

The special package deal is much better than buying paid to click ads. 10,000 paid to click ads cost $11 dollars. It’s just 10 dollars on the special package, and you get the same paid to click ads plus 100,000 banner credits. Obviously if you’re interesting in paid to click ads. It’d make much more sense to buy that package.

How To Get More Referrals With Scarlet Clicks

We really want to promote this website a lot to get referrals. So the more money we make can be used on this advertising platform. There’s a few ways to get the referrals. Scarlet Clicks actually lets you rent some.

These are pretty reasonable prices. And the referrals are active. They’re not dead referrals that never click to earn.

That will do it. If you’re on My Lead Gen Secret team, you’re going to want to use this traffic source eventually. The site is really big, you can get some really quality traffic for a ridiculously low price. Click below to join.

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