BTC Clicks Review

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BTC Clicks is traffic source I would recommend everyone to use, because the price is low and the quality of the traffic is really good.

This traffic is something to use to promote My Lead Gen Secret (if you’re a member with me), or any crypto program you’re in.

I’m going to give a walk through on how to use BTC clicks as one of your traffic sources.

You don’t want to miss out using this traffic This tutorial is very quick and simple to get started. So let’s dive into this, shall we?

BTC Clicks Walk Through – How To Setup A Campaign

It’s true, you are kinda targeting bitcoin users, but it works just fine targeting the MMO niche. Bitcoin users are interested in making money.

First thing when you sign up. I’ll leave link below, just in case you’ve not become a member yet. You want set up a campaign if you have bitcoin.

If you don’t have one. You can get one free, and buy bitcoin with Paxful. You can choose to buy bitcoin with numerous merchants through paypal even. Members will sell you bitcoin, and it gets automatically uploaded to your free wallet when you sign up.

Setting up a campaign is very simple. And I’ll show the screen shot below how you’ll want to set up a campaign..

Very straight forward, but what I love about this site – they let you target region for a very low price. So we can target all the tier one traffic for just $2 dollars. So imagine if we go ahead and spend about $20 dollars. That will get us 10,000 hits!!!! That’s an incredible deal.

This traffic is paid to click. So its not completely targeted, but that’s a lot of traffic. But members have to watch the ad. They can’t just click an ad, then ignore it. This is a big deal. Since they have to actually see it.

BTC Clicks Banner Ads

I completely missed this part, and I feel silly. When writing my cheap quality traffic article, I forgot to talk about their banner ads. I just completely missed it. Sometimes I just get focused on one aspect of the site. I don’t always have time to be active every day on all of them so I miss the little things.

They don’t advertise their banner ad promotion in their promotion page. It’s under banner ads that say “advertise here”.. And I just never paid attention to it, so I completely missed it.

So, I just figured they don’t have it. But they do, and as you can see below. Wow. It’s incredible!

1,000 impressions for just $0.12-$0.15 cents. That’s insane!!!!! Think about all the targeted traffic that can generate!! This site gets tons of traffic. You can have your banner ad on the first page!

How To Make Money With PTC Clicks

Here’s a really cool thing about PTC Clicks. I really think this feature is awesome. You can rent referrals for a really low price. So you can then earn off those referrals. This is something you can take advantage to make extra crypto – so you’ll continue earning some revenue to continue advertising on this platform.

Now, you won’t make a lot of money off this, and that’s fine. This is just money to continue using on advertising. I’ve not used this feature myself.  I’m not exactly sure how many referrals they allow you to rent. Sometimes its not always active to use. But it’s just a nice added bonus.

Price per referral is just basically 0.0044 cents a day! Not even a full penny.

And they’re guaranteed to be active. That’s very cheap.

Another way to get more referrals.

My Lead Gen Secret.. The platform that gives you 100-200 leads a day. You can start mailing the leads in the back office to join under your BTC Clicks link.

You want to get referrals under you, so you can continue using this really quality traffic source to promote your links. You don’t have to, because the traffic really is so cheap. And its not going to cost you an arm and a leg to use this.

You can also purchase premium accounts in the back office. A premium for 90 days is just about $8 dollars. That’s pretty cheap.

Here is what you get though. You double both your ad rewards and referral rewards if you choose this. So if  you want to click some ads in the back office, or earn more off your referrals – it will accumulate more. I’ve not done this.

As I don’t want to really spend much time clicking ads. I just use them to promote for traffic.

In case you missed it. Also read my article on on getting cheap traffic with Hashing Ad Space


If you came here through my email list through My Lead Gen Secret. Obviously, you know that’s what I’m using to promote primarily. And if you’re already a member and have gone through my training. I hope you jump on this. I want you to generate sales. This is too good of traffic for a really low price to pass on.

A very cheap and quality traffic source to get you more leads and sales. I wanted to discuss it a little further, especially the banner ads, since I completely missed on that.

If haven’t joined yet. Click the link below.

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