I want to be as brief as possible. And lay out my strategies to help you succeed with My Lead Gen Secret all on this page.

My strategies to generating fast traffic and how I’ve personally mastered the system I’ve already talked about for My Lead Gen Secret. Sometimes people will email and go “Tom, I’m not generating enough signups”.

I often ask them what strategies are they using? And they’ll mention they’re just using the ad packs advertisement, on the sites that earn ROI back; mention in my cheap traffic article.

I understand why its so tempting to just focus there. And I do recommend starting off there (since you earn revenue back). But I never recommend using that primarily for your traffic with My Lead Gen Secret.

The ad pack website hits on these sites — won’t generate the highest quality of traffic.  The banner ads are targeted traffic on these sites. But at times they don’t come in super fast. It depends on how big and active the site is. It varies.

That’s why at the top of that article – I mention the “fast traffic sites” that aren’t technically super targeted. But they are extremely powerful. And they’re really the ones to utilize the most to generating faster leads/signups.

Think of this as a mini update, or just me trying to clarify a little more how to make this traffic work better for you.

So take the sites I mention where you can Earn a Profit Back (scroll down and see where they’re listed).

When you sign up, buy some adpacks. You’ll start generating earnings back. Don’t focus on just traffic with these sites. Start taking those earnings and use them on the following sites below.

That way you’re siphoning this traffic for free with your ROI! It already is cheap, but you can leverage even more traffic.

Four Sites That Generate Fastest Signups And Sales (results can very – but these work great for me)

BTC Clicks

(Read more about BTC Clicks Here)

Hashing Ad Space

(Read more about Hashing Ad Space Here)

Scarlet Clicks

(Read more how to use Scarlet Clicks here)


(Read how to siphon 100 clicks from A-Ads with the Paid Advertising Packs Here)

And most important, I recommend setting up your own funnel and collecting optin leads yourself. This is important. Because you’re building your own list, while also generating more sign ups for My Lead Gen Secret. If you’re not sure how to build a funnel or setup an autoresponder. Scroll down and read here. As I walk newbies through it.

Eventually I’m going to setup a done for you funnel, for My Lead Gen Secret. Where anyone can use my done for your funnel and follow up email system. I’m not sure when that will be. As right now I’m knee deep in another project that’s taking up almost all my time.

Follow these strategies if you’re needing more help getting sign ups with My Lead Gen Secret. It does work, but it requires you to make it work. I use a lot of different traffic strategies. But these are the fastest and most effective ones for myself.